Sri Rama Jayam Journal


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Sri Rama Jayam Journal

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  2. 2. ஸ்ரீ ராம ஜெயம்Sri Rama Jayam
  3. 3. Benefits of writing Sri Rama JayamWriting Sri Rama Jayam is called Likitha Jap- Writing Meditation. This gives one a complete sense of surrender to aninner conscience and peace while writing the golden words. All the senses are engaged in the service of lord.• You can write this in any language of your choice. It is the connecting chords with the divine and your inner self.• It is believed that a calmness engulfs as one indulges in writing the Sri Rama Jayam bringing in more clarity of mind,tolerance and strength to withstand obstacles in life• The mantra forms an unending stream of bliss and a inner noise proclaiming that the Universe is just expanding giving inmore opportunities and prosperity.• As you write this mantra – in small measures, every day, as and when possible, with due respect, it makes everythingelse of life’s needs fall in place automatically., just like a miracle of nature guiding its forces. You may not get what youwant but it will purify things and bring to you in a refined way.• The mythological references states that the name of Rama is more strong and divine than the Lord Rama himself.• Vedas tell that as the sun dispels the darkness, the chanting of Rama Nama dispels all evil and obstacles of life. It is away of liberation and salvation of human suffering.• When you think, that all roads are blocked to walk away from day to day problems, writing ‘Sri Ram Ram Ram’ gives youthe most needed clarity of thoughts to find away out of odd situations• Preserve the completed books carefully and donate them to temple. These books are preserved some devotees forhumanity benefit.• Ramacharitra Manas, Vibhishana Gita the divinity of Rama Nama japa. It is called a writing tapas
  4. 4. • A selfless and non-expectation while writing gives you more happiness and potential than expecting something writing.For you are a god’s child, and God knows what you want and will give you what you are destined for and deserve. Youdon’t need to ask God for anything.• Hindu way of living is seeing humanity in everything around. Writing Rama Jayam gives you a inner awakening towardsto human mind, being kind , calm and serene.• The act of writing Ram Naam is important and keep his thoughts while doing so, is more important than the script,language or number., though for all longevity of the process a number in mind is planned while making a start• Devotion of service of life and its varied forms is devotion to God. So there is no right or wrong way of writing this. Thevery thought and process to write is a connection with god and finds a inner meaning.• It is a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual upliftment. The chanting of Ram Mantra protects you with divineflow of energy transforming a balanced progressing your materialistic well being and spiritual wellness.• It dissolves all other sounds with its vibration and create acoustic silence.• Ram is the beej mantra of Manipur chakra. this Manipur chakra is the psychic centre of human body where Sanchitkarmasare stored. Ram nam writing helps to clean those karmas. It also helps to release suppressed emotions, negativesamskaras from subconscious mind and unresolved issues of past.• It creates dharana shakti in you which is far more powerful than normal forced concentration. It also helps in naturalcontrol of bad habits through sense withdrawal.
  5. 5. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  6. 6. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  7. 7. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  8. 8. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  9. 9. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  10. 10. Origin of the Sri Rama Mantra Stand on the sandy bed of the river and with folded handsSwami Sivananda Saraswati repeat the mantra Om Sri Rama Jaya Rama Jaya Jaya Rama. I assure you, nothing will affect you."Once upon a time, Sri Rama was seated in his council hall atAyodhya after his return from Lanka. At the time, Deva Rishi Narada, The next day dawned. Hanuman went to the Sarayu beforeVishwamitra, Vashishtha and many others were present to give some sunrise, bathed and with folded hands repeated the Lordsimportant counsel to the king. name as instructed by Rishi Narada. In the morning crowds of citizens came to witness the ordeal through which HanumanWhile discussing religious topics, Sage Narada said, "I request all of had to pass. Sri Rama stood at a considerable distance fromyou present here to give your considered opinion in the matter as to Hanuman, looked at his servant with pity and most unwillinglywhether the Lords Name (Nama) or the Lord Himself (Nami) is began to shower arrows on him. Not one could hurt Hanuman.superior." A heated discussion ensued. The assembly was not able to All day arrows were rained on him but with no effect. Sri Ramacome to a definite conclusion. In the end Narada gave his verdict, even used the terrible missiles with which he had killed"Certainly Nama is superior to Nami. I shall prove it now with a Kumbhakarna and other great rakshasas in the battlefield. Atconcrete example before the assembly disperses.