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Ti E Social Entrepreneurs Exchange Anand Raj  V1
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Ti E Social Entrepreneurs Exchange Anand Raj V1


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Proposal to make a Social Impact Anand Raj Founder & CEO, InXero, Inc. [email_address] cell: 512 293 5559 TiE - SEE TiE S ocial E ntrepreneurs E xchange
  • 2. TiE SEE Introduction
    • Great news is that many TiE Charter Members are involved in wonderful social initiatives in various parts of the world (India, Africa, USA etc)
    • But these initiatives are not necessarily sharing best practices, experiences and marketing etc among each other
    • So a systematic approach to address these social issues will enhance the chances of successful outcome of these initiatives.
    • TiE SEE is a step to build a community of the social entrepreneurs within TiE
      • TiE SEE stands for TiE S ocial E ntrepreneurs E xchange
  • 3. TiE SEE Objective
    • Build a community (online) of the social entrepreneurs with the following objectives:
      • Inventory all the ongoing TiE social projects and make the projects information available to all TiE members through online media
      • Share experiences and best practices
      • Provide helpful tools and templates to Social Entrepreneurs
      • Provide a platform to market these projects and raise funds
      • Provide a platform for the public to submit a request for a specific social problem to be addressed
      • Provide information on all the government policies on major social issues in each country of interests of this community
      • Build an online community for the people to discuss various issues through blogging, special interest groups etc
      • Organize positive activities such as Marathon to build positive momentum in schools and universities in India and raise awareness of TiE SEE in various cities such as New Delhi, Lahore etc.
  • 4. TiE SEE Immediate Activities
    • Refine the TiE SEE charter and get the approval from TiE Board to launch this initiative
    • Create an inventory of the social projects launched by the TiE Charter members
    • Add TiE SEE web-site section on the TiE Global web-site
    • Organize a marathon in early 2009 in New Delhi to formally launch the TiE SEE with big bang
    • Secure sufficient funds to launch and run TiE SEE
    • Form TiE SEE leadership team
  • 5. Life is good! Thank You