BQC Open India Quiz 2012 - Finals


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The BQC Open 2012 series of quizzes was held in the Bengal Club on April 28 and April 29. The India Quiz was conducted by Dhananjay Shettigar and Rajiv Rai with support from Surya Ragunaathan

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BQC Open India Quiz 2012 - Finals

  1. 1. The BQC Open Quizzes, 2012THE BOMBAY QUIZ CLUB
  3. 3. Would not have been possible without you…Rajiv RaiAnannya Deb Working Draft - Last Modified 5/17/2009 12:04:01 PMVikram JoshiAnil KothuriShrikant NarasimhanSumant SrivathsanVibhendu Tewari PrintedSrinath TBAtul MathewPrasad SawantShubhankar GokhaleAbhinav Dasgupta
  5. 5. Prathmik 23 relatively easy questions worth 10 points each on infinite bounce. Starting with 12 clockwise. We will have 11 counter-clockwise in the 2nd half. Shut up and pounce  One team (on the buzzer) gets an opportunity to answer in written on the pounce (+10/-7)
  6. 6. Prathmik 1The Nizam of Hyderabad (Asaf Jah VII) tried toimprove the deteriorating condition of a historic site inhis territory and even employed Italian experts in1922-23 who used shellac to provide a protectivecoating.However, in time, the shellac darkened in the hot andhumid climate, obscuring the luminous figures andcausing cracks to appear.What are we talking about?
  7. 7. Prathmik 1 - AnswerThe darkened and cracked cave paintings of AjantaCaves
  8. 8. Prathmik 2This folk music group was first created for the OsianFilm Festival in Delhi in 2006.The sets (43 musicians seated in 36 cubicles) areinspired by the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur and the red lightdistrict in Amsterdam.Identify the group.
  9. 9. Prathmik 2 - AnswerManganiyar Seduction
  10. 10. Prathmik 3One of the triggers for the Mutiny of 1857 was the dateJune 23 1857.On all fronts, in Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow and Meerut,the fighting on June 23rd was fierce and desperatefrom the Indian sepoys.What was the significance of this date?
  11. 11. Prathmik 3 - AnswerIt was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Plassey.It had been predicted that the British hegemony willend on that day.
  12. 12. Prathmik 4By what nickname is the area around Lodhi Estate inDelhi sometimes also called?This is because of the presence of buildings such asIndia International Centre, India Habitat Centre,UNICEF HQ etc.
  13. 13. Prathmik 4 - AnswerSteinabad after the Americanarchitect Joseph Stein who createdthe iconic buildings on this stretch.
  14. 14. Prathmik 5Which famous phrase signifying unbounded optimismwas inspired by a phrase coined by Prof. Samuel Beerand used in a 1936 Democratic National Conventionspeech by Franklin D Roosevelt?“There is a mysterious cycle in human events. Tosome generations much is given. Of other generationsmuch is expected. This generation of Americans has arendezvous with ______.”
  15. 15. Prathmik 5 - AnswerTryst With Destiny.
  16. 16. Prathmik 6“My regiment was stationed near a small marsh (inSecunderabad) and suffered badly, while anotherregiment situated only a mile to leeward of the samemarsh escaped.”This is an extract from a speech delivered in 1902 by apolymath who also made significant contributions inpure and applied mathematics as well as poetry.Who and which speech is this an extract from?
  17. 17. Prathmik 6 - AnswerRonald Ross This is from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech discussing how he started suspecting mosquitoes to be a vector for malaria.
  18. 18. Prathmik 7The Jain Family headed by D.K. Jain startedSiddhomal and Sons, a paper and newsprint tradingorganization in 1923.They took their first step in manufacturing by settingup the Industrial Oxygen Co. Ltd. in 1963.Based on advice from McKinsey & Co., in 1999, theydiversified into the entertainment industry.Name their initiative in this area.
  19. 19. Prathmik 7 - AnswerINOX (short for Industrial Oxygen).
