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Flex Air Mobile Nicholas Thomas Aja Xworld2008

  1. 1. flex + AIR + mobile a step towards ubiquitous computing Nicholas Thomas Co-founder and COO, Finicity
  2. 2. Top 10 Disruptive Technologies Gartner’s top 10 disruptive technologies 2008-2012: • Multicore and hybrid processors • Virtualization and fabric computing • Social networks and social software • Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms • Web mashups • User Interface • Ubiquitous computing • Contextual computing • Augmented reality • Semantics
  3. 3. mark weiser • the father of ubiquitous computing. • “Third era in computing… 1) Mainframe era, each shared by lots of people. 2) The PC era, person and machine staring uneasily at each other across the desktop. 3) The UC (Ubiquitous Computing) era, or the age of calm technology, when technology recedes into the background of our lives.” Mark Weiser, quot;The Computer for the Twenty-First Century,quot; Scientific American, pp. 94-10, September 1991
  4. 4. from mark weisers march 1996 talk at the Nomadic '96 conference
  5. 5. we are in a ubicomp world today how can we tell? • one person, many computers. – “A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a list of instructions.” Wikipedia • computers are: – invisible: tiny, embedded, attachable… – everywhere: wireless, dynamically configurable, remote access, adapting… – are with us in the “real world”
  6. 6. computers that assist me daily • personal: mobile phone, bluetooth… • home: tv, clocks, gaming systems, microwave, refrigerator, pc, heating/cooling… • transportation: automobile… • work: badge readers, vending, IT systems (email, intranet, IM…), pc… • shopping: RFID in credit card, credit card processors, checkout registers, gas station pump… • my life is DIRECTLY assisted/enhanced by over 100 computers every day… I am unaware of most of them.
  7. 7. we have arrived!!! “whenever people learn something sufficiently well, they cease to be aware of it…” “…only when things disappear in this way are we freed to use them without thinking and so to focus beyond them on new goals. “ Mark Weiser, quot;The Computer for the Twenty-First Century,quot; Scientific American, pp. 94-10, September 1991
  8. 8. ubicomp a must for SaaS • ubicomp principles should be included in product strategies. • ways to extend: mobile web, sms, gps, location-based services, REST or SOAP API for other metaphors… • SaaS should provide critical information anywhere. Ambient Orb: http://www.ambientdevices.com/
  9. 9. ambient concept Provided with approval from Ambient Devices. www.ambientdevices.com
  10. 10. the science of “ambience” Provided with approval from Ambient Devices. www.ambientdevices.com
  11. 11. generational considerations • baby boomers vs gen x vs gen y – value differences between generations are based upon life experiences. (“Managing Generation Y” By Bruce Tulgan, Carolyn A. Martin, ISBN-13: 9780874256222 ) • digital immigrants vs digital natives – brains of generation raised in a digital world are physically different from earlier generations. (Marc Prensky http://www.scribd.com/doc/9800/Prensky-Digital-Natives-Digital- Immigrants-Part2 ) • values and capabilities of our users should drive design. • ubicomp should be an objective for most systems.
  12. 12. building ubicomp systems
  13. 13. how to build ubiquitous systems • default to harmlessness – must default to a mode that ensures their users (physical, psychic, and financial) safety. • be self-disclosing – must contain provisions for immediate and transparent querying of their ownership, use, capabilities, etc. • be conservative of face – must not unnecessarily embarrass, humiliate, or shame its users. • be conservative of time – Must not introduce undue complications into ordinary operations • be deniable – Must offer users the ability to opt out, always and at any point Adam Greenfield, Author of “Everyware”
  14. 14. just in time information (jiti) • improve the roi for a user by reducing focused interface time with a service. • provide just the information needed, precisely when they need it, with as little effort from the user as possible. • leverage kanban (pronounced [kambaɴ]) – kanban: a signaling system to trigger action.
  15. 15. additional considerations • subscription-business models are better. – No requirement for ad-revenue • open API required for ubicomp services • enable 3rd party mashups/app developers to incorporate your service.
