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This was the presentation made by me for connecting classroom project in U.K.

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Rajesh gupta4

  2. 2. Hoshangabad is one of the districts of Madhya Pradesh state of India, and Hoshangabad town is the districtheadquarters. The district takes its own name from the head quarters town Hoshangabad which was founded by"SULTAN HUSHANG SHAH GORI", the second king of
  3. 3. Pachmarhi: Pachmarhi is a hill stationis in theSatpura range of hills. It is situated in Pipariyatehsil. It is on the way of Piparia-Matkuli-Pachamrhi road, at a distance of 123 kms. fromdistrict head-quarter. It is connected with rail uptoPiparia railway station en-route of Hawrah-Mumbairail route. Pachamrhi is at a distance of about 52km. from Piparia railway station and 211 km. fromstate capital Bhopal. It is also known as "Queen ofSatpura" . By popular belief the name Pachmarhiis a derivation of Panch-Marhi or the five caves ofthe Pandava brothers. During the British regime,Pachmarhi was the summer capital of the CentralProvinces.
  4. 4. Boris Sanctuary: A small forest village in theextreme south of the Sohagpur tehsil, about 20km.west of Pachmarhi, has given its name to theoldest and most important rorest range inHoshangabad District. The Bori range extendsfrom the foot of the Pachmarhi hills to the Tawaand Denwa rivers, and produces some of thefinest teak wood and bamboos in the State. Othercommon trees in the Bori forest are Saj, Dhaoraand Tinsa. The Bori river which rises on the westface of Dhupgarh, is the principle tributary of theSanbhadra. A Wild Life Sanctuary, to be known asBori Sanctuary has been set up in the area ofabout 1200 sq.km. The Bori Sanctuary will beaccessible by rail and road from Bhopal.
  5. 5. Hoshangabad: It is a religious place due to holy riverNarmada. A thousands of pilgrims visited to this placefor sacred bath on the occasion of Makrasankranti,Mahasivaratri & all Amavasyas. A Sethani ghat is themost popular ghat for sacred bath. A crowed mela islikely to be organized in the winter season. Also theNarmada Jayanti is celebrated in the winter seasonand inaugurated by the Chief Minister or Minister of thestate. Thousand of pilgrims attend the NarmadaJayanti. Every year, a mela held in town on thesamadhi of Ramji Baba with an exhibition and itcontinues for a month. A lot of crowd come from thewhole district alongwith an adjacent districts.
  6. 6. There are 960 Primary Schools, 207Middle Schools, 69 Senior SecondarySchools and 9 Schools are operated byTribal Department. Many educationalinstitutions including the NarmadaMahaVidhyalaya (NMV) were establishedby prominent visionary late Pt. R LSharma. There are 11 Colleges and 1 isPolytechnic College. All the colleges areaffiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal.There is an office of Saksharta Programmewhich is running many literacy programs inthe district.
  7. 7. Coordinates22.75°N 77.72°E22.75°N 77.72°E / 22.75; 77.72Coordinates:22.75°N 77.72°E22.75°N 77.72°E / 22.75; 77.72Country IndiaStateMadhya PradeshDistrict(s)HoshangabadMLAPt. GirijaShanker SharmaPopulation97,357 (2001)Time zoneIST (UTC+5:30)Area
  8. 8. Hoshangabad is named after Sultan Hoshang Shah,second of the Ghori sultans of Malwa, who ruledfrom Mandu in the early fifteenth century. Itremained a relatively insignificant place till theBhopal conquest about 1720, when a massive stonefort was constructed, with its base on the river,commanding the Bhopal road. It sustained severalsieges during the 18th century, and passedalternately into the hands of the Bhopal and Nagpurrulers. after 1818 it became the residence of thechief British officials in charge of the district.
  9. 9. Hoshangabad— city —HoshangabadLocation of Hoshangabadin Madhya Pradesh and IndiaHoshangabad (Hindi:होशंगाबाद) is a city anda municipality in Hoshangabad district in theIndian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a cityin the central india region, located on thesouth bank of the Narmada River, and is theadministrative center of HoshangabadDistrict.
  10. 10. 1. Govt. Higher Secondary School Dolariya.2. Govt. S.N.G. Higher Secondary School Hoshangagbad.3. Govt. Middle School Bandrabhan.
