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List of abbreviations the onlinegk

  1. 1. Free GK Alerts SMS - JOIN OnlineGK to 9870807070 com List of Abbreviations AADCP ASEAN Australia Development Cooperation AADCP ASEAN Aquaculture Development and Coordinating Programme AADCP-RPS ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Programme Regional Partnership ss. Scheme AAECP ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme AAF ASEAN Automotive Federation AAM ASEAN Airlines Meeting pre AAPSIP ASEAN-Australia Postharvest System Improvement Programme AARNET ASEAN-AVRDC Regional Network for Vegetable Research and Development AASROC Asian-African Sub-Regional Organizations Conference ABAC ASEAN Business Advisory Council ord ABAPAST Advisory Body on ASEAN Plan of Action on Science and Technology ABASF Advisory Body of the ASEAN Science Fund ABF ASEAN Business Forum ACBC ASEAN – China Business Council ACBC AFTA – CER Business Council ACCICG ACCORD K.w AFTA-CER CEP Implementation and Coordination Group ASEAN and China Cooperative Operations in Response to Dangerous Drugs ACCSM ASEAN Conference on Civil Service Matters ACCSQ ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality ACCTC ASEAN Coordinators of Customs Training Centre neG ACDM ASEAN Committee on DIsaster Management ACE ASEAN Centre for Energy ACE ASEAN Committee on Education ACECA ASEAN-Canada Economic Cooperation Agreement ACEDAC ASEAN Centre for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives ACF ASEAN Cultural Fund nli ACFTA ASEAN-China Free Trade Area ACJCC ASEAN-China Joint Cooperation Committee ACP ASEAN Cooperation Plan ACSOC ASEAN-China Senior Officials Consultation heO ACTC ASEAN Center for Combating Transnational Crime ACTD ASEAN Common Technical Dossiers ACTS ASEAN Cargo Transport Study ACTRs ASEAN Common Technical Requirements ACTT ASEAN Communication Team for Tourism ACW ASEAN Committee on Women w.T ACWGDC ASEAN-China Working Group on Development Cooperation ADB ASEAN Development Bank ADCF ASEAN Development Cooperation Forum ADCG ASEAN Datacom Coordinating Group ADGICM ASEAN Directors-General of Immigration Departments and Consular Affairs Division ww ADPC ASEAN Agriculture Development Planning Centre ADPC ASIAN Disaster Preparedness Centre
  2. 2. comAEBF ASEAN Energy Business ForumAEC ASEAN Economic CommunityAEEAP ASEAN Environmental Education Action PlanAEEMTRC ASEAN-EC Energy Management Training and Research CentreAEG ASEAN Experts Group ss.AEGCD ASEAN Expert Group on Communicable DiseasesAEGDM ASEAN Expert Group on Disaster ManagementAEGFS Adhoc Expert Group on Food SafetyAEGM ASEAN Experts Group on Minerals preAEIC ASEAN Earthquake Information CentreAEM ASEAN Economic Ministers’ MeetingAEMC ASEAN-European Community Management CentreAEMEC ASEAN Economic Ministers on Energy CooperationAEMM ASEAN-European Union Ministerial Meeting ordAENRIC ASEAN Environmental and Natural Resources Information CentreAEP ASEAN Environmental PartnershipAERISRP ASEAN Plus Three Emerging and Resurging Infections Surveillance and Response ProgrammeAERR ASEAN Emergency Rice ReserveAEYAFAFAS ASEAN Environment Year ASEAN Foundation K.w ASEAN Framework Agreement on ServicesAFC ASEAN Food ConferenceAFDM ASEAN Finance and Central Bank DeputiesAFDM-WG ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies Working Group neGAFEEC ASEAN Forum on Energy and Efficiency and ConservationAFF ASEAN Fisheries FederationAFFA ASEAN Federation of Forwarders AssociationAFHB ASEAN Food Handling BureauAFMA ASEAN Federation of Mining AssociationsAFMM ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting nliAFOC ASEAN Forum on CoalAFPIC ASEAN Forest Product Industry ClubAFPHTC ASEAN Fisheries Postharvest Technology CentresAFSIS ASEAN Food Security Information