Parallel universe theory fatima majeed


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Parallel universe theory fatima majeed

  1. 1. Parallel universe theoryHuman research and history has always speculated about the existence ofother life forms and worlds and the possibility of traveling to these realms.These speculated universes are multi faceted as they could be spiritual, phys-ical, fictional and personal. These universes in every form hold promises forgreat powers and energy. This enigmatic existence has always attracted theattention of people who are always looking for ways to get away from theirmundane life. It has become the favorite topic of modern fiction, cinemaand cartoons. We always want to transcend into the alternative realities.Quantum Jumping is your guide to these parallel universes and to objectiveis to make the best out of them. Jumpers believe that there are many univers-es out there and there are many You in these universes. Once you learn toconnect with them, it can work wonders for your energy and intelligencelevels.Spiritual Universe. There is a spiritual universe co existing smoothly withus. The spiritual world has cultural oriented interpretations around the world.The spiritual world runs its own network in a natural manner along with ourphysical existence. It strikes the balance between good and evil in the world.The spiritual universe does not interfere with our existence but runs harmo-niously and syncs instinctively with us. It does send us a signal whenever itfeels a need to. Dreams, signs, omens are some of the transmitters alarming,intimidating or inclining us towards certain action.My colleague khan sees mad chase, staircases and lots of action whenever heis going to get into some kind of trouble. Emma sees white winged creaturein dreams forecasting the death of a loved one. But every one is not luckyenough to decipher these signals. Quantum jumping will help you in under-standing these signals from the parallel universe.But you have to sensitive enough to receive and understand these signals.These spiritual universes are holding infinite possibilities for you and onceyou jump into them, you can certainly unleash the stores of wealth, spiritual-ity and success. These universes can be holding your proto type or a doppel-ganger that might be exactly like you but a lot more potent and successful.You have to visualize and create your doppelganger. It’s like a controlledday dream. It could be a hero or anyone (but looks like you) and describe hisdetails. It will start taking shape and form. He is your successful version.
  2. 2. Quantum Jumping will help you in connecting with him and bring backwhatever skill you want. You certainly will not bring back actual wealth,beauty or any other physical attribute but you will bring back his rhythm.Jumping exercise will train you to “merge” with the ideal and bring back hisrhythm. It is the exact manner in which Burt learnt painting, music andmany other art forms. There are many case studies available at our websitethat learnt new skills and realized their unused potential this way. This interdimensional quest will unbolt many doors for you.Personal universe. Parallel universe could be personal as well. As every in-dividual becomes a microcosm for the entire universe. The happenings ofthe world tend to find their basic elements in “self””. So the phenomenon ofparallel universe could be personal as well. Every human being experienceslife at various spheres and planes. It might appear in the form of euphoriaand can take shape of déjà vu. Déjà vu experiences signal human existencebeyond time and space. People often experience the feeling that they havewitnessed a situation or happening before. This realization gives you goosebumps and hints at the fact that your perception of this universe is tinted andshaded by some higher powers. Adams some times have this feeling aftermeeting someone that he has seen this person before or even known him fora long time. It could have links with reincarnation but could also be inter-preted as the presence of parallel realm and domains. Split personality patients claim that they are experiencing many lives at thesame time. The characters that they quickly change can be termed as theirexperience of the parallel lives and universes. There are several parallelrealms and universes within our self to explore and venture into. It will helpin the development of better understanding of human existence and unleashimmense energy sources for you.Quantum Jumping will help you in finding a better you, whether you have tojump into another universe or another dimension of your own self. You canjump into the universe of your past and correct your sins with help of Quan-tum Jumping’s past life regression therapy and improve your present life. Aseverything occurs according to the principle of cause and effect, so jumperwill trace his sin and get rid of its “limitation”.Parallel universes and Parallel choices. Quantum jumping believes thatpast, present and future is happening at the same time. You can make thebest out of it by visualizing your future. The activity of jumping could betime and space oriented. Let’s analyze a case study.
  3. 3. Lee had commitment phobia but he fell in love with a lovely girl. Now theproblem was that the girl wanted to settle down or break up. Lee had tomake a choice. Lee is a Jumper so he decided to jump into the parallel uni-verse of his future choices. He visualized treading both paths and their reper-cussions. The vision connected him with the parallel universe of his futurewhere lee was spending a happily ever after life with Sofia. So the choicewas now easy for him and the merging has enabled him with the positiverhythms of his future paths.These parallel universes can redefine your existence if you travel themthrough Quantum Jumping.Learn more about >>subconscious mind and Quantum Jumping