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Presented at Kafka meetup 2014

Presented at Kafka meetup 2014



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Secure Kafka at Secure Kafka at Presentation Transcript

  • Secure Kafka at Rajasekar Elango - Lead Developer
  • What I do? Work for Monitoring and Management Team We build tools for monitoring health and performance of infrastructure. Tools are used by Site Reliability and R&D development for troubleshooting, performance analysis, etc.
  • Why Kafka? We have application servers grouped into multiple clusters and distributed across multiple datacenters. Build scalable, near real time monitoring framework that collects data from all production datacenters and pushes it to secure DMZ datacenter for aggregation and reporting. Monitoring data we ship are JMX Metrics, System metrics (cpu, load, memory) from application servers, custom database metrics from database nodes.
  • Architecture App Servers Cluster Prod DC App Servers App Servers Graphite DMZ Kafka Cluster Cluster MM Kafka MM Kafka Kafka Kafka MM Kafka Prod DC Prod DC
  • Architecture Zookeeper x 3 Broker x 5 Rest Interfa ce Graphite Consumer Graphite JMX Metrics Producer System Metrics Producer DB Metrics Producer Mirror maker x2 Production DMZ Zookeeper x 3 Broker x 5
  • Components Rest Interface for abstracting producers. AVRO for data format specification and serialization. Producers - JMX Metric producer, collectd for system metrics, database metric producers. Consumers - Graphite Consumer. MirrorMaker - for cross datacenter replication.
  • Secure Kafka Implementation We wanted to secure traffic across datacenter to prevent malicious client eavesdropping data Implemented SSL/TLS MutualAuth between broker and producer/ consumer to add encryption and authentication SSL Based socket channel based on JSSE doc Secure mode can be toggled on/off by secure=true|false property in Broker registers secure property in zookeeper.
  • Secure Kafka Configuration secure=true security.config.file=config/ & security.config.file=config/
  • Secure Kafka Configuration want.client.auth=true need.client.auth=true # Keystore file keystore=<path to server keystore> keystorePwd=<keystore password> keyPwd=<key password> # Truststore file truststore=<path to server truststore> truststorePwd=<truststore password>
  • Secure Kafka Configuration # Keystore file keystore=<path to client keystore file> keystorePwd=<keystore password> keyPwd=<key password> # Truststore file truststore=<path to client truststore file> truststorePwd=<trust store password>
  • Scripts Producer bin/ --broker-list localhost:9092:true -- security.config.file config/ --topic test Consumer bin/ --topic test --zookeeper localhost: 2181 --from-beginning --security.config.file config/
  • Limitations Doesn’t provide authorization. Doesn’t use secure communication with Zookeeper. We implemented secure features branched off from older snapshot version of kafka 0.8 release.
  • Demo bin/ config/ bin/ config/ bin/ --broker-list relango-ltmr.home: 9092:true --topic test < messages.txt bin/ --topic test --zookeeper localhost:2181 --from-beginning