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  • Amazing photos! The inputs provided by u r also equally helpful. The stamina of kids really needs appreciation. Wonder how u take out time out of ur hectic schedule.
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  • 1. Good Morning! Trek to Khanderi Fort 16th Nov 2008
  • 2. Car Train Taxi Launch Auto walk Boat
  • 3. Small Creek Khanderi Underi Fort Fort
  • 4. Underi Khanderi Fort Fort
  • 5. Khanderi Fort
  • 6. Launch from Gateway of India (715AM)
  • 7. Gateway of India and Taj Hotel
  • 8. Yuvi, Hitesh, Soumya, Amar and Sandesh
  • 9. Hitesh, Soumya and Amar
  • 10. Early birds
  • 11. Sea Gulls shot by Aba Welcome to Birdwatchers Club
  • 12. Aba, Rajeev, Rujula and Yuvi
  • 13. Rujula feeling cold
  • 14. Mandava Jetty (Alibag) - After 45 min
  • 15. Mr. Babu Rane’s house for breakfast and lunch
  • 16. Alibag – Boss, yeh apun ka area hai …Sandesh
  • 17. Garam Garam Pohe
  • 18. One has to time the boating with this time table
  • 19. Trees on beach save land erosion and also from Tsunami
  • 20. Long walk to boat pick up point at Awas beach
  • 21. Boat can be seen on other side, bring brought to this shore
  • 22. Till the boat arrives…
  • 23. Soham with MoKa (Motha Kaka)
  • 24. Now I know, I can
  • 25. Fishing for breakfast?
  • 26. Inviting younger ones to water
  • 27. Hmmm, we are thinking.
  • 28. OK….we give it a try
  • 29. Its Sandesh and not ABA for a change (its Alibag, Boss) doing the stunts this time
  • 30. O Maazi Re….
  • 31. Trek Starts Category: Leisure Altitude diff: 0-5 ft
  • 32. Whats that?
  • 33. Chacha - Bhatija
  • 34. I AM LOVING IT.
  • 35. Khanderi Fort The Khanderi Fort is 3-4 km into the sea from Thai beach. The fort was built in the year 1678. The Fort stands on a small island. A lighthouse was constructed later on. The fort was under the British control for a long time. The various attempts made by the British to capture the island fort of Khanderi were not fruitful till the year 1750. The Fort was finally handed over to the British as part of the Peshwa territory. Today the Khanderi Fort is under Bombay Port trust administration. The fort can be visited in local boats with the permission of the Bombay port trust.
  • 36. After 1.5 hr of boating
  • 37. Shivaji’s Naval Commander
  • 38. Small jetty
  • 39. Sandesh is enjoying (?)
  • 40. Horizontal trek this time
  • 41. Vetaal Mandir –Firshermen’s Local God
  • 42. Around the Fort
  • 43. Cannons everywhere
  • 44. Fun time
  • 45. Soham enjoying a Cannon
  • 46. Yuvi’s replacement (without the Bak-Bak)
  • 47. Underi fort as seen from Khanderi Fort
  • 48. Hello
  • 49. Other side of the fort
  • 50. Waves hitting the walls of the fort
  • 51. There is a room here
  • 52. 2 BHK Flat with 24 hrs load shedding
  • 53. Small well for drinking water
  • 54. Size of the stones is too big
  • 55. The fallen walls of fort on the right side
  • 56. Sandesh facing the Cannon
  • 57. Looking back
  • 58. Opening in the fort wall to sea – Note the width
  • 59. Light House
  • 60. Mumbai Port Trust office (Entry restricted)
  • 61. A confused tree (where to grow?)
  • 62. The tree has grown horizontally (it’s not a fallen tree) Everything is Horizontal here
  • 63. Banyans have been called quot;trees that walk”.Roots become new trunks.
  • 64. A small Kabar
  • 65. Back to square one. The jetty and our boat can be seen here
  • 66. An apple for each one
  • 67. Nature
  • 68. Underi fort
  • 69. Soham is enjoying thoroughly.
  • 70. Kite on the beach shot by ABA
  • 71. Tired, us?
  • 72. Its 330 PM
  • 73. Lunch – Pomphret, Surmai and Prawns
  • 74. From Mandava to Gateway of India
  • 75. Everybody is tired
  • 76. DOSTANA
  • 77. Sea Gulls superbly shot by ABA
  • 78. Sea Gulls superbly shot by ABA
  • 79. Around 18 km into the sea from Mumbai’s east coast and 5 km from Alibaug, one of the twin scenic island forts Khanderi and Underi is now back into the state government fold after it was illegally sold by its caretakers nearly two years ago. The state has now officially declared the Underi Fort—that was sold at a paltry Rs 2 crore to a businessman—as a reserved monument. A little towards the north of Alibaug and just 300 meters from Khanderi fort, the Underi fort was built by Siddi Qasam Johar of Janjira in 1680 to defeat the Maratha who ruled Khanderi. In 1732, Sekhoji Angre first attacked this fort but Siddi temporarily handed it over to the British to save it from the Marathas. However, in 1759, the Marathas defeated the British and Siddi and won the fort. After an end to the Peshwa rule in 1818, it went to the British who later handed it over to India after Independence. The Khanderi was fortified by Shivaji in 1678-79 by building a wall along the entire perimeter of the island. In total ruin, there is a functional lighthouse. Khanderi is under the control of the Mumbai Port Trust. The beautiful twin forts of Alibaug are now being eyed as the next major tourist destination due the lush green beauty of the coast and its scenic surroundings.
  • 80. Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra