Impacting the Buying Process Via Effective Lead Nurturing


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Rajesh Kadam, Principal at Growth Fusion Inc. presents -
Every business attempts to drive revenue by increasing sales and improving their marketing strategies. But, how do you sustain this goal without scaring away prospects? According to recent statistics, more than 60% prospects today do not talk to sales until they are at the purchase end of the demand funnel. In this webinar we will present how to accelerate the buying process by moving prospects through a structured buying cycle by setting up an effective nurture strategy.

You will learn:
- Nurturing best practices
- Five different types of nurturing
- Programs for different stages of the buyer life-cycle
- Actual nurturing examples in an automation system

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Impacting the Buying Process Via Effective Lead Nurturing

  1. 1. Impacting the Buying ProcessVia Effective Lead NurturingDraw Prospects InLead Nurturing Best PracticesAccelerate the Buying Process©2013 GrowthFusion
  2. 2. Agenda• Why Do Nurturing?• Nurture Basics• Five Different Types of Nurturing• Programs for Different Buyer Life-Cycle Stages• Nurturing Best Practices• Nurturing Examples in an Automation System2©2013 GrowthFusion
  3. 3. Market Research3©2013 GrowthFusion• 84% of qualified leads are not ready to buy- Aberdeen Group• Companies that excel at lead nurturing– Generate 50% more sales-ready leads– At 33% lower CPL- Forrester Research• Nurturing reduces the percent of marketing-generatedleads that are ignored by sales from as high as 80% to aslow as 25%- Demand Gen Report
  4. 4. More Research4©2013 GrowthFusion• Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in salesopportunities over non-nurtured leads• Marketing generated leads experienced an incremental of7% of win rates and a decrease of 6% points of “nodecisions” rates- Demand Gen Report• Nearly 80% of marketing leads never convert into sales.Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poorperformance- Marketing Sherpa
  5. 5. Lift in Business PipelineBaseline Measurement Difference vs. ControlPipeline Value +19%Number of Opportunities +14%Average Opportunity Size +3%Opportunities Won +25%5©2013 GrowthFusionDun & Bradstreet achieved strides and quick wins withlead nurturing. Year over year opportunity experienced a3-11% lift in new business pipeline after 6 months,comparing the companys nurtured customers to a controlgroup.
  6. 6. Goals of Lead Nurturing6©2013 GrowthFusionDriven by Systems, Schedules and ProgrammedGuidelines:• Accelerate the Sales Process by Moving Prospectsthrough a Structured Buying Cycle• Keep Your Company/Solution Top-of-Mind• Reveal Your Benefits in Serialized Sound-Bites• Capture Qualification Profiles• Measure and Increase the Prospect’s Interest
  7. 7. Nurture Basics• Common Mistakes• Key Elements:‒ Segmenting‒ Customer Nurturing‒ Being Customer-Focused‒ Progressive Profiling7©2013 GrowthFusion
  8. 8. Lead Nurturing Success• Understanding Your Buyer• What Motivates Your Buyer?• The Ideal User Experience• Define Your Nurture Program• Automate Communications8©2013 GrowthFusion
  9. 9. Lead Nurturing Basics9©2013 GrowthFusion ref: Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? Bryan & Jeffrey EisenbergStart NurtureStep 1NurtureStep 2NurtureStep 3ConversionGoalStart Conversion GoalMacro ActionMicro Action
  10. 10. Nurture Best Practices• Start Simply• Look for Opportunity to Automate• Build and Send a Progressive Message– From Awareness to Close• Carefully Manage Exclusions• Measure Effectiveness©2013 GrowthFusion 10
  11. 11. Types of Lead Nurturing• Welcome Campaign• Educational Campaign• Accelerating Campaign• Loyalty/Retention Campaign11©2013 GrowthFusion
  12. 12. Welcome Campaign• Introduce Brand• Reiterate Subscription Benefits• Spell Out Next Step• Opt-in to Something Else12©2013 GrowthFusion
  13. 13. Educational Campaign• Engage to Further Profile Prospect• Educate About Value Proposition• Educate and Get Leads Ready to Talk to Sales13©2013 GrowthFusion
  14. 14. Accelerating Campaign• Remove Roadblocks• Speed Purchase Decisions• Provide Decision Tools14©2013 GrowthFusion
  15. 15. Loyalty and Retention• Reiterate Customer/Company Relationship Benefits• Seek Feedback• Tips/Tricks to Get Most Out of Product15©2013 GrowthFusion
  16. 16. Demand Funnel©2013 GrowthFusion 16Source: Marketo
  17. 17. Nurture Assets17©2013 GrowthFusionCTAsIndustry ReportsPodcasts andPresentationsWhitepapers, Datasheets
  18. 18. Wide Demand Funnel18©2013 GrowthFusion ref: - Demand WaterfallCLOSED/WONBUSINESS Total number of handraisers Unique metrics for current customers Definition through sales/marketing SLA Marketing deems ready for handoff Basic qualification tenets met Sales agrees to work leads Opportunity identified Now part of pipeline Booked revenue IDs topline contributionSALESQUALIFIEDLEADS(SQL)SALESACCEPTEDLEADS(SAL)MARKETINGQUALIFIEDLEADS(MQL)INQUIRIESNurture to EducateNurture to ConnectSalesNurture to RecycleNurture to LostBusinessNurture to Onboard/Upsell
  19. 19. Marketo Example©2013 GrowthFusion 19Level One
  20. 20. Marketo Nurture©2013 GrowthFusion 20Level Two
  21. 21. Marketo Nurture©2013 GrowthFusion 21Level Three
  22. 22. Nurture Advantage… When Pushed All The Way Through the Channel• Cost Per Lead Reduced by 30%• Lead volume Increased by 40%• Partner Participation Increased by 80%* This was based on an analysis of two customersusing channel marketing automation.©2013 GrowthFusion 22
  23. 23. Contact: Rajesh More: growthfusion.comFollow Us:©2013 GrowthFusion
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