How To Make Your Portfolio Website Attractive For Web Design Service


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This publication provides brief guidelines for making a unique portfolio website for grasping the attention of prospective clients and increasing the online publicity.

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How To Make Your Portfolio Website Attractive For Web Design Service

  1. 1. Web design, Web design portfolio, Web development, Web design portfolio, Web design review How to make your portfolio website attractive for web design service Now-a-days there is a lot of competitions in the web development sectors. In order to keep ahead in the competition and to turn the general clients into prospective buyer you have to make your portfolio website most attractive and appealing. Your portfolio website will be a symbol of yourself, be a mock-up of your work, and offer clients a means to get in touch with you. One should maintain the following guidelines for making his/her portfolio website appealing to the prospective clients. Unique logo – You should give a professional prominent logo in your website that may include your company name or very short description about your business like website design/website development etc. Alternatively you may also use ‘Alt’ tag. Don’t use any clip art or fancy script in your logo. Attractive tagline/headline – You may use some taglines/headlines in your website as the 80% of your visitors will see your headlines initially before entering your site. The tag lines will provide vital information about your service and performance indicating what makes you different among other competitors in the market. The text in the tag line should be brief and relevant so that it can grasp the attention of the prospective clients and compel them to stay in your site. Good portfolio or Samples of your work – Create a detailed portfolio of your completed projects as prospective clients will quickly glimpse at your site and if nothing grasps their attention, they will bounce out. Brief overview of your services – Provide detailed description about the normal & specialized services you offer as the client can easily select you if your service meets client’s requirements. Break up your total services into different segments as much as possible. The term ‘Web development’ is used in a broad way that may includes Flash design, HTML, Java Script, different kinds of programming languages like PHP, MySQL etc., CMS web design, OS-commerce Solutions, Logo design, Banner design ….many more. So don’t inform your clients just saying you only provide web development services. If you specialize in designing for certain type of clients, you must indicate it by saying "specializing in OS commerce Solutions for those who want to sell their products online". About you page – In about us page, try to give personal information about yourself or about your company’s activities so that the clients get some clear pictures before the project handover. Personal information may include your background, your location, how many years you've been in the business, your skills etc. Also don’t forget to include your picture - this allows them to see with whom they are actually deal with and builds trust. This is the place where you can show off any awards and recognition you have earned regarding your service. This will add a great value to your service.
  2. 2. Contact page - This is the most vital page on your website. If you overlook this page without giving proper location and contact details the client will find it difficult to contact you if the client requires your services. Include all the probable options you want to be contacted, such as phone, email address, instant messenger, fax, skype etc. Your contact page may increase your revenue to a great extent. Testimonials – Give some reviews of the clients with whom you have worked previously and successfully completed their projects. These reviews will create good testimonials for work and add reliability on your performance. Increase the interest of your visitors to take the plunge – If any visitors visit your site, your intention will be to get a quotation from that visitors, the visitor contact you for more information or the visitor leave his/her contact details. The greatest possible way to acquire their information is to offer something in return. You can offer the client the following opportunities:- • You can provide the client a downloadable document through online • You can send the client a free newsletter containing most updated news, article, blogs, technical papers etc. • You can generate a report on how to keep away from web developer scam artists • You can also show him a case study of a website that you developed and how much the business' income increased The above procedures will help you to increase your trustworthiness and enhance the possibilities for making a deal with clients in near future. Reference : ctl=1711DAD:DAB3AA2CBDAF7FF36FE5741BAE0C2AC3F451BC3E26002119& Summary: This publication provides brief guidelines for making a unique portfolio website for grasping the attention of prospective clients and increasing the online publicity. Company Information: Global Associates, based in India, the IT hotbed of the world, provide specialized outsourcing services in Website Design and Web Application Development for clients across all industries and geographies. Contact Information GLOBAL ASSOCIATES P-100, Block-A, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal INDIA 700 089 Phone : +91 (33) 2521 8508 Mobile : +91 98301 70858 Website : Email :