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X Aware Ajax World V1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hands-on Data Services for RIA, WOA, and SOA Kirstan Vandersluis Chief Architect, XAware © XAware Inc. 2008
  • 2. Agenda  Service Orientation Defined  Data Services  Rich Internet Application Scenarios  XAware Technology Features  XAware Metadata  Creating an XML View  Deployment Environments  Demonstrations  Data Service, mashup from file and database  Inbound XML Processing (shredding) into different database tables 2
  • 3. Service Orientation Defined  Service – a set of capabilities grouped around a functional context (example: Customer, Order, Shipment).  Service Contract specifies interaction  Loosely coupled  Composable  Goals  Interoperability through standardized interfaces  Business agility through orchestration of services  Reduced vendor dependence  Alignment of IT with business  Service Oriented Architecture  Architectural model facilitating service orientation  The “Service” is the primary means by which computing capabilities are expressed 3
  • 4. Data Services  Services that provide data access in a service oriented manner  Also known as Entity Services, Business Object Services  Establishes a data abstraction layer  Rationalize data into meaningful entities  Decouple from physical sources  Combine multiple sources into one logical entity 4
  • 5. RIA Scenarios  Populate visual structures with data (forms, tables, charts, etc)  Invoke capabilities on services  Services for RIA can be managed just like other services  Granularity is typically much more detailed  Reusability may be less due to granularity (though designers should seek reusability as a design goal). 5
  • 6. XAware Project Overview  XAware provides real-time data integration environment for composite data services  Eclipse Plugin IDE  Runtime Engine: J2EE, Servlet, Batch Mode, Java API  Project hosted on www.xaware.org  Forums, Wiki, Hives, Blogs  Self-training material  Forge on www.SourceForge.net  Binary Distributions (All-In-One and Eclipse Plugin)  Source Code  Bug Tracker 6
  • 7. Problem: Over 60% of development time spent on Data Access Solution: Composite Data Services Layer  Aggregation  Data Chaining  Inbound XML  Decomposition  Synchronization  Conditional Logic  Transactions  Error Handling  Extension Points  Security Solution: XML abstraction layer reduces complexity and speeds development 7
  • 8. XAware Components  XAware Designer – Eclipse plug-in  Visual drag-and-drop, wizard-based IDE that speeds the development of XAware-powered applications  XAware Engine  High-performance, scalable, dynamic data integration and data services execution engine  J2EE, Servlet, Batch, or Embedded  Adapters  Provide connectivity to requested data sources and systems; SQL, FTP, Email, SNMP, Text, RMI, Cobol Copybook, File, XSL, LDAP, Java, EJB, JMS, MQ, others…  Connectors  Provides synchronous and asynchronous connectivity from client applications to XAware-delivered services via SOAP, JMS, EJB, HTTP, HTTPS, and Java API 8
  • 9. XAware Metadata Client Apps Format, Logical Connection Rules Data set Information 9
  • 10. Contract-First Service Design 10
  • 11. Deployment Environments  XAware metadata files packaged as XAware Archive file (XAR)  Deployed to a server enabled with the XAware Engine  J2EE Application Server  EAR file  JBoss, BEA, WebSphere, Sun  Servlet Container  WAR file  Tomcat  Batch  Windows & Linux command line  Scheduled execution  Java API  Embed XAware into another application 11
  • 12. XAware Demonstration  ACORD Auto Policy  Policy record received as structured text  Party information received from database  Service deployed and invoked over HTTP, SOAP 12
  • 13. ACORD Policy Client policyFile policyFile Apps Policy COBOL Data (Copy Book) Policy GetPolicy Policy Number Party DB Insured 13
  • 14. Presenter  Kirstan Vandersluis  Founder, Chief Architect at XAware  XAware Project Leader  Blog: http://SoaPragmatist.blogspot.com and http://www.xaware.org 14