North America Away Day 2011
June 3 | 4 | 5
Q Center
1405, North Fifth Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone #: 877.774.4627

Welcome to the North America ThougthWorks Away Day
Welcome to St. Charles, Illinois and the 2011 TW North America Away Day...
Saturday | June 4
Room 1
E L203/05

Please note that snacks & refreshments will be provided at every break.

Room 2
E L204...
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Broad Area

Matt Quagliana

Mingle: Best practices, tips, tricks
and id...
Sunday | June5

Transport to O'Hare and Midway will be organized for you based
on your flight info. If you've not provided...
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Potential Topics for Discussion

NA Project Management Co...
Food Menu
Friday Night Menu: "The Midwest BBQ"
Vegetarian Burgers, Herbed Orzo Salad, Three-Cabbage Slaw, Mixed Green Sala...
1. Should I book my own flights? Yes. Everyone is responsible for booking their own flights. Of course, you're welcom...
ThoughtWorks Organizing Committee
Anne J Simmons
Benjie Davis
Cassandra Shum
Craig Gorsline
Denise Goldback
Ethan Teng
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US Away Day


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US Away Day

  1. 1. North America Away Day 2011 June 3 | 4 | 5 Q Center 1405, North Fifth Avenue St. Charles, IL 60174 Phone #: 877.774.4627 San Francisco Chicago Dallas Toronto Atlanta Calgary New York Austin Please use the following hash tags while tweeting about this event #TWAwayDay #mytw
  2. 2. Welcome to the North America ThougthWorks Away Day Welcome to St. Charles, Illinois and the 2011 TW North America Away Day. This gathering represents a key event in building of our ThoughtWorks community. It provides the opportunity to reconnect with TWers you haven’t seen in years, meet TWers who have joined us since our last Away Day, learn and share on a number of highly relevant subjects, and of course to have some fun! I personally can’t wait for the first ever North America ‘ThoughtWorks : Got Talent?’ competition on Saturday night. We face interesting times as a company. Demand for our services has never been stronger but at the same time we struggle to keep pace with our sourcing and hiring efforts. We are continuing to bring innovative thought leadership to our clients as well as the greater industry but we struggle internally to find the full leverage of our combined services and product offerings. Our commitment to social impact type work in the US and Canada is strong and we are faced with figuring out a way to balance the growing social impact opportunities with the remainder of our business goals. Over the course of this weekend, there will be numerous opportunities to listen, debate, and engage in the conversation that is happening. Get involved, seek out the session or discussion that you are most passionate about, and engage! We need to know what you have to say. While there are always exciting challenges to face, I will say that without question it feels like it is our time to shine as an organization. We can become the role model for not only what a sustainable business looks like, but a company committed to our parallel missions of social justice and software excellence. We must not let the massive opportunities that exist to impact our clients, the software industry, and the greater world pass us by. This is also the opportunity to celebrate all the hard work undertaken over the past few years at the client, market, country, and regional level. Be proud of all that we have accomplished! Regards, Craig Managing Director, The Americas Schedule (You can also view this schedule using our Colloquium application for the iPhone & Android.) Friday | June 3 Transport from O'Hare and Midway will be organized for you based on your flight info. You will be transported by shared towncar/limo based on your arrival information entered in your registration. Upon arrival to the airport, please call A1 at 1-630-833-3788. They will give you instructions on where to meet the car. If you've not booked transportation via the registration site, you can also call A1 and tell them you're with ThoughtWorks and need transport to the QCenter and they'll provide a driver and a towncar for you. Do not pay the driver or provide gratuity, that will be included on our master account. If you've indicated you'll be in Chicago already or live there you can take the bus transports from the Aon Center leaving at 12:00 pm. 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm 12:00 pm 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 10:00 pm Arrivals, check-in & registration Buses leaves Aon Center for people who live in/already are in Chicago Scavenger Hunt Cocktail Reception at Pavillion BBQ Buffet Dinner (with vegetarian options) Open Bar Closes** ** Clubhouse is open until 12:45 am for people who want somewhere to go after 11:00 pm
