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MPS Technologies offers software solutions that are focused at making e-content and digital delivery processes more efficient, yet tangible. As one of the leading players in the publishing industry, our extensive knowledge and expertise is reflected in the ways that we address the unique challenges of the industry. We work in close tandem with the clients and our solutions are flexible enough to be customized to meet your specific requirements

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MPS Technologies

  1. 1. MPS Technologies Software Company for Publishers 1
  2. 2. Agenda • Service Portfolio • Custom Development • Publishing Workflow Management • MPST Platform • MPSTrak • ScholarStor • ContentStore • MPS Insight • Q&A 2
  3. 3. MPS Technologies Services Areas of Expertise: Workflow Management Solutions Business Rules Management Solutions Repository Consolidation Integration, API Development Content Indexing Analytics Content Hosting Platforms MPST Platforms Platform Development Custom Applications Dev Solution Hosting (24x7 support) Application Maintenance Technology Stack .Net, Java,J2EE, PHP, Perl Struts, Hibernate, Spring MySql, SQL Server, Marklogic ,MongoDB, Cassandra Solr, Lucene Alfresco, Documentum, Jahia BIRT, Crystal, JASPER 3
  4. 4. Services Examples  Custom services to higher education book publishers  Editorial system for medical code books for continuous updates for a leading publisher  New workflow management solution for production process for books, journals, and reference works  Online hosting of eBooks for leading publishers  Online content usage analytics 4
  5. 5. MPST Custom Development 5
  6. 6. Custom Application Services “Our philosophy focuses on enabling customers to achieve strategic control while releasing internal IT bandwidth to focus on strategic initiatives with a partnering approach.” Application development/re-engineering/integration Application portfolio optimization Application management and support Application user interface design and cloud enablement SOA, working on legacy applications Independent verification and validation Business intelligence Migration services 6
  7. 7. Custom Development Approach Agile Methodology Onsite Requirement Gathering Integration ,System Testing I,II, UAT Test Case Preparation and Review Analysis and Design, UI Prototype Full Scale Construction with Unit Testing Pilot/Live Release RSM, HLD, LLD, Wireframes, Test Cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Defect Sheet, Release Document, Weekly/Monthly Status reports. 7
  8. 8. MPST TCoE 8
  9. 9. MPST Workflow Management System 9
  10. 10. Key Challenges for Publishers  Maintain multiple workflow tracking systems  Maintain status transparency across enterprise and vendor systems  Integration with different systems  Remove redundancy between systems  Real-time article workflow status updates from supplier systems  Reduce time taken in the publishing workflow process 10
  11. 11. MPS Workflow Management End to End Workflow Management Workflow Management Agility • Getting work to the right person •Providing context for the work •Auto alerts •Automatically attaches relevant SLA, conditions to work items, setting clear deadlines •Overdue tasks action plan •Guiding in Execution of work •Permission Management •Dashboards and Reporting •Business drives business change •Manages business rules •Data models, users roles, user interfaces •Workflow creation, configuration •Predefined workflow templates 11
  12. 12. Workflow Management System  Tracking at any level of content with predefined workflow templates  Hierarchical projects and tasks  Reusable workflows, sub-workflows  Actionable Insight with auto alerts- Real time dashboards and reporting  Workflows can be created, configured– Put change in hand of business  Adapt in Real time - Metadata based business rules  Getting work to the right person - Task assignments and reassignments  Access Control List for permission management  Separation of concern at every stage ensuring plug and play model  Scalable and Extendable 12
  13. 13. MPSTrak- Publishing Workflow Management Customer quotes….. “The efficiencies and time savings that ManeyTrack (publisher branded version of MPS Trak) has introduced to my department are very significant. Production editors can focus on the quality of content, customer service and faster publication; Samantha Green Head of Production, Maney Publishing “Over the past decade I have been involved in the development of journal tracking systems as publishers realised their importance to the smooth running and development of journal programs. On viewing Journal Track, I was impressed to discover that they have managed to build on the existing services to develop a truly intuitive system which is powerful in its functionality, yet elegantly designed and easy to interpret. It will be an invaluable resource for both in-house and external editors in the efficient operation of journal management in the digital age. Congratulations.” Dr John Jarvis formerly Senior Vice President of Wiley Europe “ The system is very intuitive and covers most of our requirements of a Production Tracking System. This will surely help us reduce the operational costs and providing more transparency to authors, editors, and typesetters. Emerald Group Publishing UK Publisher 13
  14. 14. MPSTrak Business Architecture 14
  15. 15. MPSTrak New Components  Messenger ( Real Time) • Interact with Suppliers • Interact with Freelancers • Interact with Production Editors  Correspondence Module • Chase Authors for source files, permissions • Correspondence with Authors for proofing • Correspondence with Suppliers for any production work • Files attachment in correspondence mails • Recording incoming mails from external servers  Budget and Estimation • Calculate manufacturing costs based on defined scales • Integration with finance and order processing systems 15
  16. 16. ScholarStor – Online Hosting Platform 16
  17. 17. ScholarStor Overview  Hosting platform for different types of content like Journal, Books, and Reference Works  Next generation platform for scholarly publishing ,focusing on empowering publishers to self manage their online content and make it available to readers on all channels  Multilingual, publisher branded, and mobile compatible platform  Increased content discoverability and search-ability  Support for digital first and open access business models  Integration with online content usage measurement module for COUNTER and publisher reports 17