System heOAFSRB ASEAN Food Security Reserve BoardAFTA ASEAN Free Trade AreaAFTEX ASEAN Federation of Textile IndustriesAGBEP ASEAN Business/Economic Graduate ProgrammeAHEWS ASEAN Agricultural Hazards Early Warning SystemAHIA ASEAN Heads of Investment Agencies w.TAHMM ASEAN Health Ministers MeetingAHRN Asian Harm Reduction NetworkAHPISA Animal Health and Production Information System in ASEANAHPR ASEAN Declaration on Heritage Parks and ReservesAHSOM ASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices Meeting wwAHTN ASEAN Harmonised Tariff NomenclatureAIA ASEAN Investment Area
  3. 3. comAIBC ASEAN-India Business CouncilAIC ASEAN Insurance CommisionerAICO ASEAN Industrial Cooperation SchemeAIDA ASEAN-India Digital Archive ProjectAIDAB Australian International Development Assistance Board ss.AIFM ASEAN Institute Forest ManagementAIFOCOM ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Organization Fact Finding Committee to Combat the Drug MenaceAIELTF ASEAN-India Economic Linkage Task force preAII ASEAN Information InfrastructureAIJSCC ASEAN-India joint Sectoral Cooperation CommitteeAIJV ASEAN Industrial Joint VentureAIMS ASEAN Interconnection Masterplan StudyAIPA ASEAN Intellectual Property Association ordAIPO ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary OrganizationAIR ASEAN Investment ReportAIRM ASEAN Insurance Regulators MeetingAIT ASEAN Institute of TechnologyAITRI ASEAN Insurance Regulators MeetingAJCCEPAJCEPAJCEPEG K.w ASEAN-Japan Committee on Comprehensive Economic Partnership ASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership ASEAN-Japan Closer Economic Partnership Expert GroupAJCGM ASEAN-Japan Consultative Group MeetingAJDF ASEAN-Japan Development FundAJSTD ASEAN Journal for Science and Technology Development neGAJUT ASEAN-Japan Urban TransportationAKECOP ASEAN-Korea Environment CooperationALIA ASEAN Legal Information AuthorityALMM ASEAN Labour Ministers MeetingAMAF ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Agriculture and ForestryAMBDC ASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation nliAMCA ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and ArtsAMC Australian Managing ContractorAMCs ASEAN Member CountriesAMEICC AEM-MITI Economic and Industrial Cooperation committee heOAMEM ASEAN Ministers on Energy MeetingAMG Alliance for Mutual GrowthAMM ASEAN Ministerial MeetingAMME ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on the EnvironmentAMMH ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on HazeAMMTC ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Transnational Crime w.TAMMST ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Science and TechnologyAMO ASEAN Macroeconomic OutlookAMRDPE ASEAN Ministers on Rural Development and Poverty EradicationAMRI ASEAN Ministers Responsible for InformationAMRI-TWC ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Information Technical Working Group wwAMRSW ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Social WelfareAMSAT Australian Marince Science and Technology Pty. Limited
  4. 4. comAMST ASEAN Ministers for Science and TechnologyANDIN ASEAN Newsletter on Disaster Management Information NetworkANEX ASEAN News ExchangeANWRA ASEAN Network of Water Resource AgenciesANZEC ASEAN-New Zealand Economic Cooperation Programme ss.ANZCERTA Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade AgreementANZECP ASEAN-New Zealand Economic Cooperation ProgrammeANZJMC ASEAN-New Zealand Joint Management CommitteeAONBS Asia-Oceania Network on Biological Science preAPAA ASEAN Port Authorities AssociationAPAEC ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy CooperationAPCASO Asia Pacific Council on AIDS Service OrganizationAPBSD ASEAN Policy Blueprint for SME DevelopmentAPCS ASEAN Promotional Centre on