  3. 3. Saturday | June 4 Room 1 E L203/05 Please note that snacks & refreshments will be provided at every break. Room 2 E L204/06 Room 3 E L207/09 Room 4 E L208/10 Room 6 E L212/14 Room 5 E L211/13 Room 8 E L104/06 Room 9 E L107/09 Room 10 E L111/13 Room 11 E L108/10 Cafeteria Breakfast 6:30 am - 8:00 am Welcome, Opening Remarks (Craig), Key Note on OpenMRS by Burke Mamlin (Guest Speaker) - Fox River Ballroom (FRB 1/2/3/4/5) Opening Session 8:00 am - 9:15 am Break 9:15 am - 9:45 am Plenary Panel Discussion moderated by Michael Aguilar (aka Mikey) at Fox River Ballroom (FRB 1/2/3/4/5) Opening Session 9:45 am - 10:45 am Break 10:45 am - 11:00 am Session 1 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Room 7 E L103/05 The Future of Java (Ola Bini) New Inception Playbook (Hai Ton) Challenging Stereotypes (Molly Bartlett and Kim Szuta) How Does TW Make $$$ (Sheila DePalma and Amy Lindemeyer) Differentiating Ourselves in a World of Smoke and Mirrors TW Experience Design (Scott Lohman) What is Twist (Matt Quagliana) Lunch 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm NoSQL Track (Pramod Sadalage) Open Spaces CodeJam (Open MRS) The Gamers Lounge Cafeteria Science Fair Walk Through 12:00 pm - 1 :15 pm Sonic the Hedgehog does Genetics: Introduction to the Evolutionary Architecture (Chris Stevenson) North Reception Julie Crosby from Democracy Now (10 Minutes), Roy’s Talk (45 Minutes), Rae Abileah from Code Pink (20 Minutes) Fox River Ballroom (FRB 1/2/3/4/5) 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm Break (snacks and refreshment provided) 02:30 pm - 02:45 pm Session 2 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Proper JavaScript (Pete Hodgson) Don't Limit Yourself: Kanban and Beyond (Paulo Caroli) What if Technology was available sooner to Lower Classes in Developing Countries? (Barbara Flores) ThoughtWorker Growth Cycle: Your Professional Development (Jennifer Mounce) Taking DevOps to the Enterprise (Jez Humble) "I Would Never Have Thought of That" (Rebecca Parsons) NoSQL Track (Pramod Sadalage) How to Build a Mobile Site: lessons from the front lines of Democracy Now! (Charlotte Chang; Dave Newton) NoSQL Track (Pramod Sadalage) Open Spaces CodeJam (Open MRS) The Gamers Lounge Break 03:45 pm - 04:00 pm Session 3 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Agile UX Design at Studios (Jef Bekes) Chef on RapidFTR (John Hume) The Agile BA Techniques and Games for Gathering Stories (Paul Ellarby) Social Impact Program Update (Jeff Wishnie) 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm ** Clubhouse is open until 12:45 am for people who want somewhere to go after 11:00 pm Performance Reviews: Moving to a Feedback Culture (Mikey, Staci, Joanna, Jennifer) Lean Transformations (Kraig Parkinson) Mingle: Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and Ideas (Matt Quagliana) Free Time - Sport Activity (Organizer Molly Bartlett) Cocktails - Fox River Ballroom (FRB 1/2/3/4/5) Buffet Dinner, ThoughtWorks : Got Talent ?, Open Bar - Fox River Ballroom (FRB 1/2/3/4/5) Open Spaces CodeJam (Open MRS) The Gamers Lounge
  4. 4. Session Descriptions Speakers Topic Description Broad Area Matt Quagliana Mingle: Best practices, tips, tricks and ideas Learn more about Mingle, even if you've been using it for years. I'll cover a few best practices for setting up a new Mingle project and will offer up some ideas for how to configure Mingle to do your bidding. I'll show several Mingle add-ons and connectors to other applications that make Mingle do new things. We'll talk about the black art of creating charts and reports in Mingle, including the not-so-well understood daily history chart. Finally, we will show how several different integration points between Mingle and Go, our continuous integration / release management application. Studios Matt Quagliana What is Twist? A introduction to Twist, the agile testing tool from Studios. I'll show how to create automated functional tests in Twist, will break a few hundred tests by changing the app we are testing and then show how to fix all of those broken tests without working all weekend to make it happen. Studios Ola Bini The Future of Java We will soon see the release of a new version of the Java platform. This has been long in the coming, due to several circumstances. After Oracle's acquisition of Sun, there has been lots of discussions about what the future of Java will bring. At the end of 2010, a major upheaval went through the JCP. And Oracle is suing Google over Android. All of these events and many more mean that it's hard to see exactly what