  20. 20. Prathmik 8Who about what?“I wanted it to be partly India, like that guy Kiplingand The Jungle Book and all that. Basically, I wantedRajas. I thought why not make up an Afro-Indiancountry with its own name? I wanted somethingreally wild-sounding. You know, like the tiger.”
  21. 21. Prathmik 8 - AnswerLee Falk about the fictional country of Bangalla(Bengali or Denkali) in Phantom comics.
  22. 22. Prathmik 9He was the 1st Indian to get a PhD in English fromCambridge University* with a dissertation on WBYeats. There, he started using the name, he was calledby affectionately as a child, as his pen name.In 1955, he shifted to Delhi to join the External AffairsMinistry as a Hindi officer. His thankless job was to“help and assist in the progressive use of Hindi” and hecoined such terms like गृह मन्त्रालय (home ministry)and विदे श मन्त्रालय (foreign ministry) there.Who?
  23. 23. Prathmik 9 - Answer Harivansh Rai Bachchan
  24. 24. Prathmik 10Ahmad Ali Khan Bahadur was the Nawab of a princelystate (in present day Uttar Pradesh) from 1794 to1840.He is famous for having developed something bymixing English speed and obedience with the powerand ferocity of Afghan Tazis.What?
  25. 25. Prathmik 10 - AnswerRampur Greyhound. He cross bred Afghan Tazis with the English Greyhound and gave them the name, Rampur Greyhound
  26. 26. Prathmik 11A disciple of Agastya carried two hillocks to beinstalled in South India on behalf of Lord Shiva.On the way he put the hillocks down to take some restand could not lift them again. He sought the help of apassing youth who claimed ownership of thesehillocks. In the ensuing scuffle, the youth defeated thedisciple of Agastaya.Identify both of them.Where did this incident take place?
  27. 27. Prathmik 11 - AnswerIdumban and Lord Murugan. The incident took placein Palani. Idumban then decreed that anyone who came to Palani to worship Murugan with two hillock-shaped objects may be granted his heart’s desire.
  28. 28. Prathmik 12After Independence, he formed Pakistan’s firstNational Opposition party (Pakistan Azad Party). Atloggerheads with the government and the dictators(his brother was assassinated), he was jailed severaltimes.In accordance with his wishes, he was controversiallyburied in Jalalabad in Afghanistan in 1988 – this wasmarked by a ceasefire in the Afghan Civil War.Who?
  29. 29. Prathmik 12 - AnswerKhan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  31. 31. Madhyamik 23 tough questions worth 15 points each on infinite bounce. Starting with 11 clockwise, We will have 12 counter-clockwise in the 2nd half No pounce
  32. 32. Madhyamik 1Both these words come from the Amoy (Xiamen)dialect of China.A literally means dark dragon (typical look caused bywithering under the sun) while B denoting wholeleaves of a specific size literally means white downyhair.Identify A & B. A B
  33. 33. Madhyamik 1 - AnswerA - OolongB - Pekoe
  34. 34. Madhyamik 2Who composed the music for these two famousDoordarshan programs?
  35. 35. Madhyamik 2 - AnswerLoy Mendonsa
  36. 36. Madhyamik 3Which was the first town in India to get electricity in1902 (supplied from the Shivanasamudrahydroelectric project), only the 2nd in the whole of Asiaafter Tokyo?
  37. 37. Madhyamik 3 - AnswerKolar Gold Fields
  38. 38. Madhyamik 4 - AThis Padma Bhushan awardee wasthe first Indian artist to foresakefigurism for abstract art. His Banarasseries (bottom) shows the pessimisticside of the city. The Vagabond (right)fetched $1.1 million at Christie’s, NY.
  39. 39. Madhyamik 4 - BThis movie is based on the story by a Jnanpithawardee. these siblings.
  40. 40. Madhyamik 4 - AnswerRam Kumar and Nirmal Verma
  41. 41. Madhyamik 5This was the sequence that unfolded: Burma 1969 (25 July) Sri Lanka 1972 Nepal 1975 (6 May) India 1975 (26 May) Bangladesh 1975 (16 October) Somalia 1977 (26 October)As a result of the above, what announcement wasmade on 9 December 1979?