  11. 11. Govt. Higher Secondary School Dolariya.This school is in Hoshangabad district it is25 km away from Hoshangabad city. It is a small village the main occupation of the villagers is farming. The main crop is wheat, rice and soybean. The principal of this school is Mr. Rajesh Gupta.
  12. 12. My school building is very old about 50 yearsold. Middle and higher secondary classes areconducted in this building in two shifts. Inmorning shift middle school classes (5th to8th) are conducted.The higher secondary classes (9th to 12th) areconducted in afternoon shift. In this buildingthere are 6 class room in which differentclasses are conducted .There are two bighalls , one staff room one library room and oneoffice room. We have a big play ground wherethe students play different games in theirgames period.
  13. 13. My school building is not very bigbut we have managed for thelibrary room where students passtheir free time and gain theknowledge from differentmagazines and news papers.Every year the students makeschool hand written magazine bycollecting information newsarticles. They also write their ownarticles and poems.
  14. 14. Every day the students recites school prayer inbeginning of school time they also recitesnational anthem after prayer. In this prayersession the students of different housesdelivers different type of news such as Sciencenews, Sports news. National news,International news and local news. Every dayone of the house teacher also delivers moralthought to the students. The students attachthe valuable latest information on the displayboard every day. All the student read theseinformation and get the knowledge aboutdifferent activities conducted in the school andlatest news all over the world.
  15. 15. There are 300 students in higher secondary section.This school is a co-ed school. There are about 200 girls& 100 boys. All the boys and girls come from differentvillages. The financial potions of the parents are veryweak. The government provides bicycles to the girls tocome to school. Although the financial condition andthe family back ground of the student is very weak thestudents are very laborious they comes schoolregularly.Last year class 12th result was 100% some student havegot distinction in different subject. There are faculties inthe school these are math science, bio, science andarts. In 9th the science faculties the students studyabout math, physics, chemistry and bio. In the artsfaculties they study about history, political science,economics, English language and mother language(Hindi) is common for all. The students play differentgames in school play ground like football, badminton,kabaddi etc.
  16. 16. There are 15 teachers in our school. Outof them 6 teachers are for higher sec.classes and other a teachers are forhigh school classes. All teachers arewell qualified and expert in thererelevant subjects. All teachers arepostgraduate. We have games teachersalso who trend the students for differentgames the student take parts in differentgames on district divisional and statelevel. Kabaddi is most popular game ofour school.
  17. 17. Mogli utsav- this is a competition in whichstudents of diff. classes participate in schoollevel through essay competition the selectedtwo students then take part on block levelessay writing competition based onenvironments and forest field. The studentswho are selected in this level take part inquiz competition on district level. Theselected two students one boy and one girlvisit any national forest which is organizedby the state govt. this year one student ofthis school name Swati Sahu of class -11th isselected for this visit probably she will visitat the end of this moth to Pench Abhyaranya(national forest). We also
  18. 18. We also celebrate Rangoli competition, Mehandicom, flower decoration, essay com, drawing comp.through out the year we also celebrate suryanamaskar on 12th Jan. every year on the birth dayof swami VivekanandaThis year we organized an educational tour. Forstudents and teachers we went Betul’s Balagipuramtemple on 6 Dec. 2010. 60 students and 15 teacherswent on this tour. The spot was 90 km away fromthe school so we all proceed by car and taxies. Wereached there at 1 pm. The Balajipuram is one ofthe educational, cultural and religious tourist spot.All the students enjoy a lot there. We came back at9pm at the night. It was a pleasant tour.
  19. 19. The result of higher sec. class of year2009-10 was 100% it was a really greatachievement for the school. Schoolprincipal Mr. Rajesh Gupta was awardedby the ministers and higher educationauthorities for this achievement onteacher’s day.School Principal Mr. Rajesh Gupta hasbeen selected by British Council for theeducational tour to London for connectingclass room project.
  20. 20. In the whole session schooladministration conduct differentexams like unit text, quarterly exam,half yearly exam, and pre-boardexam and finally the annual exam.Our session starts from 15 June andends on 15 April.
  21. 21. In the school all the students are divided inthree houses. These houses are Gandhihouse, Ambedkar house and Nehru house.The name of the houses is based on thegreat leader of India. These houses worksunder the supervision of house leaderteacher every house follows their duties forone week the house is responsible for all kindof discipline in the school they manage theschool prayer, school cleanliness, classroomdiscipline etc. Every year we organize sportsday. In which students of different housetakes part in different events according theirhouses.
  22. 22. .