is in store for Java. This presentation will cover the current state of the Java landscape. Platforms/Java Kraig Parkinson Lean transformations Lean is a hot word these days. Our clients are asking for us to support transforming their organization, but what does it mean when they want to become Lean? This session will focus on articulating the different applications of Lean to an enterprise, including lean software development, continuous design and delivery, enterprise architecture, strategy deployment, continuous process improvement, and Lean management principles in general. We will also discuss different ways to identify where each of these applications is opportune, who from the client side needs to be bought in, and what skills we need in order to support the applications of Lean in each of these areas. Consulting Pete Hodgson Proper Javascript Tools and techniques which enable you to develop the front-end of a web app in a sane, test-driven way. We'll cover tools for things like automated style-checking and out-of-browser unit testing with Jasmine and node.js. We'll cover patterns which keep jQuery and the DOM contained in a thin layer, keeping the rest of your code-base happy and testable. Development John Hume Chef on RapidFTR RapidFTR is an open source project intended to be deployed in emergency situations. This sets a high bar with respect to deployment infrastructure. I'll talk through the tools we've used, including chef, vagrant, EC2, and Linode, and how they've worked out for us. DevOps Sheila DePalma & Amy Lindenmeyer How Does TW Make $$$$$ We will give an overview of how TW makes money and spends money. Where does $1 of profit does TW recover do we determine what types of deals/clients to is margin calculated..ect, good stuff. Finance Jeff Wishnie Social Impact Program update Since last year SIP has taken on dozens of projects, paid, pro bono, and volunteer. Come get a break down of what we've been doing and what is coming up. SIP Pramod Sadalage No SQL Session External speakers Kyle Banker (10gen), Dan Reverri (Basho), Tim Berglund (August Technology) and Dr. Jim Webber (Neo Technology) talk about MongoDB, Riak, Cassandra, Neo4J & technologies that are powering highly scalable web properties like Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook, Etsy and many more. New Technology/NoSQL Scott Lohman TW Experience Design Differentiating ourselves in a world of of smoke and mirrors Many of us have been the unfortunate recipients of spit and polish design work that doesn't survive the first contact with reality. Tired of always having to be the bad guy telling clients that their beautiful design is either impossible or horendously expensive to execute we at TW have decided to create a design offering of our own to give clients an alternative to the all show no go design strategies of the agencies. This session will differentiate the TW design approach from our competitors by laying out a typical agency design engagement side by side with our methodology. Integrated, Continuous Experience Design Jennifer Mounce ThoughtWorker Growth Cycle: Your Professional Development Coaching can be mean a variety of things. Regardless of definition, the fundamental underpinings of coaching are fairly universal. This session is for you if you are interested in honing your coaching skills to coach clients, sponsor a TWr, provide good coaching to a team, or simply improve your communication skills by learning coaching techniques. By the end of the session you will have understand the CLEAR fundamentals of coaching and be able to apply them to many situations. Coaching Chris Stevenson Sonic the Hedgehog does genetics: A short introduction to the evolutionary architecture: The Pragmatic Programmers say that you should learn a new language every year. So how about learning something about the most important language on the earth - the genetic code? I will introduce some of the recent discoveries in the field of genetics, and introduce evo-devo*, which is a new branch of biology that is explaining how all this DNA stuff works. *no, that's not a band. Language, Biology, Development Paulo Caroli Kanban and beyond: Don’t limit yourself Let's talk about the reasoning behind the Kanban WIP limits, and the reason I propose a more flexible and effective control: the target-variance score.Kanban limits have some clear benefits: bring focus on active tasks, control the WIP and balance the workflow. The target- variance score has a more refined control and purpose. Instead of a limit, the target- variance score represents the target with an acceptable variation. Thus, the team controls the WIP according to the target, and the variance. I will illustrate various scenarios of variation in work