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India Away Day Brochure

  1. 1. Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune Oct. 14, 15 ,16 BELLARY-BIKERS Naam toh suna hoga Private eye anonymous All that jazz! Mostly Ghostly Un-adult-rated thrills Please use the following hastags whilst tweeting about this event #twiawayday #mytw
  2. 2. Cidade de Goa Vainguinim Beach Panaji, Goa. red carpet Helplines Logistics Graceful dancers will groove to some hits, Make sure you don’t miss the hilarious office skits, Down the ramp, ThoughtWorkers will sashay, The fun doesn’t end here, hurray! India Away Days are known for the high, On the awesomeness here, the limit’s the sky, We’re gonna make sure you let your hair down, Since we will be the best party in town! Sports and games of all sorts will beckon, You’ll want to be part of all that, we’d reckon, Go crazy, be wild, cheer your team on, You deserve to go nuts, come on! Around you, you see some wonderful sights, Take your photography to whole new heights, The pristine beach is only a few steps away, We bet you’d like to stay there all day. We'll make sure you'll not want to go away, So are you ready to get down and party all day? This party promises to be a blast, Enjoy every moment here until the last! But there’s much to do and see, As ThoughtWorkers pour in from every city, Over two dozen visitors are amongst us, We know their talks will create a buzz. Three days of fun & frolic is just what you need, Who better to offer you that than us indeed? Now that you’re geared up for all the fun, Welcome to Goa, a hearty welcome! Yours truly, Away Day 2011 Organizers Schedule End Time Duration 12:00 pm 01:00 pm 60 01:00 pm 03:00 pm 01:00 pm : Praveena @ 87544 75617 Travel : Mohan @ 98804 40739 Teams : Prem @ 96771 66155 ERT : Vignesh R E @ 97315 59244 Fashion Show : Sonam @ 95000 32377 Photography : Khushroo @ 99237 00611 Photography : Sujeet @ 99224 56000 Treasure Hunt : Anshul @ 97312 05273 Moral Support : Dilkash @ 98804 27155 Design : Nandha @ 98805 22912 Stationery : Sunanda @ 96630 91800 Tech Support : Amirdha @ 95000 42991 Photo Exhibition : Jatin @ 88006 19922 TWimes Of India : Sneha @ 96865 77099 Adopt A Cause : Social Cops Sumieetha @ 99728 22557 Nandish @ 99011 88441 Rupesh @ 96866 96457 Srijayanth @ 98861 38965 : Abhi @ 95350 07580 Sports Sadique @ 96866 02097 Ravindra @ 88004 61144 Pranav @ 96730 06657 Vini @ 90449 24194 Culturals Jive @ 98454 24013 Ankit @ 9199678 62078 Ashutosh @ 9188004 93706 Sessions Geetha @ 99002 06657 Saurabh @ 99750 15625 Prasad K @ 96866 02142 Rahul S @ 88004 93700 guest speakers P Sainath is the Rural Affairs Editor for The Hindu. Sainath is one of few Indians to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award. He has received close to 40 other national and international journalism awards and fellowships in 30 years as a journalist. Sainath is the author of a book titled "Everybody Loves a Good Drought" and stars in the documentary called “Nero’s Guests”. Day 1 - Octoder 14 (Friday) Start Time Suresh @ 98455 16399 Diversity Panel This weekend's gonna be way better than nice, ‘Coz fun’s the way to being healthy & wise, You've worked hard all year, so this is a gift, To celebrate you & our ten-year paradigm shift! : Band Dear ThoughtWorker, Away Day Hotline : +91 080 4064 9797 Event Venue Resort Checkin Sala De Banquet 120 Lunch Laranja 03:00 pm 120 Photo Exhibition Starts Pre Function Area 02:30 pm 03:00 pm 30 Science Fair Contest Pre Function Area 03:00 pm 07:00 pm 210 Away Day Kickoff Grand Sala 07:30 pm 09:00 pm 90 Gala Party + TW Bands + Bonding Time Beach 9:00 pm 10:30 pm 90 Dinner, DJ & Rain Dance Beach Simon Sheikh is the National Director of advocacy group GetUp. Simon has been behind campaigns on climate change, changes to our anti-terrorism laws and GetUp’s work on internet censorship. Simon represented Australia at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Uganda in 2007 as Australia’s Commonwealth youth representative and in the same year was named the NSW Young Professional of the Year. Please note that the Photo Exhibition will be on for all three days at the Pre Function Area. Feel free to take your time and go through all the photos at leisure. You are also free to add comments on the photos using marker pens available there!