Information, Culture and Tourism in Seoul ordAPCTs ASEAN Promotional Chapters for TourismAPDRTC ASEAN Poultry Disease Research and Training CenterAPEC Asia Pacific Economic CooperationAPERC Asia Pacific Energy Research CentreAPHCN ASEAN Plant Helath Cooperation NetworkAPJSCCAPRISAPRTC K.w ASEAN-Pakistan Joint Sectoral Cooperation Committee ASEAN Project for Regional Integration Support ASEAN Poultry Research and Training CentreARC ASEAN Research CentreARCBC ASEAN Regional Centre for Biodiversity ConservationARCSTC ASEAN-Russia Commission on Scientific and Technological Cooperation neGARDCMR ASEAN Regional Development Centre for Mineral ResourcesARF ASEAN Regional ForumARF ISM CT ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Meeting on Counter Terrorism andTC Transnational CrimeARISPA ASEAN ISP AssociationARIX ASEAN Regional Internet Exchange nliARPDM ASEAN Regional Programme in Disaster ManagementARWGTEC ASEAN Russia Working Group on Trade, Economic CooperationARYDEC ASEAN Rural Youth Development CentreASAP AIDS Society of Asia Pacific heOASAP ASEAN Services Access PlatformASC ASEAN Security CommunityASC ASEAN Standing CommitteeASCC ASEAN Socio-cultural CommunityASCHN ASEAN Sub-Committee on Health and NutritionASCLA ASEAN Sub-Committee on Labour Affairs w.TASCOE ASEAN Sub-Committee on EducationASCOPE ASEAN Council on PetroleumASCU ASEAN Surveillance Coordinating UnitASEAN CCI ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and IndustryASEANTA ASEAN Tourism Association wwASEM ASEAN Europe MeetingASEP ASEAN Subregional Environment Programme
  5. 5. comASF ASEAN Science FundASFOM ASEAN Senior Finance Officials MeetingASITF ASEAN Shrimp Industry Task ForceASLOM ASEAN Senior Labour Officials MeetingASLOM ASEAN Senior Law Officials Meeting ss.ASMC ASEAN Specialized Meteorological CentreASNEM ASEAN Network for Environment ManagementASNET-RESED ASEAN Network for Rapid Exchange of Strong Earthquake DataASOD ASEAN Senior Officials on Drugs preASOEN ASEAN Senior Officials on the EnvironmentASOF ASEAN Senior Officials on ForestryASOMM ASEAN Senior Official Meeting on MineralsASP ASEAN Surveillance ProcessASP-5 ASEAN Sub-Regional Programme for the Fifth Cycle ordASPEN ASEAN Strategic Plan of Action on the EnvironmentASTICK ASEAN Science and Technology Community for Innovation, Competitiveness and KnowledgeASTNET ASEAN Science and Technology Information NetworkASTU ASEAN Surveillance Technical Support UnitASTWASWASWGFi ASEAN Sub-Committee on Women K.w ASEAN Science and Technology Week ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on FisheriesASWGL ASEAN Sectoral Working Group on LivestockASY ASEAN Sub-Committee on YouthASQP ASEAN Standards and Quality Programme neGATC ASEAN Traffic ControlATF ASEAN Tourism ForumATFI ASEAN Tourism ForumATFOA ASEAN Task Force on AIDSATFSSN ASEAN Task Force on Social Safety NetATIC ASEAN Tourism Information Centre nliATM ASEAN Transport MinistersATRC ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ CouncilATS Amphetamine-Type StimulantsATTC ASEAN Timber Technology Centre heOATTEN ASEAN Tourism Training and Education NetworkAUN ASEAN University NetworkAUN BOT ASEAN University Network Board of TrusteeAUNILO ASEAN University Network Inter-Library OnlineAUNP ASEAN-EU University Network ProgrammeAUNQUANET ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance Network w.TAUSAID Australian Agency for International DevelopmentAVDRC ASEAN Vegetable Development and Research CenterAVIST ASEAN Virtual Institute of Science and TechnologyAVOC ASEAN Vegetable Oils ClubAWGASME ASEAN Working Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine Environment wwAWGATE ASEAN Working Group on Agriculture and Training ExtentionAWGCM ASEAN Working Group on Custom Matters
