Scinnovation in a nutshell


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How to create partnerships to commercialise & scale innovation

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Scinnovation in a nutshell

  1. 1. How can we help inscaling your innovationScinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Scaling Innovation Mumbai | Delhi
  2. 2. Who is Scinnovation• Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2005 (Registration no. 152823) is a consulting & professional services firm focused around “idea protection to commercialisation”• Executed a very prestigious project, ‘Knowledge Base for Scientists & Technologists of Indian origin’ for National Knowledge Commission (under PM office)Core Team: -• Rajeev Surana (Founder & Director) Registered Patent Attorney & Board Member, LES India chapter• Dr. A. S. Rao (Advisor & Shareholder) Director-Innovation, CIIE @ IIM-A• Dr. Shantaram Kane (Advisor & Shareholder) Adjunct Prof., IIT-B & organiser of Innovations Pune annual event
  3. 3. Whom does Scinnovation serveIncubators:• unLtd India, Mumbai• Malaviya Centre for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship, BHU, VaranasiAcademic & Research Institutes:• College of Engg. & Tech., Udaipur• Somaiya Group of Institutions, MumbaiIndividuals:• Industrial Designers• Garage Innovators• Grassroot Innovators
  4. 4. Who founded Scinnovation• RAJEEV SURANA, qualified as Chemical Engineer, Marketing MBA & Patent Agent (India Patent Office with reg. no. IN/PA/1703)• Board Member, Licensing Executive Society-India chapter• Headed Technology Transfer & Incubation scale-up at Villgro Innovations Foundation, Chennai from Sep-08 to Mar-11• Conceptualised a partnership platform, INNOHUB to create partnerships between Innovators & Entrepreneurs• Published an article in ‘Society for Technology Management’ Newsletter in Jan-09• Regularly conducts “IDEA2MARKET” Workshops (Head Start event, Bangalore,19 Apr-11 | IIT Bombay,26 Apr-11 | THE HUB,Mumbai,26-Apr-11)
  5. 5. How can Scinnovation help you in scaling your innovation• Scinnovation provides the following solutions: - - IDEA Protect Protecting technology & design ideas - IDEA Evaluate Evaluating a technology / idea for commercialisation - IDEA Roadmap Creating a Business Plan to take an idea to market - IDEA Deal Deal closing for Fund Raising / Industry Partnership - IDEA Incubate | IDEA Implement Turnkey project for setting up / managing an Incubator | Intellectual Property Cell - IDEA2MARKET Workshop Innovator Capacity Building Workshops
  6. 6. What does it take to SCALE an innovation• Start with “Consumption to Creation” value chain• Benchmark your technology / product / solution CHEAPER | BETTER | FASTER• Partner to make 1+1 = 11
  7. 7. Why Consumption to Creation?• British Petroleum identified that cooking was a major challenge faced by rural households. Their market research suggested that 3.6 billion people did not have access to safe & clean energy solution• Inefficient cooking stoves would produce a lot of smoke resulting in number of deaths• BP scouted for various technologies such as LPG, Hybrid Stove, Biomass stove with various Research Institutes, Entrepreneurs and settled for biomass technology developed by Indian Inst. of Science (IISc)• BP licensed the technology from IISc was a working prototype which required more further development
  8. 8. Why Consumption to Creation? (BP example contd.)• The technology was designed at generating gas & electricity hence there was a need to modify & develop it as per rural requirements• BP imported a machine for IISc which could be used in making various fuel formulations for said technology• IISc exclusively licensed the technology to BP and the lumpsum payment was arrived at after market study• About 5 lac units were sold within 2 years of launch
  9. 9. Why Consumption to Creation? (BP example contd.)• Product development took 2 years after which OORJA STOVE was launched in the market at an introductory price of Rs.675 in the year 2005• The technology was later transferred to First Energy Pvt. Ltd. (spun off from BP) which further developed & refined the product in terms of utility & design• The current cost of OORJA STOVE is about Rs.1000• Feedback from rural users that SMOKELESS stove is not good enough!!
  10. 10. Benchmark your offering• Under The Mango Tree (UTMT) is in the business of working with Farmers to use Honey Bee as an agriculture input, buying Honey directly from Farmers & NGOs and selling various varieties of Honey to it’s customer
  11. 11. Benchmark your offering• UTMT has positioned itself as an organisation which is ethical, provides linkage between Rural Producers & Urban Consumers and practices fair trade practice• UTMT sells a wide variety of Honey which are either from a single flora or a specific region (e.g.: Orange Blossom & Eucalyptus for single flora and Desert Bloom for specific region honey)
  12. 12. Benchmark your offering• UTMT Honey is perceived as PURE (better) offering the largest variety of Honey with atleast 7 varieties available at any point on shop shelves (better) and doing social good by supporting Farmers to take up Bee Keeping and helping them increase their incomes (better)
  13. 13. Make 1+1 = 11• Clearly articulate what kind of support you are looking at and what will you provide in return (financial | non- financial)• Identify and reach out to various players in the Innovation Ecosystem - Incubators (at various academic & research institutes) - Govt. schemes (TEPP, TREMAP, MSME etc.) - Angel Funders / Mentors (thro’ formal/informal networks) - Technology match making websites ( | |
  14. 14. Make 1+1 = 11 (contd.)• An Inventor, Chandrasekhar based in Coimbatore had developed an agri. equipment & started selling it on his own• The idea was to create a market, get customer feedback and then partner with an established Entrepreneur to realise potential of the product• Chandrasekhar got into a partnership with Southern Agro Equipment, Chennai for manufacturing & selling the machines
  15. 15. Make 1+1 = 11 (contd.)• Terms of partnership: -- Chandrasekhar would be involved with Southern Agro. As a Consultant & provide license to manufacture & sell the m/c- He would visit the Workshop 2-3 times a week to check production and address any teething problem- Chandrasekhar to get royalty of Rs.3000 for every machine sold- Cap on royalty to be paid to ensure further innovation from the Inventor
  16. 16. Finally, where can you find usWeb: www.scinnovation.inEmail: helpdesk@scinnovaton.inCall: 91-9819660525Linkedin | Skype: rajeevsuranaCorrespondence Add.: 1/18, Samrat Ashok CHS,7, R. R. Thakkar Marg, Malabar Hill,Mumbai 400050 (India).Work Add.: Regus Business Centre, Ismail Bldg.Grd. Floor, Flora Fountain, Mumbai 400001 (India)