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googlization of information
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googlization of information


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. The G o o g l i z a t i o n of Information: Google’s Influential Reach Over Information John Repplinger Science Librarian Willamette University Oregon Library Association, Annual Conference, April 19 th , 2007.
  • 2. What is “Googlization?”
    • Ever increasing amounts of accessible information available on the Internet; Google makes it easy & convenient to find in one place .
    • The information already exists. Google does not create info; it makes info more accessible .
  • 3. Four Questions
    • Why Google? Why not Yahoo, Microsoft or Amazon?
    • How does Google influence information?
    • What impact will Google’s services have on the information profession?
    • What implications will these services have on society in general?
  • 4. Why Google? Why not Yahoo, Microsoft, or Amazon?
    • Google controls 42-70% of the traffic for searching (as of July 2006) . 1
    • Google’s mission… To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible & useful. 2
    • Google is constantly innovating.
    • Arnold, Stephen E. “Online and Search Costs: Koan to Unknowns.” Online, 30(6):24.
  • 5.  
  • 6. Most Influential Services TEXT MULTIMEDIA
  • 7. Text Resources
    • Book Search
    • Web Search
    • Scholar
    • News
  • 8. News Search
  • 9. News Search Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Headlines from 4,500 + English-language news sources worldwide.
    • Computer-generated site = immediate.
    • Groups similar stories together.
    • Selected and ranked by how often and what sites reporting a story.
    • Archives are mix of free & pay-per-view.
  • 10. Web Search
  • 11. Web Search Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • One simple interface.
    • Searches many types & info sources quickly.
    • Metadata is pre-collected from documents, and analyzed & stored in “local indexes.”
    • Searches are not done on-the-fly; results come from Google’s local index for fast retrieval.
    • Competes with traditional resources for background & cursory info (e.g. dictionaries, encyclopedias)
  • 12. Web Search (Cheat Sheet) Source: Avet, Traci. 2006. “Who’s Afraid of Google?” Library Journal pg 154. Safesearch:breast cancer Excluded adult content intext:ebooks Keyword in body of text “reviews” One web site 35 Celsius in Fahrenheit; 35 dollars in euros Conversions 38+71; 978/456; 50 % of 100. etc. Calculations “ live and learn” Exact phrases define vodou Definitions Do This If You Need…
  • 13. Web Search (Cheat Sheet continued…) Source: Avet, Traci. 2006. “Who’s Afraid of Google?” Library Journal pg 154. Bphonebook:Library Journal NY Business phone numbers movie:Blades of Glory 97304 (zipcode) Showtimes stocks:ncesa Stock quote weather 97301 (zipcode) Local weather book Animal Farm Book text search Related pages polygamy daterange:200601-200605 Specific date range Do This If You Need…
  • 14. Book Search
  • 15. Book Search
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18. Google Book Search Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Goal… work with publishers and libraries to create a comprehensive, searchable, virtual card catalog of all books in all languages that helps users discover new books.” 3
    • Full view = Entire book Limited view = Limited number of pages Snippet view = Sentences surrounding search term No Preview = Basic info about book only
    • Older books are out of copyright; more likely to be available full text for free.
    • “ About Google Book Search Library Project,”
  • 19.
    • Search entire book for specific information; like Amazon’s Look Inside & Search Inside features.
    • Uses Open WorldCat. Libraries will not appear if they are not OCLC members.
    • Is Google Book Search a step toward a general library catalog interface? Will libraries move away from local catalogs to regional catalogs?
    Google Book Search Impact on Info Profession & Society (continued)
  • 20. Google Scholar Does not limit to specific fields (e.g. anthropology or botany)
  • 21. Google Scholar
  • 22. Google Scholar Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Delivers sufficient quantities of relevant & current research info. Not all scholarly literature.
    • Results link to local library resources. (e.g. Link Resolver, SFS & Open Worldcat)
    • Searches entire article in most cases.
    • Weak in foreign languages & older literature.
    • Uneven subject coverage.
  • 23. Google Scholar Subject Coverage Compared to Other Databases Source: Neuhaus, Chris; Neuhaus, Ellen; Asher, Alan; Wrede, Clint. 2006. “The Depth & Breadth of Google Scholar: an Empirical Study.” Libraries and the Academy, 6(2):132-33. 39% Social Sciences 41% Education 52% Business 10% Humanities 76% Science & Medicine 77% Multidisciplinary Percent Subject (e.g. GS covers 52% of info ABI/INFORM Global databases)
  • 24. Google Scholar Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Lag time for uploading current info. (1-6 months depending on source. E.g. Pubmed)
    • Lacks sophisticate search mechanisms useful to serious research.
    • Compliments Web of Science & Scopus.
    • Not all results are “scholarly.”
    • Not clear about publisher info, scope of content, or the depth of the content.
  • 25. Multimedia Resources
    • Images
    • Earth http://
    • Video
    • Maps
  • 26. Google Images Source:
  • 27. Google Images Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Increase in demand for multimedia.
    • Most comprehensive image search engine freely available Online. Covers image “warehouses” such as Web Shots.
  • 28. Google Earth (High Detailed Satellite & Arial Images)
  • 29. Google Earth (3-D Imagery)
  • 30. Google Earth Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • Tool for viewing, creating and sharing location-specific info.
    • Interactive and visual.
    • Does not require specialized knowledge; anyone can use.
    • Wide variety of info already available; see coverage in government maps & datasets.
  • 31. Source: Google Video Impact on Info Profession & Society
  • 32. Google Video Impact on Info Profession & Society
    • More demand for multimedia, news clips, short demos, & entertainment.
    • Tool for pushing out personal & social info.
    • Computer animation & 3-D imagery will be common.
  • 33. Influence Over Information
    • Encourage digitally born materials & fewer print resources.
    • Encourage digitization of local collections.
    • Shift rapidly to digital info; info is made more readily accessible.
    • Expect audio clips in future; could Google partner with music industry (IPods)?
  • 34.
    • Libraries = places of high service: Experts interested in individual needs, provides knowledgeable aid, expert retrieval of info, personal relationships. Become high end consulting centers.
    • Print collection areas will be repurposed.
    • Push toward “federated” searching in libraries.
    • Professionals need to be aware of these tools. Do not need to be experts, but recognize impact on info, profession, & society.
    Influence Over Info Profession
  • 35. Influence Over Society
    • Society trusts Google; provided “reliable” info & quickly in past.
    • Familiar with Google before entering high school; continue to use it after graduating.
    • Desire by society for simplicity, broad coverage & option for powerful searches.
    • Changing how users search, consume, and view info.
    • Expect info to be immediately available.
  • 36. Influence Over Society
    • Compromise quality of info for convenience.
    • People do not know or care about copyright.
    • Privacy – not guarding personal info.
    • Change how society communicates ( Gmail , IM/SMS ).
    • Overwhelmed society; so much info, but what is relevant?
  • 37. Questions & Answers
    • Thank you for attending! Please send me questions or comments about this presentation.
    • John Repplinger
    • Science Librarian
    • Willamette University
    • Mark O. Hatfield Library
    • [email_address]