  6. 6. comAWGCME ASEAN Working Group on Coastal and Marine EnvironmentAWGEE ASEAN Working Group on Environmental EconomicsAWGEIPAE ASEAN Working Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and EducationAWGEM ASEAN Working Group on Environment Management ss.AWGMEA ASEAN Working Group on Multilateral Environment AgreementAWGNC ASEAN Working Group on Nature ConservationAWGNCB ASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation and BiodiversityAWGTCP ASEAN Working Group on Technical Cooperation in Pharmaceuticals preAWGTM ASEAN Working Group on Tax MattersAWGTP ASEAN Working Group on Transboundary PollutionAWP ASEAN Women’s ProgrammeAWPII ASEAN Work Programme on HIV/AIDS IIAYDM ASEAN Youth Day Meeting ordBAAIC Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial ComplementationBCJ Builders-Carpentry and JoineriesBFA Bilateral Payment ArrangementBBC Brand-to-Brand ComplementationBIMP-EAGA Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malysia-Philippines Aast ASEAN Growth AreaBISSBSACAAS Bilateral Swap Agreements K.w Biodiversity Information Sharing System China Academy of Agricultural SciencesCAMMY China-ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on YouthCARAM Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and MobilityCARD Centre for ASEAN Agriculture Research and Development Database neGCATC Civil Aviation Training CentreCCCA Coordinating Committee on the Implementation of the CEPT for AFTACCEC Coordinating Committee on Electronic CommerceCCFAC Codex Committee on Food Additives and ContaminantsCCFICS Codex Committee on Food Import and ExportCCFL Codex Committee on Food Labeling nliCCFO Codex Committee on Fats and OilsCCGP Codex Committee on General PrincipleCCI Chamber of Commerce and IndustryCCI Coordinating Committee on Investment heOCCS Coordinating Committe on ServicesCDC Cooper Development CenterCDM Clean Development MechanismCEDAW Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against WomanCEP Closer Economic partnershipCEPT Common Effective Preferential Tariff Scheme w.TCER Closer Economic RelationsCERTs Computer Emergency Response TeamsCGM Consultative Group MeetingsC&I Criteria and IndicatorsCIDA Canadian International Development Agency wwCITES Convention on International Trade Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  7. 7. comCLM Cambodia, Laos, MyanmarCLMV Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and VietnamCLP lassification, Labeling and PackagingCMI Chiang Mai InisiativeCNS/ATM Communication, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management ss.COCI Committee on Culture and InformationCOE Certificate of eligibiltiyCOFAB Committee on Finance and bankingCOFAF Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry preCOIME Committee on Industry, Minerals and EnergyCOP Conference of PartiesCOSD Committee on Social and DevelopmentCOST Committee on Science and TechnologyCOTAC Committee on Transportation and Communication ordCOTT Committee on Trade and TourismCPMS Cooperative Programme on Marine ScienceCRC Convention on the Right of ChildrenCRISP Center for Remote Imaging, Sensing and ProcessingCRM Customs Reforms and ModernisationCSUCTICZERMP Coordination and Support UnitK.w Committe on Trade and Investment Coastal Zone Environmental and Resources Management ProjectDGICM Directors-General of Immigration and Consular MattersDIPs Detailed Implementation PlansDOTS Directly-Observed Treatment, Short Course neGEAEC East Asia Economic CaucusEAEF EC-ASEAN Energy FacilityEAERR East Asia/ ASEAN Rice Reserve SystemEAF East Asian ForumEAI Enterprise for ASEAN IntegrationEASG East Asia Study Group nliEATF E-ASEAN Task ForceEAP-AP Environmental Assessment Programme for Asia and the PacificEAVG East Asia Vision GroupEAWG E-ASEAN Working Group heOEBU Europe Broadcasting UnionEC European CommissionECAP ASEAN-EC Patents and Trademarks SystemECCM Experts Committee on Custom MattersEC-IIP European Community International Investment PartnerECIP European Community Investment Partner Scheme w.TECO Economic Cooperation OrganizationECOPS Environmental Cooperation Project Steering COmmitteeECU European Currency UnionEDP Executive Development ProgrammeEE Environmental Education wwEE&C-SSN Energy Efficiency and Conservation-Subsector NetworkEG Expert Group