  42. 42. Madhyamik 5 - AnswerSmall Pox had been eradicated from the world. These were dates for various countries conquering the disease.
  43. 43. Madhyamik 6The duo were both camped at Amravati as part ofdifferent drama troupes playing on the same theme ofDraupadi Vastraharan.The audience watched both plays and wondered whowas the greater of the two. Dadasaheb Khaparde, theuncrowned King of Varhaad, was awestruck by one ofthem and exclaimed, “He tar ________ aahet!”,comparing one to the other.Identify both.
  44. 44. Madhyamik 6 - AnswerBal Gandharva (Narayan Rajhans) and SawaiGandharva (Rambhau Kundgolkar). Dadasaheb Kaparde inasserting that Rambhau was one and a quarter times betterthan Narayan ended up giving the honorific Sawai toRambhau.
  45. 45. Madhyamik 7He was a pioneer in more than one field.In 1918, he founded the first trade union in India.On May 1, 1923 he organized the first ever celebrationof May Day in the country complete with the first everuse of the red flag in India.In 1925, he became one of the founding fathers of theCommunist Party of India; and chaired its inauguralconvention in Kanpur.Who?
  46. 46. Madhyamik 7 - AnswerM. Singaravelu
  47. 47. Madhyamik 8He was a British Army officer and later Inspector-Generalof the Royal Irish Constabulary (he resigned in theaftermath of the 1916 Easter Rising).He was wounded at the Battle of Kandahar (1878) duringthe 2nd Anglo-Afghan War. In 1890 he became militarysecretary to the Kashmir government.In 1938 (post-retirement) in a letter to The Field, heclaimed to have done something pioneering at the officersmess of the 11th Devonshire Regiment in 1875 (a claimcemented by support from the author ComptonMackenzie).What pioneering initiative?
  48. 48. Madhyamik 8 - AnswerSir Neville (Francis Fitzgerald) Chamberlain inventedthe game of snooker at Jabalpur in 1875.
  49. 49. Madhyamik 9In 1930s while staying in Dresden she chanced uponUday Shankar’s touring ballet Shiva Parvati.She joined the troupe as the leading lady and laterbecame a dance teacher at his school in Almora.Among other things she choreographed this dreamsequence in Hindi movies. Who?
  50. 50. Madhyamik 9 - AnswerZohra Sehgal
  51. 51. Madhyamik 10This imposing gateway was built in 1784 and modelledon a similar structure in Constantinople. It evenderives its name from a name applied to the Turkishcity.When George Russell, a reporter of The New YorkTimes visited the city in 1858, he called the stretch ofroad from this place to Chattar Manzil the mostbeautiful and spectacular cityscape that he had everseen, better than Rome, Paris, London andConstantinople.Identify the gateway. How did its get its name?
  52. 52. Madhyamik 10 - AnswerRumi Darwaza in Lucknow.Rumi is Persian for Rome and was a name given toConstantinople.
  53. 53. Madhyamik 11 This place near Ahmednagar was established in 1923 and contains the tomb and other institutions created in memory of Sheriar Irani. It attracts over 30,000 pilgrims on his death day (January 31). From July 1925 till his death in 1969 he did not speak a word and communicated through an alphabet board and gestures. Identify the place.
  54. 54. Madhyamik 11 - Answer Meherabad founded by Meher Baba
  56. 56. Venue Gopal Written round 5 clips from Indian movies – you have to identify the subcontinental location 5 points for a right answer If you get all 5 right, congratulations! You top the round with 25 points.
  57. 57. Venue Gopal1) Where is this song shot? Which valley forms the backdrop here? Identify this tourist attraction.
  58. 58. Venue Gopal4) Inside which building is this scene shot? Which place of worship forms the backdrop?
