Energy healing techniques


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Energy healing techniques

  1. 1. Rejuvenate The Mind, Body, And Spirit With Energy HealingThe energy of the human spirit is separate yet connected to your physical bodies. An aura of en-ergy flows through us right from birth and follows us. Some people have the ability to recognizeand feel this energy. For others it is important to tune our mind and body to experience theseenergies. The nature of this energy is still debated in the world of science. However, there is nodenying that this energy does exist. This aura or energy is closely connected with the physicalbody and any weakness or imbalance reflects in a person’s vulnerability to physical ailments. Insuch a case we need to resort to spiritual healing, which is the practice of restoring the flow ofbodily energies to heal any damage done to the channels through which the energy flowsthrough our body.Energy healing is a form of holistic treatment that covers a wide range of techniques. However,the objective is to restore energy flow and a sense of balance and harmony in a person’s life.The Indians, Chinese, and Japanese all have their unique techniques of energy healing with acommon belief that the physical well being of a person can only improve when the Spirit isstrengthened and completely healed. Some techniques are based on a person’s mental strengthwhere meditation is the primary therapy used to restore balance to the inner self. Japanese en-ergy healing techniques include Reiki which is performed by a person who has been passed onthe art of healing from a master. Reiki can only be performed by someone who has the ability totune in to imperfections in a person’s energy flow. The healer channels his or her own energyinto the person who needs healing.Energy healing has a lot to do with how we perceive our being, the world, and the existence of ahigher power. In order to experience energy healing spiritual growth is important, which is forthe most part, a quiet and personal pursuit. Energy healing brings about not only physical, butalso emotional, mental, and spiritual changes that can be felt by the person exclusively or no-ticed by others as well. Any transition from a state of physical sickness to recovery has plenty todo with spiritual awakening and emotional calmness which ultimately brings peace. One of themajor outcomes in the process of energy healing is peace.We need to accept that our life is not just a physical existence, which comes only when we havean open mind and spiritual understanding. Once you understand this you would realize thatmere physical healing does not make us complete. The Silva Method of mind and body healingis the perfect example. The root cause of a physical illness is most often an imbalance of energy,which must be resolved by treating mind, body, and spirit. Western medicine is still apprehen-sive about holistic healing techniques although they agree that stress is the number one causeof many illnesses including high blood pressure and coronary diseases. This type of stress isemotional stress which clearly stems from energy because emotions are energy. Therefore, it isevident that energy disorders can lead to illness.
  2. 2. Curbing illnesses is much simpler when you are able to heal the energies within. The good thingis that many people have now begun to search deeper and realize the importance of dealingwith their inherent energies. However, it is important to understand that although there areseveral energy healing techniques there is no quick fix or theory that one size that fits all. Peo-ple respond differently to techniques like Reiki, pranic healing, shiatsu, meditation, and more.However, the main objective of these techniques is not to treat the energies and restore bal-ance. This automatically works towards healing the physical.Energy healing ought not to be confused with faith healing. It can be used to complement theuse of traditional medicine. Most techniques are derived from ancient Eastern traditions andphilosophies, although they are now widely practiced in the West as well. For the westernworld, this is good news because energy healing has the potential to make us live healthier livesin body, mind, and spirit.Energy healers can play an important role in helping a person not only heal physically but realizehis or her own inherent energy as well. Healers play the role of a facilitator in the process wherethe primary goal is to remove any blockage in the flow of energy that hampers an individual’sgrowth. The most accomplished healers have the abilities to recognize these physical, mental,or spiritual blocks by the aura surrounding a person. Through a healer a person becomes awareof these energies and can work towards restoring balance in the physical and mental being. Ahealer’s job is to help a person maintain the growth process. According to world-renownedmind empowerment pioneer, Jose Silva, as much as 90 percent of illnesses that people experi-ence are caused by the mind. In this case, most illnesses too can be cured by the mind. In theprocess, it is possible to overcome health challenges and increase our holistic health and wellbeing.Energy healing is a powerful tool to enhance levels of consciousness, learning, and growth. Ithelps us remove any negative behavioral patterns and gain clarity and strength to deal with is-sues that need to be resolved. This requires effort on your part to be willing to uncover yourtrue self. Energy healing has often worked in areas where traditional medicine has not beenable to come to a person’s rescue to heal conditions and ailments that have plagued them for alife time. The greatest thing is that there are no adverse side effects like traditional medicine. Itmerely requires connecting with your inner self through energy healing techniques that can bepracticed in your own time and often, in the privacy of your home. What matters is maintaininggood health and a feeling of well being. While you may have many choices to heal your physicalailments, it would be prudent to spend time discovering the power of energy to restore balancein your life.