flow and WIP on a board. We will discuss these scenarios on the traditional Kanban board (based on limits) and on the Kanban board with target-variance score. We will also talk about the origin of Kanban (and limits), and the influence of TOC Replenishment to the Lean movement in motion and the proposal of the score of target variance. Kanban, Lean, Technology Hai Ton The New Inception Playbook Are you a new ThoughtWorker and have never been on an Inception? Or a grizzled veteran looking for a new way to skin a cat? I'd like to share an Inception stack that we've tested and refined over the past few years that incorporates User Centered Design elements including persona development and scenario design alongside bread and butter ThoughtWorks exercises like Product In A Box, Hopes and Concerns and Speed Boat. We'll review the exercises in the stack alongside facilitation techniques and lessons learned as well as touch upon hot topics such as BDUF vs Agile design/requirements gathering. Project Inception/QuickStarts Barbara Flores What if Technology was available sooner to Lower Classes in Developing Countries? In developing countries technology is usually available at early ages for people that belong to the upper to middle classes. This fact has a huge impact on the professional choice of people in the lower classes and also on the development and economic growth of the country. Since, there's an urgent need to find more ways to attract people to the IT area and to have more diverse teams with gender balance and people with different social backgrounds, I am proposing a possible solution based on my personal experience. Pillar 3, Diversity, Women in IT Jef Bekes Agile User Experience Design at Studios Everyone's talking about Agile UX, but how do you actually deliver it? This presentation looks at the evolution of the design process within Studios, with a focus on the process, skill, and cultural changes that are required for this to be successful. We examine in-depth activities such as pattern libraries, rapid prototyping, designing in the browser, pairing with developers, and usability testing. What lessons can be drawn from this experience and what are the implications for for our broader Continuous Design offering? User Experience, Continuous Delivery Rebecca Parsons "I Never Would Have Thought of That" - A Scientific Exploration of the Basis for the power of Diversity This talk examines the history of science, genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation, agile methods and possibly additions from fine arts to demonstrate when and why diverse teams are more effective, how to decide when these conditions hold and some strategies for both exploiting the diversity and mitigating the risks. Diversity, Women in IT, Pillar 3 Mikey Aguilar, Tarsha McCormick, Staci LaRock & Joanna Parke Performance Reviews - Moving to a feedback culture Open discussion regarding the future of our performance review process. Some focus will be a retrospective of our most recent review cycle. Discussion will also center on what the future holds. Moving to a feedback culture, what that means, and how it can be most valuable for TWrs. Performance Reviews Charlotte Chang & Dave Cameron How to Build a Mobile Site: lessons from the front lines of Democracy Now! We have a dream of a site that would work on phones of every kind. A site that would not be judged by the storefront it appears in, but that would be judged instead based on the content it delivered. To make this dream come true we assembled a tour de force to conjoin efforts with the team at Democracy Now! to rethink their daily show as a stream of topical content. We prototype a site based on other top news sites. In short days, we assembled html5, css3 and ruby in to a basic working site and uploaded it to cloud-hosting at heroku. By the end of the first week we brought in users to get hands on with the site and let us and Democracy Now, know what they thought. Hear about the journey and the ongoing exploits. Social Impact, Continuous Design, Mobile, Project Report, HTML5, 3 Pillars Paul Ellarby The Agile BA - techniques and games for gathering stories This is a presentation I am working on for BA World in June, so feedback is welcome! I believe we need to change the way we figure-out what our cusomers want - we need to become more personal with them. We must understand the "why awell as the "what". We ned to get some soul, some passion, into our solutions, and we need to personaly connect with our customers. This session will introduce some fun techniques and games to break the barriers to communication, and allow you to connect to your customer, while discovering the things that are really important. Business Analysis Jez Humble Taking