Using Social Media for Personal Brand Building by Radha Giri


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Radha Giri, CEO of Midas Touch consultants talks about how you can use social media for personal brand building at the "Culture Of Social Collaboration" event held at Pune on September 6th, 2013 at Symbiosis University.

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Using Social Media for Personal Brand Building by Radha Giri

  1. 1. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Radha Giri CEO, Midas Touch Consultants   Using  Social  Media  for   Personal  Brand  Building  
  2. 2. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   @Radhagiri   •  SICSR  Alumnus   •  Lawyer  (By  training)   •  So?ware  Product  Management     •  Digital  Marketer       •  Start-­‐up     •  Social  Media  Enthusiast   •  Blogger    
  3. 3. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   •  What  is  Personal  Brand   •  Why  it  is  important?   •  Brand  building  using  social  media   •  PracHcal  Hps  on  using  Popular   Social  PlaIorms   Next  30  Minutes!  
  4. 4. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media  
  5. 5. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   CreaHng  a  right  kind  of   emoHonal  response  when   people  hear  your  name,  see   you  online  or  meet  in  person.  
  6. 6. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Does  it  ma<er?  
  7. 7. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   -­‐  Mechanical  Engineer     -­‐  Ex-­‐Yahoo   -­‐  Blogger     -­‐  Wildlife  Photographer   -­‐  Freelancer:  BBC  Natural   History  and  NaHonal   Geographic  Channel   (India)   Some  Stories   Kalyan  Varma    
  8. 8. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   -­‐  15  year  old  singer  from   Dehradun   -­‐  Uploaded  6  videos  of  her   singing  on  YouTube   -­‐  More  than  2  Million  views   -­‐  Highest  subscribed  channel   in  India  with  19K+   subscribers   Some  Stories   Shraddha   Sharma  
  9. 9. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Personally  Speaking   •  Grew  my  professional   network   •  Helped  in  associaHng  with   right  business  partners     •  Allowed  me  to  conduct   business  easier   •  Generated  valuable   business  feedback  &  ideas     •  Created  blogging,  speaking   opportuniHes    
  10. 10. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   YOUR  Brand  
  11. 11. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Define   -­‐  Personality   -­‐  Goals  and  objecHves  –  what  do  you  want   to  achieve     -­‐  What  do  you  want  to  talk  about!     -­‐  Tone  
  12. 12. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   GeFng  Started  
  13. 13. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Claim  Your  IdenIty   hcp://  
  14. 14. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Let’s  look  at  the  tools  
  15. 15. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   •  How  many  of  you  have  a   100%  completed  LinkedIn   profile?     •  Did  you  search  the  speakers   on  LinkedIn  before  coming   for  the  talk?  
  16. 16. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn   -­‐  200M  users  worldwide   -­‐  LinkedIn  is  loved  by  Google!   -­‐  ‘Professional  Network’  -­‐  Not  merely  a  ‘social   network’   -­‐  Primary  network  used  by  recruiters   -­‐  StarHng  Sept  12,  LinkedIn  Lowers  Age  to  13  
  17. 17. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  Grow  your  Network   Requests  from   Incomplete   profile  are   typically  not   accepted    
  18. 18. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  ConnecIons   •  Make  first  good   impression   •  People  remember   personalizaIon     •  Seek  advice  &  guidance   •  Request  for  favours   •  Grow  your  network   •  Don’t  Spam!  
  19. 19. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  Company  Pages   Follow  companies   •  Be  updated  about   latest  news,   products/  services   vacancies   •  Be  becer  prepared   for  Interviews   •  Latest  updates  
  20. 20. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  University  Pages   For  higher   studies  or  to   start  your   career  in   educaHon   sector   Follow  College/  University  
  21. 21. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  Groups   Join  Groups   •  ParHcipate  &   showcase  knowledge   •  Share     •  Connect  with   contributors  
  22. 22. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   LinkedIn:  Status  Updates   •  Be  in  front  of   your  connecHons     •  Like  &  Comment   –  increase   virality  and   exposure    
  23. 23. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Let’s  look  at  the  tools  
  24. 24. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media  
  25. 25. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   •  How  many  of  you  are  acHve   on  #Twicer?     •  How  many  with  more  than   100  followers?  