  59. 59. Venue Gopal - Answers1) Dhanushkodi.2) Bamiyan valley in Afghanistan.3) Marble rocks (Bheraghat) near Jabalpur on the Narmada.4) Afghan Church in Bombay.5) Thiksey gompha in Ladakh
  61. 61. Madhyamik 12The first completed Urdu play and opera was written byAgha Hasan Amanat and first staged in 1853 at theKaiserbagh Baradari in Lucknow (specially built for thispurpose).The play written entireley in verse has a celestial themefeaturing the romance between a prince and a fairy. Theplay included 31 ghazals and 9 thumris and influenced notjust later Urdu playwrights but also the geet tradition ofpopular Indian culture.Name the play. Who played the male protagonist when theplay was first staged?
  62. 62. Madhyamik 12 - AnswerIndrasabha and Wajid AliShah.It was made into one of theearliest talkies in 1932 andfeatured a record-breaking71 songs.
  63. 63. Madhyamik 13If Chaudhary Brahm Prakash (1952-55) was the 1st andG N Singh (1955-56) the 2nd.What are we talking about?Who was the 3rd between 1993-96?
  64. 64. Madhyamik 13 - AnswerMadan Lal Khurana (chief ministers of Delhi)
  65. 65. Madhyamik 14This composition features a legendary father and histhree talented sons.Identify any three.
  66. 66. Madhyamik 14 - AnswerThis is Tree of Rhythm featuring Allah Rakha withZakir Hussain, Taufiq Qureshi (and Fazal Qureshi).This is the only recorded vocal performance of AllahRakha (also his last performance before he died).
  67. 67. Madhyamik 15This Suryavanshi Kshatriya king and contemporary ofLord Krishna adopted the Vaishya tradition ofbusiness for the prosperity of his people.He wanted to conduct 18 mahayajnas in honour of his18 children. When he was in the process of performingthe last one, he was filled with compassion for thehorse that was to be sacrificed. He stopped andannounced that no more animal sacrifices will bemade. Thus, only 17½ yajnas were completed.Identify the person.What is the significance of these 17½ yajnas?
  68. 68. Madhyamik 15 - AnswerKing Agrasena - the legendary king of Agroha fromwhom the Agrawal clan traces its origin.Due to these yajnas, the gods blessed him with 17 ½Agrawal gotras: Airan, Bansal, Bindal, Bhandal, Dharan, Garg, Goyal, Goyan (the half gotra), Jindal, Kansal, Kuchhal, Madhukul, Mangal, Mittal, Nangal, Singhal, Tayal, Tingle.
  69. 69. Madhyamik 16Connect the song to the video.
  70. 70. Madhyamik 16 - AnswerAkbar Allahabadi - the first song is written by him andthe name of Rishi Kapoor’s character in the movie isinspired by him. Syed Akbar Hussain Rizvi (Akbar Allahabadi) spoke up for Hindu-Muslim unity. People taunted him saying that Hindus had bribed him with wine to speak such nonsense. In response he wrote the verse, “थोड़ी स़ी जो प़ी ऴी है .”
  71. 71. Madhyamik 175 Panchendriyas (vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch)8 Ashtaragas (Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha,Maltsarya, Asooya, Dhumb)3 Trigunas (Satva, Rajas and Tamas)2 (Vidya and Avidya)One has to progressively detach oneself from all worldlyties to be one with the Creator. What are we talking about?
  72. 72. Madhyamik 17 - AnswerSymbolism of the final 18steps at Sabarimala.
  73. 73. Madhyamik 18This is the only referendum to have been held in India(on January 16, 1967), with its result binding on thegovernment.The two options presented before the people were‘flower’ for merger and ‘two leaves’ for retainingindependent identity.54.20% voted against a merger, 43.50% voted infavour.What did the referendum set out to decide?
  74. 74. Madhyamik 18 - AnswerGoa Opinion Poll To decide whether Goa should be merged with the state of Maharashtra or remain a union territory. The people voted in favour of it remaining a UT. It was only in 1987 that Goa became a full-fledged state.
  75. 75. Madhyamik 19Which Dogra tabalchi and member of SD Burman’sorchestra played the tabla on this famous song (amongothers)?
