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Spiritual healing krsla content

  1. 1. Benefits of spiritual healingThere are numerous therapies to alleviate illness or difficulties in our lives. Spiritual healing is one of themost effective methods that treat both physical and mental illnesses. Allopathy is the most commonlyused method of curing disease today. However, the reasons behind many diseases are not completely un-derstood by Allopathy. Understanding the root cause of any disease is crucial for curing the disease com-pletely. It is important to understand why only some people get ill, where many others have an equalchance of falling sick. This limitation of modern medical science is overcome by spiritual therapy.Ancient therapies like Ayurveda stresses that the cause of a disease can be at three levels- physical, mentaland spiritual. The root cause of many diseases is spiritual in nature. The spiritual reasons can include yourdestiny and negative energies. Spiritual healing can help you get relief from ailments by attacking theroot cause. It is not possible for all to find out the spiritual reason behind the disease. Those who under-take spiritual practice can increase their energy level. You can take help from any of the spiritual healersto overcome your illness. They also help make your mind spiritually pure and encourage you to lead aselfless life so that you can attain ultimate peace of mind.Recognizing and accepting the presence of God is the vital aspect of spiritual healing. God offers an expe-rience of joy, security and tranquility. Healing through spiritual methods involves transmitting energyfrom the healer to you at the time you need it. The treatment is very effective, as it works on the body,mind and spirit and helps improve your overall health. You can get relief from mental and emotionalproblems as well as physical conditions with the help of spiritual therapy. The therapy makes use of sub-tle energy to make you feel comfortable.Spiritual healing can offer successful outcome, if you acknowledge that you have a problem and arehonest in your approach. Spiritual therapy shifts subtle energy patterns that obstruct the healthy function-ing of your life. Healing is directed to you and it can be sent to any type of beings or situations as well. Ifthe target for healing is more specific, the results will be more favorable. You need to understand thathealing is not counseling. Though counseling can be used as an aid, it cannot offer the entire benefits.Counseling can help change your thoughts and feelings, whereas healing shifts your energy patterns.Hence, overall change is possible in healing. It also accelerates recovery in a gentle manner.Many popular spiritual gurus and healers use prayer as an important method for spiritual healing. Visual-ization, channeling of spiritual helpers, channeling of spiritual energy, personal spiritual realization andpsychic abilities are also used in spiritual therapy to help you get relief from physical, emotional and spir-itual problems. The healer transfers the healing energy to you through his/her hands. Healing energy isavailable from a limitless source. Healers view the body, mind power and spirit as a single system and be-lieve that these three must work in harmony to maintain good health. They have the ability to make use ofthe power of healing to restore your balance on a whole. More often, illness starts in the mind or at thedeeper level of the spirit, so healing must begin there.Spiritual Gurus stress that there is a spiritual element contributing to all illnesses. Hence, it is advisable totake spiritual healing measures along with your regular treatment. It is a gentle non invasive therapy thathelps you get rid of your sickness. The healer channels the healing energy either by touching you directlyor from a few inches above your body. He/she helps you recognize your body’s own healing power. Spiri-tual therapy lasts from thirty minutes to one hour, depending upon the nature and severity of your prob-
  2. 2. lem. Many people get various sensations, such as heat, cold and tingling during the therapy. However, atthe end of a session, almost everyone feels greatly relaxed.Spiritual healing can offer plenty of benefits. It can help cure aches and pains, depression and stress.Many healers work in hospitals to help cancer patients, as spiritual therapy seems to make a difference tothe side effects of chemotherapy. Spiritual therapy also helps you discover more about the value of lead-ing a spiritual focused life. It is beneficial in improving relationships and boosting your emotional health.You can see the changes in your life after attending a few spiritual therapy sessions. It helps you developa deep relationship with the divine power, which provides you with a feeling of security. You can get ridof the feeling of loneliness with the help of spiritual therapy. It makes you believe that there is a sourcethat you can always use in times of difficulty. Feeling of security gives you a comfortable feel, which inturn keeps you stress free. Stress is one of the most important triggers of many ailments. Leading a stressfree life can help you keep many diseases at bay.Inadequate diet and negative attitude are some of the important factors that can affect your healing mech-anism. You can get sufficient energy in spiritual therapy sessions to get your healing mechanism back intoaction.Spiritual healing not only treats the illness, but it also helps you find out the reason behind the illness.Once you have found out the root cause, you can take steps to eliminate it completely. You can achievepeace of mind by getting rid of a problem altogether. Spiritual therapy helps you gain more trust in thedivine power, so you can acquire the ability to deal with any situations in life without fear or worry. Itboosts your self confidence, making you feel better.You can also learn how to give and receive unconditional love, which is the key to the success of any rela-tionship by attending spiritual healing sessions. You can begin to experience more joy in your life andhelp others be happy. Developing and maintaining emotional and spiritual health can help you make cleardecisions and solve problems with ease.Learn more at >>www.SilvaMindBodyHealing.com