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Surface computing,towards business technology
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Surface computing,towards business technology


This side will show Microsoft surface technology and how it can be implemented in business world,business aspects of implementation....

This side will show Microsoft surface technology and how it can be implemented in business world,business aspects of implementation....

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Mallina Rajesh NCET, Bengaluru. Nagarjuna College of Engineering & TechnologyDevanahalli , Taluk, Bengaluru-562110, Karnataka, India. 11 March 2011
  • 2. IntroductionEvery table is a computer.Surface Computing- unique user interface .No more keyboard and mouse.Eased the learning of interface NUI.Touch and feel of the objectes to the user.Instantly and continuously successful.
  • 3. Revolution in User Interface CLI GUI NUIHow simple we make to get the information ? ? ? ?
  • 4. • Natural User Interface.• Touch based user interface .• Direct interaction with computer using Gestures.• All with hands.• Multi-Touch .• Multi-User.• 360 degree UI.
  • 5. Surface feature’S
  • 6. Screen: Capable of processing multiple inputs from multiple users. Objects can also be recognized by their shapes or reading coded tags. Infrared camera: Infrared light is projected onto the underside of the diffuser. Objects or fingers are visible through the diffuser by series of infrared-sensitive cameras.CPU: This is similar to a regular desktop. The underlying operating system is amodified version of Microsoft Windows Vista.Projector: The Surface uses the same DLP light engine as in many rear-projection TV’s for HD .
  • 7. Camera with sensorthat pix up to ¼image of surface. Bright infrared LED which gives the information what’s going on surface.
  • 8. Common controls: Scatter view control: Surface window Surface button This will automatically SurfacePasswordBox control move, rotate, resize surfaceUserControl and enables 360 degree UITag visualizer control: Display the UI when user places a physical object on the surface .  Controls the motion of the tagged object.
  • 9. Surface ApplicationsWPF APIs Core API Shell UI & APIs Vision System Windows Integration Windows OS Surface Hardware & Drivers
  • 10. Existing Applications • Paint Touch enables up to four children toEntertainment draw, color, and erase their drawings as many times , photo sharing ,music , maps. • Microsoft Surface will provide shoppers at retail Retail stores stores with easy, instant access to information about their favorite mobile devices. • Microsoft Surface puts restaurants, hotels, Quick access shopping and theaters at your fingertips with maps. •With Microsoft Surface, order a beverage duringRestaurant Tables your meal with just the tap of a finger in hotels.
  • 11.  Done with Microsoft surface. Surface empower the Business Professionals by everything available at their finger tips. System would have custom built hardware E.g. CAD supported system for civil engineers. Integrating an application that controls the house electric appliances with wifi technology. A profession can save their work on cloud and open in another surface.
  • 12. •In a house hold system, husband can do his business work, wife can browse for cooking recipes, child coloring with a paint brush on an online coloring pages for kids. •All fingers and paint brush would be recognized at instance andHousehold design processed. •Interactive Teamwork: The multi- touch surface will encourage the small group of team work on surface and gives the optimum results . •The group of IT professionals with 3 to 4 members can design Software Engineering process on a single IT Surface surface.
  • 13.  Surface of 30-inch display screen. Windows operating system . Wireless and wired network card. IT solution system for developing new applications. Information like magazines ,online free gaming system owners. Important software’s can be installed on cloud server. BPO or online tech support.
  • 14. The four feature’s.The NUI, ease the earning of UI. Interactive teamwork, ease the software design process.Design new and improved version of system that suits for professional.Existence of technical support.Seamless- no wires or USB ports.
  • 15. Huge system not easily portable.Currently very costly $12,500.Problem with application may delay of work in IT companies.Security issues should be considered.Validating the system will be high.
  • 16. As the business point of view, each professionalhome computer and the IT companiesdiscussion rooms should be replaced by a multi-touch surface technology, so it will provide agreat deal of multiuser with multipleapplication, best idea sharing table for ITprofessionals with reduced paper work.
  • 17. Surface computing will be in any environments –school, businesses & home.However, technology is huge it can change the waymachine operates in the future.As for the companies , I would recommend looking atsome options to bring the cost down so that it can beused widely .