“ last Sri Rama took his Brahmastra, the unfailing missile. Hanuman repeated the mantra loudly with intense bhava andNarada then called Hanuman to his side and said, "O mighty hero, self-surrender to the Lord. He stood smiling at Sri Rama.when you salute all the rishis and Sri Rama, do not salute Everyone was struck with wonder and exclaimed Jaya Jaya toVishwamitra. He is only a Raja Rishi. He does not deserve equal Hanuman.treatment and respect." Hanuman agreed. When the time of salutationcame Hanuman prostrated before all the sages except Sage At this juncture Narada went to Vishwamitra and said, "O sage!Vishwamitra. Control your anger. Sri Rama is tired now. The various arrows could not do anything to Hanuman. What does it matter even ifThen Narada said to Vishwamitra, "O great rishi! Look at the Hanuman did not salute you? Save Rama from this struggle.impertinence of Hanuman. He has made salutations to everyone in You have now understood the glory of Sri Ramas name."this assembly except you. You must punish him for this. Mark how Vishwamitra was moved by these words and stopped Ramaproud and arrogant he is." from killing Hanuman with the Brahmastra. Hanuman came and fell at the feet of his master and saluted Vishwamitra forVishwamitra, aflame with rage, said to Sri Rama, "O king, I have been his kindness. Vishwamitra was very pleased and blessedseriously insulted by your servant Hanuman in the presence of these Hanuman, praising his devotion to Sri Rama.great rishis. Therefore, he deserves death at your hands beforesunset tomorrow." Sri Rama had to obey Vishwamitra as he was his Sri Narada first gave this mantra to Hanuman when the latterguru. At the same time Sri Rama was in a fix because he had to kill was in great danger. So, O beloved aspirants, you also whohis faithful servant with his own hand. But he could not help it. are burnt by the flames of samsara may repeat this mantra and obtain emancipationHanuman too was very agitated. He went to Narada and said, "Odivine sage, save me. Lord Rama will kill me tomorrow. I actedaccording to your advice. What shall I do now?" Narada said, "OHanuman, never despair. Do as I tell you. Get up early in the morningat Brahmamuhurta. Bath in the Sarayu river.
  11. 11. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  12. 12. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  13. 13. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  14. 14. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  15. 15. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  16. 16. According to mythology, Saneeswara got trapped When Saneeswara approached Hanumanby Hanuman once when the latter was on the who was returning from the Himalayashunt for the life-saving sanjeevani herb to revive carrying the hills which contained theLakshmana who was grievously hit by deadly required herb to revive Lakshmana, and triedweaponry from Indrajith, son of the demon kind to catch him, the clever Hanuman caughtRavana, in the war. Earlier, Ravana had taken hold of him unawares and put him under hisaway Sita from Rama to his native kingdom in Sri feet instead. The wailing Saneeswara had noLanka. And Rama and his brother Lakshmana option except to accept the conditions ofwere at war with Ravana. It was under this Hanuman – that Saneewara should not harmcircumstance that Hanuman set out to get the those who worshipped Lord Rama as well asherb. Ravana’s rajguru Sukracharya came to him.know about this and wanted to prevent Hanuman The story has been glorified in a temple infrom getting the herb since once Lakshmana was Ambur in Vellore district which dates back torevived, he would eliminate the demon race. He centuries. The 11-foot idol of Hanumanadvised Ravana to release Saneeswara who was carved out of hard black stone hasunder the control of the demon (all the nine Saneeswara under his foot.planets were also under the control of Ravanathen) to go and stop Hanuman.
  17. 17. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  18. 18. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  19. 19. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  20. 20. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  21. 21. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  22. 22. Shri Ramakrishna Parahamsa has referred to Bhakti as:“Do you think gods name is simple? There is no difference between god and his name.Sathya Bhama placed all her jewels and ornaments in a weighing machine to counterbalance theweight of Lord Shri Krishna. But she failed.However,Rukmani just wrote Lord Shri Krishna name on the leaves of Tulsi and placed in theweighing balance.What a surprise! It was equal to Lord Shri Krishnas weight. Whoever sheds a tear from their eyesimmediately after hearing the gods name,it will their last birth."
  23. 23. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  24. 24. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  25. 25. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  26. 26. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  27. 27. Write Sri Rama Jayam ( 108 times)
  28. 28. Names of Hanumanji :Hanumanji holds a mace(ghada) in his hand as sign of bravery and as a sign of hisdevotion he holds picture of Sri Rama and Sita in his chest as the pinnacle of devotion(Bhakthi) .His names includes Maha-veera, Maruthi, Hanumantha, Anjaneya, Vayu-putra, PavanaSutha,Pavana kumar, Bhagaranga Bali, Kesari Nandana, Anajna Putra, Sankata-Mochana (destroyer of hurdles and sorrows) .Hanuman is one of Chiranjeeva’s of a Hinduism which Sitaji blessed him and listen topeople chanting Lord Rama’s name. So in Ramayana it is said that ; wherever Rama’sname chanting there will be Lord Hanumanji crying tears with joy and remove all thesorrows and demons.
  29. 29. Shirdi Saibaba’s Respect and Love for Lord Hanuman (Maruti is also calledAnjaneyar in Tamilnadu)Once it was raining in Shirdi. Sai used to stay in the Hanuman Mandhir near byDwarakamai . Rain water kept falling from the roof to platform (floor) where Sai used to sitbut Saibaba continued to be there. A man asked him to go to the upper platform whereHanuman was also there. Sai told him:“We must not be in equal position of Maruti.”This incident so beautifully explains Sai always considered himself as Servant of God andhis immense love and respect for Lord Hanuman.