Easy process for modeling a house with Sketchup
The sketchup is a tool with easy interference that anybody can build any s...
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Easy process for creating a house with sketchup


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This publication provides great assistance to create a house model with sketchup tool.

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Easy process for creating a house with sketchup

  1. 1. Easy process for modeling a house with Sketchup The sketchup is a tool with easy interference that anybody can build any standard house design with no much effort. By applying sketchup one can also redesign the kitchen and envisage furniture placement in your house. Before starting the work make an outline for the floor plan. It is best to draw a outline on the graph paper as Graph paper is consist of 1/4" inch boxes which is ideal for drawing to scale. Each 1/4" inch box will symbolize 1 square foot. Make a measurement including dimension & thickness of outside and inside wall of your house. Also measure the height of the each wall. You can use the line and rectangular tools to create the walls. Then you have to offset from the footprint and form the wall thickness from the footprint by applying the Push/Pull tool and Offset tool. If you want to add some extra features to your house like apply some texture, paint the walls & roof, decorate the surroundings, put windows and doors, put furniture etc – Go to window menu and select components then you will get access of various design elements. You can also select material menu to get a range of things that can be applied to your sketch. You can use Paint Bucket tool ("B") for painting of your wall. The Paint Bucket tool mechanically opens the Components window. Choose the color or texture you wish to apply and click the surface where they will be applied. You are able to modify the shade by clicking the Edit tab in the Components window. With the free version of Sketchup one can get access of the large default library to give a photo realistic view of your house. Choose Get More from the Components window to avail more components. Here you will find a web page to download extra components freely. You can also select SketchUp's 3D Warehouse or LandscapeForms.com for getting an extensive list of user-created components. You can also add some landscaping to your house by selecting landscaping from the components window. You can drag trees and plants into your design. An optimal technique to put in landscaping is to alter your camera view to top. This will produce an aerial viewpoint and permit optimal control of the landscaping. You can use the extrusion tool to pull the roof across the house After completing you can upload it on Google Earth as a 3d model or as a 2d graphic so that everybody can see it. References: http://www.bukisa.com/articles/30835_how-to-build-your-house-in-sketchup http://www.slideshare.net/tobeywhat/building-a-house-in-sketchup Summary: This publication shows how Sketchup 3D modeling software can provide a great assistance and resource for the welfare of people suffering with autism spectrum disorders. Company Information: Global Associates has been providing sketchup services throught UK, USA, Canada and Australia for 2 years. Our services can be beneficial for furniture design, visual communication, google earth, interior design, landscape drawing, mechanical services, medical drawing and model development. Contact Address P-100, Block-A, Lake Town Kolkata, India, Zip-700089 Phone - +91(033)2521-8508 Toll Free – 866-493-4944 Website : www.sketchuplibrary.com Email: enquiry@sketchuplibrary.com