Corporate Presentation of CIS


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It is a Corporate Presentation of Convergent Intellectual Solutions LLP

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Corporate Presentation of CIS

  1. 1. frugal research Research and Business Consultant
  2. 2. Convergent Intellectual Solutions LLP is a global provider of end-to-end customized market , business & financial research. With a unique blend of market knowledge, research expertise and analytical depth, we are able to provide cost-effective yet world- class research support. Incorporated and registered in pune in 2010 under LLP model by the team of professionals who have the cross-industry expertise. Our diverse capabilities, cross- disciplinary expertise and in-depth knowledge of several industry sectors are some of the reasons why we have ventured into knowledge industry. We develop customized research studies that suit client specifications. Projects are delivered only to those clients who have commissioned it. In fact, the teams that work on specific projects are not allowed to work on similar projects, nor is any kind of project-specific knowledge sharing encouraged. This way, we maintain complete confidentiality about clients and their research needs at all times. Besides sub- contracted research, we also conducts original research and provides consulting services.
  3. 3. Mission 1.Facilitate the operational experience to MBA student Gap Social cost through live Research & Business Bridged consultancy project in collaboration with Industry. 2. We are pioneer in such kind of activity in India which works on inclusive growth model . Bridging the gap between industry and Empower Both end prospective employer apart the ,industry will get sophisticated will get Prospective research and consulting services at value par with top-notch organizations. Manpower On the other hand, it will reduce the manpower crunch as far as high end business services is concerned.
  4. 4. Vision Synergy will make vibrant industry model to reach 1) To tap the lower value chain of high end research services and to end customers make the value chain of corporations more vibrant . 2) Our pioneering and innovative approach will reduce the cost of research while maintaining the utmost quality. 3) Want to leverage the power of burgeoning MBAs
  5. 5. Philosophy Our fundamental is based on “frugal research” . We work with clients as a partners to maintain their brand equity. Therefore, we emphasis on quality products delivered on time, and constant innovation to deliver greater value to our clients. We attempt to not just meet but exceed client expectations ,whether it is research or support for solving strategic business questions. Our customized research is much appreciated.
  6. 6. Engagement Model Trends Information Knowledge PREDICTIVE MODEL DATA Research Business Consultant Decision Asset We believe that Research and Business consultancy is interwoven to each other. They belong to the same value chain in business services industry. That's why we cover up and meet all the requirement of value chain to provide the effective solution under one roof.
  7. 7. Engagement Process…….. • CIS provides onshore engagement managers who are responsible for activities such as commercials, project management and the overall relationship, in collaboration with the Engagement stakeholder managers at the client side. Most engagement managers have several years of Managers industry and project management experience. • Depending on the size of the relationship, CIS provides dedicated project leads who are Project responsible for operations and delivery. Leads • CIS endeavors to provide trained and experienced team members/analysts on each client engagement. All CIS employees undergo rigorous, domain-specific training programme before Trained joining specific client teams. Majority of the team members are postgraduates/graduates from Team leading schools. Members • CIS senior management is also involved on key accounts on a regular basis and provides Senior governance oversight along with mentoring and thought leadership. Management Engagement
  8. 8. CIS takes utmost care in process management as we understand that offshore client-vendor relationships are sensitive and require critical management. Therefore, CIS has developed various process techniques to manage client relationships through transition, growth and steady states. Transition Process: CIS 1.Request has a proprietary submission Transition methodology for seamlessly executing the process of migrating Workflow knowledge, systems and Process: 2.Acknowledgem operating CIS has 4.Feedback ent and capabilities from developed its Feasibility the client site to own an CIS location. proprietary customizable workflow system. 3.Project processing and delivery
  9. 9. Besides being an excellent workflow management tool, the workflow system contains other features that enable…….. Knowledge Utilization Capacity SLA management reporting planning monitoring
  10. 10. Methods of operation Desk Research (Secondary) Field Research (Primary) We have a huge repository of books, Providing extensive value addition market and sector reports in our in- to the data sourced from our house library and subscribe to many secondary research is our capability key databases with access to listed in conducting rigorous email, and unlisted company information. telephone and face to face We also maintain a huge databank interviews with respondents. from our desk as well as field Effective use of interpreters is made research. CIS also maintains a panel for interviews in non-English of experts in addition to our own speaking markets. resources who provide ready insights and guidance in some We also depend on our projects and topics. interviewing skills to create a network of respondents, partners, agents, etc. with who we engage in meaningful discussions, proposing a win-win proposition with them.
  11. 11. Management 1.We are professionally managed organization. Team consisting from various background with adequate hands on experience in domestic as well as international operations. 2.Relatively we are new entrant in the market as an organization but team member got the enough experience to meet the cutting-edge demand of the industry.
  12. 12. Clients  Financial Services Firms  Large Corporations  Investment Management Firms  Investment Banks  Research Agencies  Research and Business Consulting firms  Start Ups  Foreign universities  Government bodies
  13. 13. PRACTICES……… We help our clients stay ahead of competition with its innovative market research reports on different segment .Our research reports will Emerging provide intelligence inputs & Market market mapping strategic insights into the products, study technologies and market segments Product driving industry growth. With Company information profiling search legacy of tracking market, channel partners and competition along with strong database that provides unmatched market grasp, has Market Primary resulted in these innovative and Survey research research unique research reports offering intelligence on aspects like Market potential, competition tracking reports etc. These reports are based on actual data & intelligence.
  14. 14. PRACTICES……………… Business decision-makers now a days face a tremendous challenges & opportunities. Factors like Global competition, market maturity ,market potential and others - accelerate the pace of business and drive Industry continuous, unpredictable change. In order analysis to leverage opportunities, one need access to Benchmark Geo- current, accurate and actionable inputs and Analysis Political knowledge for both strategic decision and Reports analysis making as well as day to day knowledge processes. As an emerging research & consultancy services provider, we specializes in rapidly and cost effectively capturing & Market Business Feasibility analyzing of data and transforming it into Intelligence Research study & etc actionable inputs that drives insight for a knowledge intensive Business world, which enhances their understanding on market potential, market trends, end user buying patterns and intentions etc.
  15. 15. PRACTICES………. We analyze the financial data to better understand the underlying factors influencing the financial results. Carry out a detailed analysis of costs to identify their source by business units, Portfolio Economic geography, vendor etc. Depending analysis for Research upon the nature of PE players opportunity (i.e,product introduction, market expansion, partnership, acquisition etc) conduct due diligence Making Investment to understand the underlying facts Business analysis & related to organization are considering Plan etc .For a new acqusition,identify profile Financial and evaluate prospective business research partners worldwide. Improve the understanding of potential areas of collaboration and develop all mandatory financial requirement of the company.
  16. 16. Consultancy We help corporations unearth revenue maximization opportunities by identifying new growth or business opportunities in the form of new markets, new customers, new products, new partners, new businesses, new Strategic Business investments or expansion or help them consultant Plan validate a business decision. We conduct detailed market estimation exercise to help our clients quantify the opportunity and risks and also define Market priorities for execution so that they can Turnaround Entry quickly seize the opportunity. We also strategy Strategy help clients derive maximum business opportunities from existing business relationship. We make all these happen by using proprietary analytical Sales and framework to help our clients take an Promotion objective decision on strategic issues.
  17. 17. Contact us:- William nagar, plot no-27 New sanghvi,Near Aundh, Pune- 410017. Ph :- +91- 020-32405891 Cell:- +91-9860491961 Website:- ………………………..