  16. 16. from pc to web to ubicomp finicity’s experience and direction
  17. 17. about finicity finicity is a leading internet and mobile software services company specializing in the development and delivery of financial productivity solutions for personal and small business use. • founded in 2000 • headquartered in Draper, Utah • 105 employees • pc-based personal finance offering launched in 2002 • web-based personal finance offering launched in 2004 Brands/Properties
  18. 18. Our Financial Management System
  19. 19. mvelopes in AJAX • april 2004, finicity released its first web application using the SmartClient AJAX RIA system from Isomorphic Software, mvelopes personal. • mvelopes.com web site was a “brochure” site with a launch- off outlook-style RIA. • no integration between website and RIA. • considered HTML first
  20. 20. Mvelopes Home My Mvelopes Welcome! Donna My Account | Options | Support | Signoff Friday, March 14th, 2003 Key Links Envelope Balances As of March 14th 4:19pm MT Launch BILL PAY Launch SPENDING MANAGER Launch PORTFOLIO MANAGER Cash Allowanc Auto Clothing Debt 1 Fun:Date Pool e $125.32 ($35.03) $49.02 s Transactions $1256.75 $50.00 $34.25 New Transactions: 8 Unassigned Fun:Travel Fun:Hobby Groceries Househol Utilities $325.34 $35.22 $49.02 d $168.93 $34.25 Spending this Month Market Summary Mvelopes User Blogs Blog Central Total Spent This Month: $523.73 Annette, Homemaker, Spouse + 4 children Budget Remaining This Month: $3253.65 March 1, 2003 Days Remaining This Month: 17 I think I’m getting the hang of this Mvelopes system… More… Spending Accounts As of March 14th, 4:19 pm MST David, Financial Analyst, Spouse + 2 children Accounts Mvelopes Balance Online Balance March 2, 2003 Generic Checking $543 $543 Last month I saved over $200 on Groceries Generic Savings $3420 $3420 alone. Let me share how… Generic CC ($390) ($390) More… Reuters News Brett, Software Engineer Top Stories from Reuters March 14 4:19pm MT Personal Finance March 2, 2003 • UN Arms Experts Say Iraq Searches May Take Months I’ve been using Mvelopes now for over 6 Highlighted Articles • Officials, Experts: Iraq War Timetable Could Slip months and I have saved over %15 of my • U.S. Hopes for 'Technical' Talks with N. Korea income… More… - Tax Tips for 2003 - How much should I spend on Food each Jack, Land Developer, Spouse + 0 children Business News from Reuters March 14 4:19pm MT month? March 2, 2003 - How much does the average family spend • Stocks End Mostly Lower on Profit Jitters each month? Just started this week. I’m anxious to get into • CNN Head Isaacson Resigns After 18 Months the system and see how it can help. More… • Case Exit May Allow AOL Spin-Off, New Name - What are the cost of living differences around the country?
  21. 21. multi client vision (mar 2003) Notification AJAX Client Client WAP Mvelopes for Palm Thin Client the Web Rich Client Pocket PC Rich Client
  22. 22. advantages of AJAX RIA • easy transition for PC-centric users. – drag and drop – persistent UI for client-server transactions in a browser • HTML was NOT rich
  23. 23. disadvantages of AJAX RIA • javascript in 2004 had challenges: – B2C = disparate hardware, OS’s, RAM, connection types, browsers, and resolutions… – poor javascript interpretation and slow performance in browsers. • users dissatisfied with the experience. • picked a better platform in 2006: adobe FLEX
  24. 24. FLEX RIA today
  25. 25. social finance site finicity’s social finance site provides tools and a community focused on helping users eliminate debt, increase savings and reduce financial stress. Social Finance Site Community Money Trends
  26. 26. WAP + AIR (alpha) mobile application built with WAP for broader range of mobile phone compatibility. • primarily focused on transaction management and balance reporting. • future enhancements include mobile bill pay and account transfers Adobe AIR application for desktops
  27. 27. towards ubicomp how we are becoming ubicomp
  28. 28. designing for ubicomp today • web client (Web 2.0+FLEX), • desktop notification client (AIR), • mobile client (WAP) future • open API for 3rd party apps/mashup integration • sms account alerts, queries • location-based budget category updates
  29. 29. Nicholas Thomas nicholas.thomas@finicity.com