  76. 76. Madhyamik 19 - AnswerShivkumar Sharma
  77. 77. Madhyamik 20A Union Minister for Irrigation and Electricity in the1960s, Dr. Kanuri Lakshmana Rao was instrumental insetting up Rural Electrification Corporation (REC).The worlds longest earth dam on River Krishna inNalgonda was his brain child. His memoir was titled‘Cusecs Candidate’.Sometime in the 1970s, he envisaged an idea whosecost was initially pegged at Rs.12,500 crores (now it isestimated at Rs 5.6 lakh crores or Rs 1 crore pervillage).What did KL Rao propose?
  78. 78. Madhyamik 20 - AnswerInter-linking of Indian Rivers
  79. 79. Madhyamik 21Positive response to an exhibition of Indian art (on loan fromvarious Indian museums) at the Royal Academy in London in1947-48 followed by a display in New Delhi, led to the decisionto create a National Museum.On 15 August 1949, the National Museum was formallyinaugurated by the Governor-General Rajagopalachari at atemporary location.The cornerstone of the permanent museum building was laid byJ.L. Nehru, then Prime Minister of India in May 1955 and thebuilding formally opened to the public in December 1960.Where was the Indian museum based for 12 years (1949-1960)?
  80. 80. Madhyamik 21 - AnswerRashtrapati Bhavan
  81. 81. Madhyamik 22This village in Madhya Pradesh, (approximately 62 km from Jabalpur)was founded and named after a British soldier and administrator in 1860.One of his many achievements was the effective implementation of theban on Sati in Central India. He was also the earliest discoverer ofdinosaur fossils in India.He opened a reformatory school at Jabalpur for rehabilitating a certainbunch of children. A carpet (weighing two tons) made in this reformatoryschool for Queen Victoria became the first carpet sent from India toEngland.Based on advice from a certain Baba Haridas, he visited a Devi temple invillage Kohka and was blessed with a child. He distributed 100 acres ofland to the poor of that village and this new settlement was named afterhim.Name the village. What bunch of children formed the nucleus of theJabalpur school?
  82. 82. Madhyamik 22 - AnswerSleemanabad (named after William Henry Sleeman). The children of the Pindaris and the Thugs were rehabilitated in the Jabalpur school.
  83. 83. Madhyamik 23In 1965, he along with Pravina Mehta and Shirish Patelauthored a blueprint in the art magazine Margdescribing the creation of a ‘counter-magnet’ to attractpeople.They wished that it would be discussed by theMaharashtra Govt. ‘so that the democratic will can beascertained’.The proposed blueprint was accepted and a dilutedexecution started in 1972.What blueprint? Who was the author?
  84. 84. Madhyamik 23 - AnswerNew Bombay (Navi Mumbai) and Charles Correa
  86. 86. Prathmik 13“On July 1, 1961, five people including myself, went outinto Brighton for some Chinese food. Having dined, I feltpleasantly relaxed as we traveled in the Morris 100 cargiven by Robin Waters…the lads decided that they wouldwalk the last lap back home. “Come with us, a walk will doyou good.” But I was feeling much too lazy. “No thanks, I’dsooner ride back with Robin,” I decided. The other threegot out, and as Robin started up again I clambered overinto the front seat beside him.”An accident happened next causing what?
  87. 87. Prathmik 13 - AnswerMansur Ali Khan Pataudi lost an eyewhen a shard from the wind screenpenetrated his right eye.
  88. 88. Prathmik 14Which territory of India famous in the field of cricketand for its royalty went from being a kingdom to astate to a district in just 5 months between August1949 to January 1950?
  89. 89. Prathmik 14 - AnswerCooch Behar (Maharani Gayatri Devi hailed from hereand the Cooh Behar trophy is awarded for the zonal U-19 cricket contest).