  8. 8. comEGAT Electricity Generating Authority of ThailandEGIM Experts Group Meeting on Immigration MattersEIB European Investment BankEIP Environmental Improvement ProjectEIPA European Institute of Public administration Programme ss.ELTO English Language Training for OfficialsEMC Electromagnetic CompatibilityEMTC Energy Management Training CoursesENRA Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting preEPG Eminent Persons GroupEPGG Energy Policy Governing GroupEPO European Patent OfficeEPSAP Energy Policy and System Analysis ProjectESA European Space Agency ordESC Environmentally Sustainable CitiesESCAP UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the PacificESSPA Energy Supply Security Planning in the ASEANEU European UnionEVSL Experts Group on early Voluntary Sectoral LiberalizationFAOFANSFASC Future Air Navigation System K.w Food and Agriculture Organization Federation of ASEAN Shippers CouncilsFASA Federation of ASEAN Shipowners’ AssociationFASID Japan Foundation for Advanced Studies on International DevelopmentFCG Fisheries Consultative Group neGFDI Foreign Direct InvestmentFDRS Fire Danger Rating SystemFDS Feasibility Design StageFGRID Forest Genetic Resource Information DatabaseFIFSTA Federation of International Food Science and Technology AssociationsFIQC Fish Inspection and Quality Control nliFMD Foot and Mouth DiseaseFOCPF Future-Orieted Cooperation Projects FundFPT Fish Product TechnologyFSDPs Full Scale Demonstration Projects heOFSMP Fire Supression Mobilization PlanGAP Good Agricultural PracticeGATS General Agreement on Trade in ServicesGATT General Agreement on Tariff and TradeGMOs Genetically Modified OrganismGMS Greater Mekong Subregion w.TGMP Good Manufacturing PracticesGRAs Genetic Reource AreasGRSP Global Road Safety PartnershipGSP General System of PreferenceHACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points wwHAPUA Heads of ASEAN Power Utilities / AuthoritiesHLTF High Level Task Force
  9. 9. comHONLEA Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement AgenciesHPA Hanoi Plan of ActionHPG Haze Prevention GroupHRD Human Resource DevelopmentHIV/AIDS Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ss.HRDM Human Resources Development and ManagementHS Harmonized SystemHTTF Haze Technical Task ForceIAEA International Atomic Energy Agency preIAECC India-ASEAN Economic Cooperation CommitteeIAI Initiative for ASEAN IntegrationIAPs Immediate Action PlansIATEP Inter-ASEAN Technical Exchange ProgrammeIBRS International Business Reply Services ordICAO Internation Civil Aviation OrganizationICGFI International Consultative Group on Food IrradiationICLARM International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources DevelopmentICMSF International Commission on Microbiological Specification for FoodsICP International Comparison ProgrammeICPMICTSDICT K.w International Committee on Phytosanitary Measures Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development Information and Communication TechnologyIDCF IAI Development Cooperation ForumIDEA Initiative for Development in East AsiaIDPAS Institutional Development for ASEAN Secretariat neGIEA International Energy AgencyIFIs International Financial InstitutionsIFF Intergovernmental Forum on ForestsIILP Inter-Institutional Linkages ProgrammeIIP