DevOps to the Enterprise The DevOps movement only came to my attention in the final year of writing my book, Continuous Delivery. I quickly concluded that in any organization which had an operations department, implementing the culture and practices DevOps discusses is a necessary condition for achieving continuous delivery. However in the kind of organizations I normally see, this is not an easy task. Even with the best will in the world from the people on the ground – which is not always to be found – there are profound organizational barriers to achieving collaboration between DevOps. DevOps Molly Bartlett & Kim Szuta Challenging Stereotypes This session will be a discussion that will focus on understanding some of the perceptions and barriers a women may experience when joining an all male project team. Women
  5. 5. Sunday | June5 Transport to O'Hare and Midway will be organized for you based on your flight info. If you've not provided this at registration you can provide it the Q Center at checkin so you can leave when you need to catch your flight. If you're staying in Chicago, buses to the Aon Center will depart at 11:30am and 1:30pm. Breakfast 6:30 am - 9:00 am Cafeteria Room 11 Room 1-10 Affinity Groups 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Affinity Groups Lunch 11:30 am - 1:00 pm Code Pink (Follow-on Discussion/Working Group) Cafeteria NA Away Day Affinity Groups (Sunday!) 9 am – 10am 10 am – 11 am 11am – 12 pm 12 pm – 1 pm Mobile strategy for our clients – how do we move beyong more apps? (Mike Mason) Mobile Development (Grand Joung) 1pm - 2 pm Mini Grace Hooper celebration of women in computing (Anne Simmons) Studios Product Supporting Champions (Elena Techie Growth Yatzeck) (Mike Mason) NA PM Community (Joe Z) – Agenda at: Sukrupa / SIP / TWU (Jonathan Wolter) LGBT ThoughtWorkers (Ethan Teng) Emotional Intelligence (Grant Joung & Yujun Liang) Problem Solving, organizational improvement, systems thinking (Khali Young) Market Principals (Bruce Fergeson) Technical Assistants (Ethan Teng) Organizational Change (Ed Kraay) ThoughtWorks Musicians (Samuel Hotop) User Experience (Michael Long) BA Community (Nikki Appleby) SIP Code Jam Learning / Training (Doc List) Innovation Games (Mike Decleene) Indi Bands (Jann Thomas) 2 pm – 3 pm
  6. 6. Affinity Group Descriptions Affinity Group Organizer Audience Potential Topics for Discussion NA Project Management Community Joe Zenevitch Current PM's, IM's, people who might like to be either State of project management in TW, best practices, ways to better share info across projects, how Delivery Services can help Mini Grace Hopper Celebration Anne Simmons Specifically those people that have been working on submissions for GHC 2011 - But anyone is welcome Supportive space for people to either practice their session submission for GHC2011 or to practice speaking in front of a small group Learning / training Doc List People who create and/or deliver training/learning experiences What we're doing internally and externally as regards providing training/learning Sukrupa / SIP / TWU Jonathan Wolter All Sukrupa is a slum school TWU has worked with building software, can we expand this to more schools, what next, how to make interesting tech match the SIP partner so we get TWers working out of work on it, doing distributed open source SIP of the TWU project, LGBT ThoughtWorkers Ethan Teng LGBT-identified TWers and their friends! Filming an "It Gets Better" video to be used for outreach and recruiting of LGBT candidates to TW. BA Community Nikki Appleby BAs and people that want to know how important we think we are What's been discussed in the past few months about BA life; therapy; what people want to do in the next few months and training Supporting techie growth within TW Mike Mason Techies Supporting techie growth within TW Mobile strategy for our clients Mike Mason Techies How do we move beyond mere apps? SIP Code Jam Jeff Wishnie Devs, BAs, QAs, Designers (people who build stuff!) OpenMRS, RapidFTR Mobile Development Grant Joung Anyone who wants to connect and learn more about the various tips, tools, and war stories around mobile development. - Mobile Development vs. Web Development OS specific break out discussions Tools Role breakouts? Organizational Change Ed Kraay Consultants and Change Agents - How do we get better at leading change? Can you really change the culture? What are popular Org Change Approaches (Kotter,Appreciative Inquiry, others?) Who has Practical Case Studies Why is this stuff so hard? What's the difference between Kaizen vs Kaikaku? Is there such a thing as Organizational Change? Technical Assistants Ethan Teng TAs across TW (past and current) What do TAs do throughout TW? How do we define and measure