  90. 90. Prathmik 15In 1864, he joined the British Army and served inIndia. He worked on India’s first steam-driven roadengine. Later, he was invited to assist in thepreparation of the Electric Lighting Act. He also actedas an advisor for the Madras Tramway and suppliedmotors for it.Globally he was involved with the standardisation ofelectricity (notation, symbols etc.), he created the firstelectric toaster and commercially successful oven,created the prototype for the first practical tank.Who?
  91. 91. Prathmik 15 - AnswerCol. REB Crompton Crompton Greaves traces its origin to REB Crompton & Co. set up by him in 1878 and Greaves Cotton & Co. founded by James Greaves in 1859.
  92. 92. Prathmik 16Chitrangada was the elder son of Shantanu andSatyavati. As Bhishma had vowed not to be a king,Chitrangada succeeded Shantanu to the throne ofHastinapur.This angered a quirky Gandharva king who engagedChitrangada in an evenly matched battle lasting 3 daysand finally killed him. Chitrangada was succeeded byhis younger brother Vichitravirya.Why did the Gandharva fight and kill Chitrangada?
  93. 93. Prathmik 16 - AnswerThe Gandharva king was named Chitrangada, too. Hedid not want another king by the same name!
  94. 94. Prathmik 17He died on Shangchuan Island while en route tocontinental China in 1552.He was buried in Malacca, but two years later shippedback in accordance with his wishes, and given a restingplace in a casket gifted by the last of the Medicis(Cosimo III) in a mausoleum designed by the 17th-century Florentine sculptor Giovanni Battista Foggini.Who?
  95. 95. Prathmik 17 - AnswerFrancisXavier
  96. 96. Prathmik 18The circle represents the sun and the moon as well asthe circle of life, which has neither a beginning nor anend.The triangle is the mountain and pointed trees.The square is the sacred enclosure or piece of landinside which is the mother goddess Palaghata,symbolising fertility.What is being described?
  97. 97. Prathmik 18 - AnswerWarli Paintings The walls of the huts are washed with wet cow dung and smeared with red mud. Bamboo sticks that are chewed at one end are used as paintbrushes. The paintings are done using white rice paste, water and gum with touches of yellow and red, usually turmeric and kumkum.
  98. 98. Prathmik 19Identify the youngest recipient of the Sahitya AkademiAward in 1967 who also wrote the lyrics for thesesongs.
  99. 99. Prathmik 19 - Answer Shiv Kumar Batalvi
  100. 100. Prathmik 20This is the largest monastery in India. It wasestablished in 1680 where Mera Lama Lodre Gyatsoshorse went and stopped on a hill (the name literallymeans “horse chosen”).Which monastery?What incident catapulted this place to internationalfame on 30 March 1959?
  101. 101. Prathmik 20 - AnswerTawang Monastery. The Dalai Lama entered India and rested at this monastery. The news of his escape was relayed to the world from here.
  102. 102. Prathmik 21Frieze Projects East is a series of public art projectscommissioned by the Frieze Foundation as part of the2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.Which Indian artist (along with Can Altay, AntheaHamilton, Nicholas Byrne and Gary Webb) will design48 billboards as part of this project and explore“feeling of being almost there — with a win withinreach, but somehow never succumbing to glory”?
  103. 103. Prathmik 21 - AnswerSarnath Banerjee
  104. 104. Prathmik 22A day prior to a fateful event, he wrote: “…There will be roughly 80 million people with a grievance who will begin looking for me. I do not want them to find me.”WH Auden, picks up the story from the day after: The next day he sailed for England, where he could quickly forget The case, as a good lawyer must. Return he would not, Afraid, as he told his Club, that he might get shot.Who is being referred to?
  105. 105. Prathmik 22 - AnswerCyril Radcliffe
  106. 106. Prathmik 23Nirmala is a 1948 Malayalam film with many firsts toits credit. It is the fourth Malayali talkie but the first Malayali film made by Malayalis. First Malayali film to feature playback, with its songs being a hit.Who wrote the lyrics for the songs?
  107. 107. Prathmik 23 - AnswerG Sankara Kurup In 1965, he became the first ever recipient of the Jnanpith Award.