  3. 3. About The Venue Day 2 - October 15 (Saturday) Start Time End Time Duration Agenda 07:00 am 09:00 am 120 Breakfast at Laranja There is something unmistakably calming about Cidade de Goa. Its welcoming hospitality permeates your soul while the Goan passion for life rejuvenates your spirit. And with every conceivable amenity in it’s 40 acres of landscaped tranquility, you never have to leave. Your place in the sun awaits! 09:00 am 10:30 am 10:30 am 10:45 am 90 15 Pecha Kucha talks at Grand Sala Tea Break at Pre Function Area 10:45 am 11:30 am 45 Ten Moments Of TWI Excellence (Ajey Gore & Sameer Deans) at Grand Sala A charming old-world sensitivity is what lends Cidade a certain exclusivity. As you meander through its award- winning architecture, the interplay of the elevated terraço, overhanging balcaos and cosy green nooks transports you to an era where life was easier, slower, more indulgent. Elegantly designed rooms and suites gaze out over the inviting beach and expanse of perfectly manicured lawns. Can the good life get any better? 11:30 am 01:00 pm 01:00 pm 02:30 pm 90 90 Panel Discussion on Diversity & Inclusivity at Grand Sala Lunch at Pre Function Area Few things inspire a Goan’s appetite for life quite like good food and great wines. So, surrender to Cidade’s masterchefs as they take you on a culinary exploration of the world. Enough food for thought for you? 02:30 pm 03:00 pm 30 03:00 pm 03:30 pm 30 Lots of activities, so little time. Make a splash on the water with the jet-set. Or make a smash on the tennis courts with the net-set. Better still, just chill. Catch your breath with a tension-releasing yoga session. Catch a winning streak at Goldfinger Casino. Celebrate ten years of ThoughtWorks' operations in India as a crimson sun sets over the bay. Let Cidade’s secluded setting be the perfect start for TWI's next decade. 03:30 pm Tennis Court Parking Rooms Lobby Nallah Bar Latino Party Lawn Dancing Floor 30 04:15 pm 06:30 pm 07:30 pm 09:30 pm 11:30 pm Decathlon: 10 Market Influencing Projects Shaun Jayaraj Top 10 secrets of a working mother - Tina Vinod Technology with a heart! Vandana Gopal The Innovation Dilemma Charan Puneet Singh Launching DevCloud Beta - Ranjib Dey & Nikhil Mungel Ten health mistakes to avoid - Sriram Narayanan Track 4 Ultramar Inception Countdown (10, 9, 8, 7) - Ange Ferguson TW Negotiation Training Jeremy Gordon Tea Break at Pre Function Area Group Photo + Away Day Sports by the beach Quiz (Nag & Sudhir) at Grand Sala Cultural Programs at Grand Sala Club Night at Grand Sala + Dinner at Pre Function Area Day 3 - October 16 (Sunday) Barbeque Pool Demystifing the number 10 & other contentions - Ananth R 135 60 120 120 Lawns Dekhani Track 3 Sala De Banquet Ten Uber Cool DSLR Sutras Praveen Selvam 15 04:15 pm 06:30 pm 07:30 pm 09:30 pm Grand Sala 04:00 pm 04:00 pm Parking Track 2 Harmonia Track 1 Grand Sala Sunset Lawns Boat Shed Jetty Arabian Sea 7:00 am 9:00 am 120 Breakfast Laranja 09:30 am 30 Room Checkout Cidade De Goa Lobby 09:30 am River Zuari Duration 9:00 am Fire Assembly Point End Time 12:30 pm 180 Interactive session with P Sainath Grand Sala 01:30 pm 60 Lunch Laranja 01:30 pm Vainguinim Beach Start Time 12:30 pm Rooms Event Venue 02:30 pm 60 Departure : Tata Byebye Cidade De Goa Lobby
  4. 4. Scheduled Talks 1. “Ten uber cool DSLR sutras” by Praveen Selvam - Of late, everyone seems to have been bitten by the digital photography bug. Praveen will bring in full photo gear, to show live demos, which will help people understand where to invest, how to pursue it as a hobby, or even a profession. Praveen will also provide guidance on how to source equipment at the right price. Praveen is a front-end engineer at TW. 2. “Technology with a heart!” by Vandana Gopal - This talk is about a real life story of how technology powered by solar energy can help solve the problems of millions of Indians & can accomplish that which might have taken the government years of time & crores of bribes to achieve. Vandana is an app dev working on the SIMPA project. 3. “Demystifying the number ten & other contentions” by Ananth P R - What is 10 really? What does it symbolize, and how does wetware (our 3 pound mass of grey jelly) actually decode that? This is a talk about the meaning of numbers, concepts, senses, emotions, perception, faith & even reality as seen from the point of view of neuroscience. Ananth is a senior consultant at TW Bangalore. 4. “Inception Countdown (10, 9, 8, 7 ...)” by Angela Ferguson - Inception planning & prep is often overlooked due to many constraints. Angela will talk about how she plans inceptions, from 1st finding out you're staffed on one, to kicking off the final retro. Angela is part of the TWI delivery services team. 5. “Decathlon: Ten market influencing projects” by Shaun Jayaraj - Shaun takes us on a retro tour of 10 TWI projects over the past decade. Attend this talk to learn about how these projects have changed the software world and made an impact in the way software is delivered. Shaun has worked on multiple things including BD, BA, PM but aspires to getting back to writing code some day! 6. “Top 10 secrets of a working mother” by Tina Vinod - As working mothers, the experiences we face around work-life balance, is not only challenging & crazy but also impressive and sometimes hilarious. This talk with short videos, pictures, snippets from colleagues, spouses & kids, provides some insight into the juggling acts we do as a mothers, wives, TWers and so on, to keep us going. Tina currently drives the marketing function in India. 7. “Launching DevCloud Beta” by Ranjib Dey & Nikhil Mungel - Facing problems like slow Continuous Integration, long duration releases, scaling infrastructure & under-utilization? The Devops team in TWI has been cooking something of late. Do attend this talk to witness the launch of DevCloud beta. Pecha Kuchas Hosted By: Angela Ferguson & Annette Bergo 1. “3 ways you can make the difference and 7 ways it impacts!” by Kishore Yekkanti - Donating money to a great cause is not the only way to make a difference. Beach and volunteer program helps TWers to create an impact. Understand the impact we have on lives that together help us to change the world. And see how you can be a part of this! Yekkanti works as an app dev at TW Chennai. 2. “First & lasting impressions - How to be more persuasive & influential in business” by David Tuck - David will discuss influencing & persuading techniques that are useful when developing new client relationships. He will discuss how positive communication really works & the importance of building rapport and trust with new clients. David is a BD manager with TW. 3. “10 different Indian classical ragas & the charm they bring to the world of music” by Madhurranjan Mohaan - The talk will highlight the nuances of 10 Indian ragas, more from a Hindustani classical perspective. Every raga brings about its own melody and mood through an intricate combination of swaras. From Yaman to Hamsadwani, from Des to Darbari, not to forget the Bhairav family, come get a feel of the beauty of these ragas! Mamu (the speaker) works as part of the Devops team in India. 4. “Managing scope - Polite but firm” by Luke Barrett - Scope management can become a highly adversarial conversation with the business. How many times can you batter the business with the challenging reality of what it may well take to deliver their dream product? This session would look at ways to manage scope while still maintaining a +ve relationship with the business. Luke is the MD of TW Europe. 5. “Volunteering? Why Bother” by Stuart Hogg - With the relentless pace of work & the desire to have some semblance of family life; should we strive to embed a 3rd pillar (volunteering) into our otherwise hectic lives? Charity may begin at home but does it have to stop there? Stuart is a BD manager with TW. 6. “How I won a Superbike” by Praveen Selvam - Praveen recently won an all India Travel Blogger contest with support from everyone who knew him. He will talk about; how he earnt their trust, the mistakes he made & the instances where he was lucky during this contest! 7. “10 things you always wanted to know about TW AsiaPac but were frightened to ask” by Chris Murphy - Come along & learn a little about another region. Chris is MD for TW AsiaPac and will share his select observations and thoughts on the AsiaPac region. 8. “Ten health mistakes you should avoid” by Sriram Narayanan - Over the years, Sriram has worked in some highly stressful situations and roles. He recently suffered from severe stress, & has decided to share his realizations on how one could continue to work in stressful situations without affecting one’s health. Sriram currently represents the India Devops team on the TTL project. 8. “Ten interesting things about being in TW Brazil” by Disha Manikumar - This talk is a teaser about a non-Brazilian's life at TW Brazil. Learn about what’s different about the Brazilian culture & how the TWers from Porto Alegre are! 9. “To build a new market or to build for the market?” by Charan Puneet Singh - This talk is about the factors that govern the decision between 2 divergent market strategies. The choice we have to make is either to "expect to create a market " or "to create for the market". This is a debate, which has been going on within Studios for a long time now! Charan is a BD manager at Studios. 9. "Immigration birds & bees: The facts of life & tips you need for success as a global road warrior" by Jane S Caroll - Jane is Associate General Counsel & global lead of Immigration at TW HQ at Chicago. She has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer specializing in employment based immigration law. She's a frequent speaker on panels both in the US & abroad on immigration issues. 10. “TW Negotiation Training” by Jeremy Gordon - This is a comprehensive, 3 hour course where attendees will be familiarized with the basics of various negotiating styles, understand the negotiating style presented by the Harvard Program on Negotiation, and understand the occasions for using negotiating skills at TW. Jeremy works as Associate General Counsel at TW. Please note that this session works best with a large group of people. So bring your friends! 10. Sudhir Tiwari has confirmed his participation in the Pecha Kuchas, but his topic remains a surprise :) [Keep guessing, you might get it right]