success? Is there a career path for TAs in TW or elsewhere? User Experience Michael Long Anyone who wants to learn about how UX methods help pinpoint the most valuable/minimal viable product. How do we know which features will provide the most value to users and give a business the best competitive advantage? Problem solving, organizational improvement, systems thinking Khali Young Anyone who's interested PDCA and the scientific method, Deming's system of profound knowledge, problem solving systems, improving problem solving approaches within TW etc. Might be a good session to follow the organizational change session Market Principals Bruce Ferguson Americas MPs, any guest MPs from other regions Market Development, People Development, Shared Services, Collaboration Innovation Games Mike DeCleene Anyone interested in learning more about Innovation Games Innovation Games theory and practice. How to plan Innovation Games, how to run them, what to look for, and (most importantly) what to do with the results. Part knowledge/experience sharing, possibly part playing some actual games. Emotional Intelligence: What is it, how can you improve on it, why is it something you should care about? Grant Joung & Yujun Liang Anyone who's interested in learning or participating in discussions on what EI is and why it is so important for consultants to hone their skills in this area. - What is EI? - Take an online test to obtain an EQ score for yourself - Brainstorm ways to institutionalize EI development Studios Product Champions Elena Yatzeck Current NA champions of MIngle, Twist, or Go, and anyone who is interested in being a champion - General: What is a champion? Who are the current champions? Who else should we ask? - In product groups (Mingle, Twist, and Go): who has used them? who needs help? what kind of help do you need? How do the Studios products compare to their competitors for their target markets? What competitor products are you familiar with? What are the "real" selling points (or not) for people who have to use the tools? What features should be added? How can we best make the products successful for ThoughtWorks? Go-ahead plans for further local meetings. ThoughtWorks Musicians Samuel Hotop Everyone! Prodigies, amateurs, jazz cats, rockers, and rollers, as well as any aspiring musicians looking for support. Networking. When and where can we get together and start playing? Tools and techniques for practicing on the road. Online musical collaboration among ThoughtWorkers. Music theory topics - circle of fifths, relative-minor keys, major-scale modes, etc. The basics of the blues, bluegrass, jazz, etc. Psychological theory with regard to musicianship, math, and foreign language acquisition. Small expose on Wes Montgomery and how he redefined jazz guitar. Music hot spots in Chicago, New York, elsewhere. The potential topics are endless!
  7. 7. Food Menu Friday Night Menu: "The Midwest BBQ" Vegetarian Burgers, Herbed Orzo Salad, Three-Cabbage Slaw, Mixed Green Salad with Two Dressings, Smoky BBQ Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, BBQ Bone-In Chicken, Herb Roasted Potatoes, Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter and Tarragon, Grilled Seasonal Vegetables, Hamburger Buns and Dinner Rolls, Assorted Cookies and Brownies & assorted Hot and Cold Beverages. Saturday Night Menu: "The Brewmaster" Appetizer Station : Assortment of Domestic and Imported Cheeses, Lime-Curried Chicken Wings and Ginger-Glazed Shrimp, Beer: Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier. Soup And Salad Station : French Onion Soup, Mixed Greens with Herb Vinai grette, Beer: Samuel Smith’s Brown Ale. Main Course Station: Garlic Mushrooms with Barley & Brown Rice (Veg), Chef-Carved Tenderloin of Beef with Maytag, Blue Cheese and Demi-Glace, Pollo Borracho (Drunken Chicken), Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Parmesan-Garlic, Broccoli, Beer: Bell’s Double Cream. Dessert Station : Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding, New York Cheese cake with Dark Chocolate Sauce, Beer: Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. Drinks Menu Liquor : Skyy Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Dewar’s Scotch, Canadian Club, Jack Daniel’s, Bacardi Superior Rum, Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila. Wine : Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot Beer : Beck’s, Corona, Budweiser, Miller Light & Sharps (non-alcoholic) along with assorted soft drinks & bottled water. *General note: All meals will have indicated ingredients so people who have indicated allergies can steer clear. If you've indicated you want a halal meal please approach one of the QCenter servers and they'll have this meal brought out for you.
