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Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
Ideas in Education
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Ideas in Education


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  • 1. DISRUPTING CLASS: BLUE OCEAN THINKING IN EDUCATION Rajesh Jain, netCORE Solutions Pvt Ltd. [email_address]
  • 2. Think Blue Ocean Strategy
    • Reconstruct Market Boundaries
    • Uncontested Market Spaces
    • Make the Competition Irrelevant
    • Create and Capture New Demand
    • Pursue Differentiation and Low-cost
    • Think Disruptive Innovations
  • 3. Disruptions create Opportunities
    • Mobile (as Magic Lamp): 3G
    • Broadband Internet
    • Social Media
    • Education: a National Priority
    • Government Involvement and Investment
    • Digital
    • External
  • 4. New Opportunities
    • Use of Mobile and Net
      • New Customer Acquisition
      • Existing Customer Relationships
        • Lifetime Connect
      • Service Delivery
    • New Needs for Same Audience
    • Downstream
      • Schools (K-12)
    • Upstream
      • University
    • Incremental: Improve What Works
    • Blue Ocean: Rethink the Market
  • 5. Improving What is Working: Processes and Products
    • Make mobile an integral part of all processes
    • Complement in-class delivery with Video
    • Bring in social connections among students
    • Widen base of offerings to 17-21 year-olds via a 3D Learning system
    • Newer ways of teaching and learning
  • 6. Digital Communication Strategy at All Stages of Customer Lifecycle Advocate Loyal Customer Customer Non-Customer
  • 7. 3D Learning System: Wider, Deeper, Longer
    • Growing offerings along all three dimensions
      • A wider choice means that the set of disciplines and subjects is higher. Compared to the past, the set of careers and jobs have increased. Education has to reflect this change and prepare the students appropriately.
      • Choice along the depth dimension means that one can choose to learn a subject as deeply as desired.
      • Choice along the length dimension means that one can choose how when and for how long to learn -- including life-long learning.
    • The 3D expansion of choice is enabled by two things
      • advancements in information technology (hardware and software)
      • the accumulation of multimedia content
    • Thus the supply side of the 3D expansion is available. The demand side is latent and has to be stimulated. In a way, people have to be made aware of the expansion of choice along 3D. That requires some degree of marketing, advertising and selling to the public. 
  • 8. Newer Ways of Teaching and Learning
    • Move from the Formal to the Informal Sector for Education
      • Think of Education as a service that people buy not just from traditional schools and colleges but from out there in the cloud. This is the informal sector but it can also be called the "modern" as opposed to the "traditional" sector.
    • Just-in-time Learning
      • The problems one has to solve are often novel to oneself and require learning new things. 3D learning systems make just in time learning practical and effective. 
    • Learning from the crowd
      • There are hundreds of millions of people who keep solving problems and the set of solutions increases with time. This stock of solutions is potentially accessible and easily searched. One does not have to reinvent these solutions. 
  • 9. Rethinking Schooling at a Massive Scale in India
  • 10. New Ideas for School Education
    • Rethink Teaching in the Google Era
    • “ Learn to Learn”
    • 1:1 Education
    • Learning Gym
    • Classroom-in-a-Box
    • Next-Gen School
    • New Education System
  • 11. Rethinking University Education for Growing Numbers End the University as We Know It - New York Times op-ed (Mark Taylor, April 26, 2009)
  • 12. New Ideas for University Education
    • Focus on Employability
      • Concept of "Finishing Schools" to be included as part of formal education format.
    • Get Vocational Education to be granted mainstream status to ensure the above
    • Focus on research and innovation in order to create large-scale manufacturing opportunities to engage vast semi-skilled labour force
    • Continued Learning via Online Universities
      • Curriculum structured like a web or complex adaptive network with multi-disciplinary linkages
  • 13. Summary: Project GO (Global+Online)
    • Think of New Market Creation Opportunities
    • Current Business Lines: Use Digital, 3D, New Ideas to Improve
    • School Education: Online + Franchisees (first complement the classroom, and then replace it)
    • University Education: Online + Focus Changes (Employability, R&D)