International Investment PositionILO International Labour Organization nliILS Instrument Landing SystemILSI International Life Sciences InstituteIMF International Monetary FundIMT-GT Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle heOINTA International Trademark AssociationIOM Internation Organization for MigrationIP Intellectual PropertyIPD Information Preparation and DisseminationIPM Integrated Pest ManagementIPR Intellectual Property Rights w.TIRS Indian Remote SensingISEAS Institute of Southeast Asian StudiesISG-CBM Intersessional Support Group on Confidence-Building MeasuresISM-CTTC Inter-sessional Meeting on Counter-Terrorism and Transnational CrimeISRO Indian Space Research Organization wwISIS Institute of Strategic and International StudiesISO Inetrnational Standard Organization
  10. 10. comISP Internet Service ProviderISQAP Industrial Standards and Quality Assurance Programme (ASEAN-EC Programme)ITB Internationale Tourisme BourseITS Intelligent Transport System ss.ITTO International Tropical Timber OrganizationITWG Interim Technical Working GroupIUEP Integrated Urban Energy PlanningIWRM Integrated Water Resources Management preJACPP Japan-ASEAN Cooperation Promotion ProgrammeJAEP Japan-ASEAN Exchange ProjectJAFTA Japan-ASEAN Finance Technical AssistanceJAGEF Japan-ASEAN General Exchange FundJATA Japan Association of Travel Agents ordJBIC Japan Bank for International CooperationJCC Joint Consultative CommitteeJCM Joint Consultative MeetingJETRO Japanese Exetrnal Trade OrganisationJLSAP Joint Linkages Appraisal PanelJMCJPCJPC-SC Joint Management Committee Joint Planning Committee K.w Joint Planning Committee to the Sub-CommitteeJPMC Joint Planning and Monitoring CommitteeJPRC Joint Planning and Review CommitteJSTC Joint Science and Technology Committee neGKAIST Korean Advance Institute of Science and TechnologyKDI Korean Development InstituteKIET Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and TradeKMA Korean Metereology AdministrationKOICA Korea International Cooperation AgencyKOTFA Korean World Travel Fair nliKOTRA Korea Trade Promotion CorporationKNTC Korea National Tourism CorporationKRIBB Korean Research Institute of Bioscience and BiotechnologyLBI Legally Binding Instrument heOLCR Living Coastal ResourcesLINKS Legal Information Network SystemLTIIR Land Transport Infrastructure Integration RoadmapM-ATM Meeting of the ASEAN Tourism MinistersMBDS Mekong Basin Disease SurveilanceMC Management Committee w.TMCM Multinational Cultural MissionMEAs Multilateral Environment AgreementsMETI Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustriMFRD Marine Fisheries Research DepartmentMFN Most Favoured Nation wwMITI Ministry of International Trade and IndustryMLS Microwave Landing System
  11. 11. comMOU Memorandum of UnderstandingMRAs Mutual Recognition ArrangementsMRLs Maximum Residue LimitsMT-NIT Multimodal Transport and New Information TechnologyMU Ministerial Understanding ss.NACA Network of Aquaculture Centre in Asia and PacificNAFTA North American Free Trade AreaNASDA National Space Development AgencyNBRUs National Biodiversity Refernce Units preNCSW National Council on Social WelfareNECTEC National Electronics and Computer Technology CenterNERIC National Environment Resource Information CentersNFP National Forest ProgrammeNFPWG National Focal Point Working Group ordNGOs Non-Governmental OrganizationsNGUT Natural Gas Utilization in TransportNHAPs National Haze action PlansNIIs National Information InfrastructureNIIT National Institute of Information TechnologyNRSENTBsNTOs Non-Tariff Barriers K.w New and Renewable Sources of Energy ASEAN National Tourism OrganizationsNTTCCs National Transit Transprot Coordinating CommitteesNWS Nuclear Weapon StatesODA Official Development Assistance neGODS Ozone Depleting