  8. 8. FAQs 1. Should I book my own flights? Yes. Everyone is responsible for booking their own flights. Of course, you're welcome to coordinate with one another and try to get on the same flights to/from Chicago. But, each of you will need to book your own tickets. Do try and do this soon! 2. How should I book my flights? You are encouraged to book your flights through Cliqbook. By using Cliqbook, the cost of your flights will be charged directly to TW. Alternatively, you could opt to book your flights directly with the airline of your choice. If you choose to do that, you'll have to pay for your flights up-front and submit the costs to be reimbursed. 3. Should I book my own transportation to/from the airport? No. TW will be arranging group transportation for everyone between the airport (or the Chicago office) and the Q Center. See more details below. 4. Should I book my own accommodations? No. The Q Center will be arranging all of our rooms. Everyone will get individual (single) rooms unless you have specific needs. 5. If I am non-billable, what expense code do I use to be reimbursed for my flights? TWORKS1 AWD_US AWAY_DAY (for US TWers) or TWORKS1 AWD_CAN AWAY_DAY (for Canadian TWers). This also applies if you are billable but on a local project where you typically do not bill your client for travel. 6. If I am non-billable, what expense code do I use to report my time at Away Day? Use the same code as for your flights. 7. What airport should I fly into? You can fly to either Chicago O'Hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW). 8. What time should I plan to arrive in Chicago? Try to arrive in Chicago by around 4pm on Friday, June 3rd. 9. What time should I plan to leave Chicago? You can leave anytime on Sunday, June 5th. There will be breakfast served in the morning & lunch at noon, and you are welcome to stay at the Q Center till 4pm to participate in any of the activities planned for that day e.g. Affinity Groups. (Keep in mind that we all have to check-out of our rooms by 12pm.) 10. Can we bring our spouses or significant others to Away Day? No, sorry. This is a TW-only event. 12. Is there a handy-dandy app I can download for the conference? Yes. Search for the "Colloquium" app. It is available for iPhone or Android phones. 13. I see there are only limited times where there is an open-bar, what about outside those hours? There is a clubhouse on-site that is open until 12:45am where you and your colleagues can go after the Friday and Saturday events have ended. However, any drinking that happens there is on a cash-bar basis, and on your own expense. ThoughtWorks will not reimburse drinks receipts expensed during the away day - we are only covering the open bars on Friday and Saturday nights. 14. Will there be Halal, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free food options? Yes, but please be sure to specify any or all of these dietary needs when you register for the event. If you've ordered a Halal meal please approach a server during meal times to receive your specially prepared meal. 15. I live in/around Chicago and want to take the TW bus. What time do the buses leave from the Aon Center on Friday to head to the Q Center? 12pm on Friday. 16. I live in/around Chicago and want to take the TW bus. What time(s) do the buses leave from the Q Center on Sunday to head back to the Aon Center? 11:30am and 1pm on Sunday. If you wish to leave later than 1:30pm, call the A-1 Limousine Service for a towncar. 17. I live in/around Chicago and want to drive my own car. Is there parking at the Q Center? Yes, there is parking there. 18. I just arrived at the airport - how do I get a hold of ground transportation to the Q Center? Once you collect your bags call A-1 Limousine at 1-630-833-3788. They will give you instructions on how to get to your towncar/limo. Please Read For Chicago Bus People We've had a small change of plans due to traffic concerns on the Friday afternoon in Chicago, so the buses leaving the Aon Center will now depart at12:00pm instead of 2:00pm. We're sorry for the inconvenience this might cause, but the transportation company has advised us that you could all be sitting in traffic for several hours unless we leave earlier. For Those Flying In Read This If you're flying into Chicago on Friday once you collect your bags you can call A-1 Limousine Service at 1-630-833-3788 (write this down somewhere!). They will give you instructions on where to connect with your towncar/limo. Yes I said Limo. Don't worry the Away Day Organizing Committee is not blowing TW's hard earned's the most economical way to get you to the QCenter by sharing a towncar/limo to get there (they charge us by car, not per head).
  9. 9. ThoughtWorks Organizing Committee Anne J Simmons Benjie Davis Cassandra Shum Craig Gorsline Denise Goldback Ethan Teng Erik Stepp Jolly Rajan Joseph M. Zenevitch Jonathan McCracken Kate Manthei Kathy Gettelfinger Kristi Adami Molly Bartlett Michael Aguilar Rajiv Mathew Pooja Shah Reena Teichman Susan Kowalski Sudhindra Rao - Affinity Groups Open Spaces & Got Talent Competition Venue Selection Ideator Swag, Prizes, & Welcome Desk Science Fair, Scavenger Hunt, and Opening Session Venue Selection Global Guests and Breakout Sessions Affinity Groups & Got Talent Competition Co-chair Event Coordination Co-chair Prizes & Scavenger Hunt Sporting Activity Panel Discussion Video Producer & Final Program Booklet Science Fair Welcome Desk Signage & Printing Venue Selection - Event Coordinator Catering & Food Services From QCenter Tina Buehler Christi Christides Please feel free to reach out to the volunteer group in case you have any queries. Jonathan McCracken Kathy Gettelfinger Ethan Teng : : : 403.971.7950 612.867.2991 415.968.9839