Daily affirmations


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Daily affirmations

  1. 1. The Power of Daily AffirmationsThere are times in everyone’s life when we don’t quite feel like ourselves. We lose our keys when we’realready late for work; we drop a bag of groceries and break the eggs; we feel like we are going to lose it ifone more thing goes wrong in our day. This is when the opportunity for affirmations can come in handy,and if you’ve experienced a time or are currently experiencing hardship or just a hard day, it’s time toturn to daily affirmations, which can help you to rebalance and reenergize your life.“I am now open to receive”“I accept all good things in my life today”“I invite a prosperous day into my life”These quotes are all examples of daily affirmations that you can say in the morning, right before you goto bed or during your commute to work. They can improve the outcome of your day, but most impor-tantly, your outlook about life. Often, it’s hard to ‘get out’ of a negative mindset which is why and whereaffirmations can really come in handy. Affirmations, also known as a positive thinking shortcut, help yourmind reprogram itself. Want to change your life? Change your mindset first and the rest will follow.Daily affirmations can determine what happens to you as you walk through life. Have you ever noticedhow a single event can ruin your whole day or on the flipside, how a single event can improve the entirecourse of your day? Depending on what messages your brain is sending will determine your outcome.So, daily affirmations offer people a way to speed up the positivity in their life, alter their subconsciousmind to project good things and what arises is – good things!By starting your day with daily affirmations, you will begin to see small but significant changes in yourlife. It requires patience however, since your life can’t change overnight. Before starting with daily affir-mations, ask yourself: what do I want to improve? What am I unhappy with in my life? What is out ofbalance? By taking a few minutes to really concentrate on what it is that needs some positivity, for exam-ple your job, your relationship or your financial situation, you can then move forward with a specific situ-ation and improve it quickly. Find a daily affirmation that suits the exact situation you want to improve.For example, if you are unhappy with how you are treated at work, consider an affirmation like:“I am valued and respected by my colleagues and financially rewarded for my talents at work.”By offering yourself the gift of positivity as you start your day, and repeating and concentrating on themessage you want your brain to receive, you will. Daily affirmations are powerful, and with time, pa-tience and belief in yourself, you will achieve whatever your heart wants. There are many messages ourbrain tells us every minute, whether we realize it or not. For example, we may tell ourselves we aren’t asattractive as an actor on TV, or aren’t as successful as another author because we don’t have a novelpublished like they do. These messages, as repetitive as some of them are, over time have the power toshape our destiny. Whether you realize it or not, your thoughts are creating your reality and only youhave the power to turn it around.
  2. 2. The power of daily affirmations is dependent on you. Do you believe you can change things in your life?Do you believe you have the power to make changes or that events in your life control you? By taking theopportunity to create the change you want with the help of daily affirmations, you will see quick im-provements that you never thought possible. You will build confidence in yourself that YOU can change.You will see the change in yourself that you have always longed for.When we get stressed, exhausted or “worn out”, our body is telling us that something in our current lifeis no longer serving us. There is something whether it be our current job, an unhealthy lifestyle or adetrimental relationship that is leading us down a wrong path and for this reason, must be changed. Dai-ly affirmations are not only the first step to help you balance your life, but a necessary step to be themost prosperous, healthy individual you can be.To facilitate effect from daily affirmations you can always try meditation techniques for be-ginners