SubstancesOECD Organization for Economic Co-operation DevelopmentOHIM Office for Harmonization in the Internal MarketOIE Organisation Internationale des EpizooticsOPCV Overseas Project Corporation of VictoriaOSHNET ASEAN Occupational Safety and Health Network nliOWP Overall Working PlanPAC Project Advisory CommitteePAC Project Appraisal CommitteePCA Post Clearance Audit heOPCC Project Coordinating CommitteePDD Project Design DocumentPEM Policy Exchange MechanismPIDS Philippine Institute for Development StudiesPITO Private Investment Trade OpportunitiesPIWP Policy Implementation and work Programme w.TPLANTI Plant Quarantine and Training InstitutePLWHA People Living with HIV/AIDSPMC Post Ministerial ConferencesPOATC Program of Action in Transportation and CommunicationPOES Polar Orbiting Environment Satellite wwPRA Pest Risk AnalysisPRESSEA Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources in Southeast Asia
  12. 12. comPROMEEC Promotion of Energy Efficiency and ConservationPROSEA Plant Resources on Southeast AsiaPSC Project Steering CommitteePTA Preferential Trading ArrangementQASAF Quality Assurance Systems for ASEAN Fruits ss.QRs Quantitative RestrictionsRBAAIJV Revised Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial joint VenturesRCCRF Regionalization of the Code of Conduct for Responsible FisheriesRCICM Regional Training Course on Integrated COastal Management preRCP Research Priorities CommitteeR&D Research and DevelopmentRETA Regional Technical AssistanceRETA PMU RETA’s Project Management UnitRHAP Regional haze Action Plan ordROD Regional Ocean DynamicsROK Republic of KoreaROO Rules of OriginRPS Regional Partnership SchemeRTB Radio Television BruneiRTDRTPSAEI Regional Training Programme K.w Research and Technological Development Southeast Asian Environment InitiativeSAR Search and RescueSAREX Search and Rescue ExerciseSARS Severe Acute Respiration Syndrome neGSAARC South Asia Association for Regional CooperationSCB Sub-Committee on BiotechnologySCF Special Cooperation FundSCFST Sub-Committee on Food Science and TechnologySCIRD Sub-Committee on Science and Technology Infrastructure and Resources Development nliSCMG Sub-Committee on Meteorology and geophysicsSCMIT Sub-Committee on Microelectronics and Information TechnologySCMS Sub-Committee on Marine ScienceSCMST Sub-Committee on Materials Science and Technology heOSCNCER Sub-Committee on Non-Conventional Energy ResearchSCSTA Sub-Committee on Space Technology ApplicationSCOT Sub-Committee on TourismSDI Selective Dissemination of InformationSOE State of the EnvironmentSEAFDEC South East Asia Fisheries Development Centre w.TSEA HDR Southeast Asian Human Development ReportSEAMEO Southeast Asian Ministers on education OrganizationSEANWFZ Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapons Free ZoneSEOM Senior Economic Officials MeetingSMES Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises wwSOER State of the Environment ReportSFM Sustainable Forest Management
  13. 13. comSHS Sender-Keeper ManagementSKRL Singapore-Kunming Rail LinkSL Sensitive ListSLOA Suplementary Letters of AgreementSLOM Senior Labour Officials Meeting ss.SMCE Small and Medium-size Cultural Enterprise and IndustrySMEs Small and Medium enterprisesSMEWG SMEs Agencies Working GroupSOM Senior Officials Meeting preSOM-I Senior Officials Meeting on InvestmentSOME Senior Officials Meeting on EnergySOMEC Senior Officials Meeting on Energy CooperationSOME-METI Senior Officials Meeting on Energy – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ordSOMHD Senior Officials Meeting on Health DevelopmentSOMRDPE Senior Officials Meeting on Rural Development and Poverty EradicationSOMSWD Senior Officials Meeting Social Welfare and DevelopmentSOMTC Senior Officials Meeting on