  18. 18. ScholarStor Business Architecture 18
  19. 19. ScholarStor Key Features  Hosting of different types of content like Journals, Books, and Reference Works with mobile compatibility  Highly intuitive publisher branded multi lingual user interface with reflow able design for mobile devices  Seamless access to content for individual and institutional users with highly scalable architecture  Enables digital first publishing and support for open access  Multiple business models for user authentication and authorization  User Management, Content Management, Subscription Management, and Quality Management work modules 19
  20. 20. ScholarStor Key Features contd…  Provides Publishers with editorial control for customizations/changes  Additional avenues for earning revenue for the publisher like advertising, e-distribution, commission from e-retailers etc  Discoverable content through major search engines and distribute the content for sale and indexing  Reporting on different aspects of content usage, consumers and sales for making business decisions and analyzing trends  Availability of COUNTER 4 and publisher sales reports 20
  21. 21. MPS Content Store: Online Hosting for Books 21
  22. 22. ContentStore Overview  Comprehensive eBook delivery solution for publishers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, universities, and libraries enabling almost instant implementation of online eBook store  Enables content conversion, hosting, showcasing, marketing and distributing ( sales and lending) through multiple channels  Extensive central administrative panel for e-Content delivery  Integrated e-Commerce model for driving sales of content in both print and online formats platform management and 22
  23. 23. ContentStore Business Architecture Marketing Widgets COUNTER Compliant Usage Statistics Conversion Engine Publisher, Vendor & Supplier For Individuals & Libraries • Content Management • Metadata Upload (ONIX, XLS, NLM) • Search • Manage Pricing Lending Books Social Media Integration CS DRM Services MPS Insight Distribution Engine Mobile Compatible Platform Instant Book Store e-Commerce e-Fulfillment Services Retailer Site(s) 23
  24. 24. Key Features  Sale/Lending to individual Customers and Libraries  Browse Inside (variety of formats and tools for Online Reading) Reference Sites  Indexing and Search (including Advanced Search)  Ecommerce (using payment gateway of your choice), Rentals & Bank transfers  Print on demand  Custom publishing component  Mobile compatibility  Available for all type of users including libraries and corporations  Marketing Area (for Trials, Promotions, News and Blogs)  DRM and Dynamic water marking 24
  25. 25. Key Features contd…. Variable access including IP-based, User based, Proxy Server, Referral Access, Athens Login Distribute ebooks to popular distributors Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Follett, and Overdrive Authors site with self publishing capabilities Social Media :Enable users to discuss and share content on the most visited social networks, facebook, twitter.. Get more traffic with the most popular sharing platform, Counter Usage Statistics : Publishers can harvest usage statistics required by the libraries and institutions that subscribe to their content providing COUNTER compliant reports 25
  26. 26. MPSInsight- Counter and Publisher Reports 26
  27. 27. MPSInsight - More than just COUNTER statistics …“We have been working with MPS Technologies since 2008… They have always been helpful in supporting the standard product as well as with any ad-hoc, non standard requests. We would recommend their product, MPS Insight, to other publishers” -Eddie Bates Global eProduct Development Manager Springer, US …”Project COUNTER aims to define and evolve the standards for usage data reporting so that libraries can be assured that usage from different publishers is measured and reported in a standard way. Our aim is to have as many publishers and vendors compliant with COUNTER to help us achieve this goal. We welcome initiatives such as the MPS Insight service from MPS Technologies as a way to help more publishers become COUNTER compliant “ - Peter Shepherd, Director of Project COUNTER 27
  28. 28. Overview • MPS Insight delivers more than just COUNTER compliant usage reports • Providing COUNTER 4 reports • We provide insight and usage intelligence for journals, e-books, and databases via client branded interface • Provide publishers with custom reports that help in new acquisitions and retain existing business • Provide SUSHI implementation • More than 100 QA checks for reports reliability • Hosted service with 99.99% availability • Report Types •COUNTER Reports •Sales Reports •Site Level Publisher Reports •Custom Reports •Data Analysis Reports Single Sign-on with publisher library interface 28
  29. 29. Publisher Reports Sr# Publisher Report Report Description Publishers are able to… 1 Highest_Accessing_Institutions_monthly Usage of highest accessing Institutions by month 2 Journal/eBook_Usage_by_Month_All_Institutions/All Articles accessed per month for each journal by all Compare the relative usage of different delivery channels Aggregate data for customers using multiple delivery channels by all users Users institutions or 3 Referrals_Report Top sites referring traffic Identify optimal product mix – new products and subscription packagesyour site per month Learn more about genuine usage patterns 4 Site_Summary_Report_Monthly, Weekly, all users, all Usage metrics for entire site usage Journals Increase average user value 5 Top_Internal_Search_Terms Improve conversion rates of market trials 6 High_IP_Usage_Report Top search terms entered into your site's search pages Usage of highest accessing IP addresses to help Develop marketing strategies for less/most popular content monitor content abuse detect and 7 Highest_Accessing_Institutions Provide data to customers in a format they want Usage of highest accessing Institutions by day Study cause of decline in usage and take necessary actions 8 Top_Full_Text_Articles_Accessed_by_Journal Most Accessed Full Text Articles in either HTML or PDF format by All Users 9 Journal/eBook_Usage_by_Month_All_Mobile_Institut ions, Users Articles accessed per month for each journal on mobile device. 10 Journal_Subscribed__Open_Access_and_Attempted _Usage_by_Month_All_Institutions Usage of Successful Full Text Article Requests by Month and Journal for All Institutional Users 29
  30. 30. THANK YOU Please feel free to contact us for demos or queries at: 30