EMR Advantages


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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are designed to improve patient care and enhance practice productivity. They offer many other advantages too as described in this article

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EMR Advantages

  1. 1. http://www.medicaltranscriptionservicecompany.com/ 1-800-670-2809 EMR Advantages The digital version of paper-based medical record, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) contains data related to patient encounters, lab tests, radiology tests and so on, captured or transcribed in the electronic format. EMRs also contain scanned images of paper documents and images of X-rays and scans. The deadline for EMR implementation is 2015. A structured and integrated method of collecting, preserving, retrieving, and sharing of a patient’s healthcare record, EMRs integrated with medical transcription are helping physicians improve patient care and productivity. Patient Advantages with EMR • As physicians can access patient information easily, EMR systems improve diagnosis and treatment which speeds up care • The system could easily track those patients lagging in preventive visits and screenings so that they can be sent timely reminders. • The patient’s medical data including vaccinations and blood pressure readings can be tracked easily
  2. 2. http://www.medicaltranscriptionservicecompany.com/ 1-800-670-2809 Advantages of EMR for the Medical Practitioner The benefits which a medical practice could come across when using the digital in-house version of patient’s medical information includes the following • The option to quickly transfer patient information from one department to another helps in timely diagnostic and treatment decisions • A digital records environment needed for storing paper charts • Reduces time-consuming operations such as chart-pulls reduces and the space labor-intensive • Accurate and complete records helps healthcare providers avoid mistakes and avoid malpractice risks • Reduces costs with organized flow of the patient cycle and shorter billing cycles and also saves time for other core administrative and clinical operations • With electronic data sharing, the chances for accidental alterations are reduced compared to hand-written or manually transferred files. This improves results management and patient care. • The practice could benefit from advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilities • Reduced issues of lost or misplaced patient files with advanced tracking systems
  3. 3. http://www.medicaltranscriptionservicecompany.com/ 1-800-670-2809 • Data can be tracked over time, enhancing the quality of care Electronic Medical Records or EMR ensure that patient healthcare information is communicated, shared and used more efficiently. HIPAA demands better, secure, comprehensive, and auditable medical records. Regardless of how useful EMR systems are, the best way to improve patient care and physician productivity is to integrate EMR with medical transcription solutions. Rather than focusing on data entry into the digital system, physicians can rely on dictation and get reports and notes transcribed by a professional medical transcription company. Affordable medical transcription services with feeds to EMR/EHR are available. Contact Us: Headquarters: 8596E.101stStreet,SuiteH Tulsa, OK 74133 Main:(800)6702809 Fax(877)835-5442 E-mail: info@managedoutsource.com