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  1. 1. कळसुबाई Elevation 1646 m (5400 ft) Kalsubai – Highest in Maharashtra Location Bhandardara
  2. 2. Kalsubai The highest peak in the world is Mount Everest. Likewise, Kalsubai is the highest peak in the  g p g p Sahyadris in Maharashtra. Kalsubai is the Everest of Maharashtra. To climb this Everest, you  need no climbing equipment. To climb this 4500 feet peak, it just takes one day for either a  Mumbaikar or a Punekar.  On the top of the peak is a small temple, which can seat at the most 3 people. The vastly spread  out backwaters of Bhandardara attracts ones attention from the top. On the north we see the  mountain range having forts like Ramsej, Achala, Ahivant, Saptashrungi, Markandya, Dhodap,  Rawlya , Jawlya and Koldher. To the east one can spot Aundh, Vishramgad, Alang, Madan,  Kulang, Matheran and Harishchandragad. There has, however, been a massive deforestation on  this mountain. One can spend around an hour on this peak before starting to descend back to  the village.  the village. To reach this peak there are various trekking routes and animal grazing tracks. The main route  however goes up from the village of Bari. This village is at a distance of around 6 km from  Bhandardara. To reach Bari, one has to reach Igatpuri i h M b i N ik Bh d d T hB i h hI i in the Mumbai ‐ Nasik route. From Igatpuri F I i take the early morning S.T. to Pune and alight at Bari. It takes 3 hours to reach the top from here.  There are three iron ladders along this route. You can reach the top and return back in around 5‐ y y g y g , 6 hours if you leave your sacks at the base village. As soon as you leave the village, u come  across a stream. Within a few minutes of crossing the stream you come across a temple.  The  route going from behind this temple takes us straight up to the top of the peak.
  3. 3. From Igatpuri/ Ghoti Bari B i
  4. 4. Well Kalsubai Temple p
  5. 5. Tea break at Ghoti - Anil, Yuvraj and Sandesh
  6. 6. From GHOTI Sinner
  7. 7. Rajeev
  8. 8. Sandesh and Rajeev
  9. 9. Sandesh, Rajeev and Yuvraj
  10. 10. Sandesh and Yuvraj
  11. 11. Typical House of a well-to-do farmer
  12. 12. Reached village Bari Anil, Sandesh, Yuvraj
  13. 13. A religeous function is going on in the village
  14. 14. Sandesh and Yuvraj mingle with the crowd
  15. 15. The Hanuman Temple - each village has one
  16. 16. Sandesh, Rajeev and Yuvraj
  17. 17. Kids from village
  18. 18. Winter night in a village hut Anil, Yuvraj and Sandesh
  19. 19. Good Night! Yuvraj, Anil, Rajeev and Sandesh
  20. 20. The Kalsubai Peak
  21. 21. Hut where we had our dinner and spent our night
  22. 22. Morning rituals in open air
  23. 23. V for Victory. What a relief!
  24. 24. Yuvraj fresh from good sleep
  25. 25. Garam Garam Pohe
  26. 26. The Vaini and her smart boy
  27. 27. Dev Anand would love this hair style
  28. 28. A Good Cuppa of Tea after Pohe
  29. 29. Ready to go. The hut owner is our guide.
  30. 30. Rajeev, Anil and Sandesh
  31. 31. Yuvraj
  32. 32. The First Iron Ladder - Anil
  33. 33. Sandesh
  34. 34. Yuvraj
  35. 35. Second Iron Ladder
  36. 36. Well at this height was a surprise. And there was Butter Milk. You have to taste it at that height to feel it...
  37. 37. And you thought the milk came from village
  38. 38. The Third Iron Ladder
  39. 39. The Kalsubai Temple at the top
  40. 40. Kalsubai - The Goddess
  41. 41. Sitting at a height of 5400 ft, the topmost point in Maharashtra
  42. 42. Yuvraj on highest point of Maharashtra - feeling like a King
  43. 43. Bhandardara lake Dam
  44. 44. Food brought by Yuvraj made by his sister and mother was always more than enough
  45. 45. At the Bhandardara Lake
  46. 46. Randha Waterfall
  47. 47. Un spoilt Un hurried Un touched Un confined Un expected Un conquered Un paralleled Un paralleled Un matched Un stressed Un stressed Un limited Standing as silent sentinels to history are the 350‐odd forts of Maharashtra. Beaten by  g y y the sea waves, lashed at by the torrential Deccan rains, or scorched in the blazing sun,  stand imposing ramparts and crumbling walls , the last lingering memories of  Maharashtra's martial times. Nowhere in the country would you encounter such a  profusion of forts. And such variety. Sited on an island, or guarding the seas or among  the Sahyadri hills, whose zig‐zag walls and rounded bastions sit like a scepter and  crown amidst hills turned mauve.