  26. 26. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er   -­‐  300,000  daily  visitors     -­‐  Every  second  750  tweets  are  shared   -­‐  Easy  to  access  via  mobile     -­‐  One  of  the  top  10  visited  sites  
  27. 27. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er  Uses     -­‐  Keep  up  with  the  news   -­‐  Get  quick  answers   -­‐  Find  job     -­‐  Provide  /  Seek  help  (missing  people,   blood  requirement,  road  blockage)   -­‐  Get  reviews    
  28. 28. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Have  a  Personality  
  29. 29. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er:  Complete  Profile   Your  chance  to   create  a  voice   for  yourself  &   create  your   personality    
  30. 30. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er:  Create  Your  Mark     Power  of  Social   Media  
  31. 31. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er:  Power  of  Lists   •  Follow  lists  for  targeted   updates   •  Get  most  in  less  Hme   •  Create  lists,  add  people  –   get  noHced     •  Connect  with  influencers/   like-­‐minded  people      
  32. 32. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Red  Balloon  School  In  Brazil   Helps  Students  Learn   English  By  CorrecHng   CelebriHes'  Grammar  On   Twicer   InteresIng  Stuff!  
  33. 33. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er:  Never  Complain   What  happens  on   Twicer,  stays  on   Internet  –  it  becomes   part  of  your   personality    
  34. 34. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Twi<er:  In  Summary   -­‐  Be  consistent  and  paHent   -­‐  Follow  Twicer  Chats     -­‐  Share,  tweet  and  retweet   -­‐  Refrain  from  using  foul  language,  poliHcal   views,  hate  tweets        
  35. 35. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Let’s  look  at  the  tools  
  36. 36. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Profile  Vs.  Page     Profile:   -­‐  Personal     -­‐  Friends   -­‐  Privacy  sesngs     Page:   -­‐  Public   -­‐  Fans    
  37. 37. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Facebook:  Privacy  SeFngs   USE  it!   Be  cauHous  about   tagging    
  38. 38. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Facebook:  Pages   •  Follow  pages  of  brands,   interests     •  ParHcipate  in   discussions  on  pages   •  Avail  discounts   •  ParHcipate  in  contests     •  Share  grievances        
  39. 39. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Facebook:  Pages   •  Give  plaIorm  to  your   passion   •  Connect  with  art  lovers   •  Seek  feedback,  guidance   •  Build  connecHons      
  40. 40. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   What  not  to  do   Have  solid  connecHon   between  your  offline  &   online  persona  
  41. 41. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Facebook:  In  Summary   -­‐  Use  privacy  sesngs   -­‐  Make  friends  only  if  you  know  the  person   -­‐  Use  lists  &  manage  privacy     -­‐  Follow  pages  and  be  acHve  there     -­‐  Post  updates  cauHously    
  42. 42. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Let’s  look  at  the  tools  
  43. 43. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   •  How  many  of  you  read,   comment  on  other  blogs?   •  How  many  of  you  have  a   personal  (acHve)  blog?  
  44. 44. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Personal  tone  to  the  blog     Rashmi  Sinha   CEO,  SlideShare   Consistent  personal   image  -­‐depicHng   interests,  likings  
  45. 45. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Blogging:  Get  Started   •  Easy  to  setup   •  Decide  your  tone  and   types  of  posts     •  Content  is  king     •  Share  your  knowledge  &   passion     •  Start  wriHng  
  46. 46. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Blogging:  Blog  Posts   •  Keep  posts  short  –   400/500  words   •  Use  pictures     •  Keep  scope  for   commenHng     •  Acknowledge  comments   •  Respond      
  47. 47. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Blogging:  Growing  your  blog  following   •  Cross  promote     •  Comment  on  other  blogs   •  ParHcipate  in  discussions     •  Share  links  of  your   relevant  blogs  as   comments  &  as  feedback    
  48. 48. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Blog:  In  Summary   -­‐  Get  started   -­‐  Be  consistent     -­‐  Pay  acenHon  to  grammar  and  language     -­‐  Use  pictures     -­‐  Keep  posts  short     -­‐  Respond  to  comments,  thank  followers,   acknowledge  feedback    
  49. 49. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   What  if  I  goof  up?   •  Accept   •  Apologise   •  Try  to  make  it  good     •  Move  on    
  50. 50. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Start today! Social  media  is  growing.   You  will  only  benefit  from   being  ahead  of  the  curve.    
  51. 51. Personal  Brand  Building  in  Social  Media   Thank  You!   Radha.giri@i-­‐   @radhagiri