Transnational CrimeSOMTI Senior Officials Meeting on Trade and InvestmentSOMYSPAESPC K.w Senior Officials Meeting on Youth Strategic Plan of Action and the Environment South Pacific CommissionSPF South Pacific ForumSPS Sanitary and PhytosanitarySRCR Sub-Regional Climate Review neGSRFA Sub-Regional Firefighting ArrangementSSN Social Safety NetsS&T Science and TechnologySTOM Senior Transport Officials MeetingTAC Treaty of Amity and CooperationTAGP Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline Project nliTCDC Technical Cooperation Among Developing CountriesTEDI Trade Electronic Data InterchangeTEL Temporary Exclusion ListTELSOM Telecommunication Senior Officials Meeting heOTELMIN Telecommunication Ministers MeetingTEMIC Telecommunications Executive Management InstituteTFGR Transport Facilitation of Goods RoadmapTIFA Trade and Investment Framework AgreementTIPP Trade and Investment Promotion ProgrammeTISI Thai Industrial Standard Institute w.TTNC Trade Negotiating CommitteeTNG Trade Negotiating GroupTOR Terms of ReferenceTPAS Technology Promotion and Assistance ServicesTQMC Total Quality Management Control wwTREATI Trans-Regional EU-ASEAN Trade InitiativeTRIPs Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
  14. 14. comTROPMED Tropical Medicine and Public HealthTTCB Transit Transport Coordinating BoardTWG1 Technical Working Group on Standards and ConformanceTWG2 Technical Working Group on Conformity AssessmentTWG3 Technical Working Group on Testing, Calibration and Laboratory ss. AccreditationTQM Total Quality ManagementUAP Unprocessed Agricultural ProductsUNCSD United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development preUNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and DevelopmentUNDCP United Nations International Drug Control ProgrammeUNDESA United Nations Departments for Economic and Social AffairsUNDP United Nations Development ProgrammeUNEP United Nations Environmental Programme ordUNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationUNICEF United Nations International Children Education FundUN-ODC United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeUNTAET United Nations Transitional Administration in East TimorUNSD United Nations Statistics DivisionUS-AEPUS-EIPUSEPA K.w United States Asian Environmental Partnership United States Environmental Improvement Programme United States Environmental Protection AgencyUSTR United States Trade RepresentativeVAC Visit ASEAN CampaignVALENTE ASEAN Energy Database, Valorization of Energy Technology neGVAP Vientiane Action ProgrammeVAY Visit ASEAN Millenium YearWCAIA Working Committee on ASEAN Investment AreaWCT WIPO Copyright TreatiesWEC West-East CorridorWGABI Working Group on Agribusiness nliWGASME Working Group on ASEAN Seas and Marine EnvironmentWGEE Working Group on Environmental EconomicsWGEIPAE Working Group on Environmental Information, Public Awareness and Education heOWGEM Working Group on Environmental ManagementWGFDIS Working Group on Foreign Direct Investment StatisticsWGIC Working Group on Industrial CooperationWGIPC Working Group on Intelectual Property CooperationWGL Working Group on LivestockWGNC Working Group on Nature Conservation w.TWGTEC Working Group on Trade and EconomicWGTP Working Group on Transboundary PollutionWHO World Health OrganizationWIPO World Intellectual Property OrganizationWPPT WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty wwWSSD World Summit on Sustainable DevelopmentWTM World Travel Mart
  15. 15. comWTO World Trade OrganizationWWTTT-CPD Waste Water Treatment Technology Transfer and Cleaner Production DemonstrationZOPFAN Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality ss. pre Get Free GK Quiz on your mobile . send a sms Type JOIN OnlineGK to 9870807070 ord K.w neG nli heO w.T ww