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Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Telecom Defence Power InfrastructureCorporate Profile Solar
  2. 2. ICOMM BRIEF ICOMM is one of the Indias leading groups in the field of Manufacturing, Integrated Management & InfrastructureDevelopment, having its manufacturing facilities spread across 120 acres of land with 900,000 Sq.ft of built-up area. Thecompany is having State-of-the-art Telecom wireless & wireline equipment manufacturing & Technology Center,Conductors, Transformers, Solar Manufacturing & a worlds largest capacity of tower manufacturing facility of 250,000MTper annum with backward integrated fully equipped Galvanizing, Steel Rolling & fasteners manufacturing to meet themarket demands of Power, Telecom, Infrastructure and Solar Sectors. A public limited company which began operationsin 1989, ICOMM has gradually embarked on a process of diversification which now covers a total of 12 business areasdivided into four major sectors:? Infrastructure Power?Telecom Infrastructure & Defence Communications?Infrastructure: Oil & Gas, Water & Sewerage, Special Structures?Renewable Energy: Solar & Wind A strategically-based company with an international presence in more than 4 countries, its workforce of 2,700professionals committed to the corporate philosophy, upholds the groups values of innovation, sustainability and totalquality in all its actions. ICOMM has made an indelible mark in Telecom & Power sectors by constantly and consistentlyre-engineering itself to retain its position of leadership in the areas of quality, technology, capacity and capability.Manufacturing Facilities & EPC Strengths ICOMM is one of leading manufacturing companies backed by strong EPC strengths. We have world renownedskills in Telecom, Power, Solar, Infrastructure and in design and manufacture of various products like:?Towers & Galvanizing Manufacturing Unit – GSM & CDMA Telecom, Power Transmission Towers & Broadcasting, Windmill & Military Towers?Shelters manufacturing Unit – Telecom, Power & Defence? Manufacturing Unit Solar?Telecom Wireless & Wire-line Manufacturing Unit and Technology Centre?Conductors / Transformers / Distribution Line material / Insulators Manufacturing Unit ICOMM attributes its success, in consolidating its phenomenal growth over the years, to its unwaveringcommitment towards the basic foundations of the strategic plan, which includes: customer satisfaction,internationalization, profitability, innovation, human resource development, strong manufacturing and EPC strengthsand social involvement. We ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible service, and the company maintains, at alltimes, a voluntary commitment to all the groups of interest with whom it operates, thereby maintaining its currentgrowth and profitability levels.Adherence to Quality, Environmental & Social Responsibility Our phenomenal success over the years is largely due to our strict adherence to international quality standards ofISO 9001 and environmental management. A rigid and thorough system of quality control is an integral part of themanufacturing process, project management, operations and maintenance. All the ICOMM manufacturing units areequipped with world class testing facilities. Therefore, at ICOMM, we believe that our quality and commitment tocustomer service are a differential that has allowed us to grow and further consolidate our leadership in the lines ofactivity we develop.
  3. 3. ICOMM BusinessesTelecom & DefencePowerSolarInfrastructure
  4. 4. ICOMM Telecom & Defence Turnkey Solutions in Telecom & DefencTelecom & Defence Facility Center
  5. 5. TELECOM ICOMM is one of the leading Telecom turnkey solution provider backed by world class manufacturing facilities. ICOMM offers a complete range of products & solutions on Wimax, Opticale transmission, Radio Transmission & Turnkey services from Telecom Network Planning and Design to Operations & Maintenance for GSM, CDMA Networks and Defence communications. The resources of the Company, both human and technical, have grown in sync with the expansion of business. ICOMMs expertise in Project Management, RF Survey, Telecom Tower Design of GSM & CDMA Towers, Site Leasing and Acquisition, Fiber Optic Networks, Interactive Mobile Solutions, Telecom Shelters, Engineering Services, and Operations & Maintenance. Capabilities ? In-house Design and Engineering ? Manufacturing Facilities for Wireline, Wireless Equipment and Passive Infrastructure like Towers, Shelters ? Planning, Engineering Constructions and Projects Shelters ICOMM shelters are lightweight, self-supporting with metal sandwich construction and have special profiles. These shelters are extremely robust, corrosion resistant and are water and dust proof. ICOMM shelters have a high seismic resistance because of unique design features. The generic specifications match the most common and even special requirements of customers around the globe. These shelters can be installed on the ground or on roof-tops as they are available in knock-down condition. They can be installed, dismantled and reused at different locations – each operation lasting less than 48 hours. DEFENCE In this rapidly changing world, both Static and Mobile Forms of communication systems, processes and practices are going through an overhaul and ICOMM is strategically well positioned to deliver the right solutions enabling Network Centric Operations in a highly radio dense environment. ICOMM has streamlined its business on the basis of its core competencies in the field of Radio technologies. It firmly believes in the importance of secrecy in dealing with intellectual properties and adheres to norms that give absolute priority in handling matters of confidentiality with its clients and partners. Issues of national, strategic and vulnerable importance are never compromised and so our clients feel safe and protected by associating with ICOMM. Non Disclosure Agreements and relevant binding documents are signed prior to the beginning of every interaction, ICOMM being a recognized Defence Electronics Solutions Provider in INDIA. MAJOR PRODUCTS DEVELOPED lDIGITAL CONTROL HARNESS l BAND POINT TO POINT ECCM RADIO WIDE l TO MULTI-POINT ECCM RADIO POINT l SDH DLC – FIBRE IN THE LOCAL LOOP ON STM1 RINGce l l DIGITAL MICROWAVE RADIO – 2/ 8Mbps RADIO IN THE 1.7 TO 2.5 Ghz BAND OPTICAL TRANSMISSION – PDH/ SDH OPTICAL l TRANSMISSION AT 2/ 8/ 34/ 155 Mbps FIBRE l ANALOG WLL IN VHF/ UHF BANDS
  6. 6. Worlds Largest Towers Manufacturing Capacity ICOMM Power ICOMM Products & Solutions include above-grade transmission lines, below- grade transmission lines, transmissionInsulators & Conductors substations, distribution substations, generating plant switchyards and upgrades/retrofits to existing substations. Our broad company resources allow us to tackle multiple projects simultaneously. Our extensive vendor and subcontractor network,Sub-Station coupled with our engineers and management personnel, ensures your project gets top-notch attention on all fronts. As the only firm in the INDIA for successfully executing more than US$ 0.5 billion (INDIA) in transmission and distribution engineering, procurement and construction projects. ICOMM has the expertise to manage transmission and distribution projects both large and small inTransmission Towers & EPC INDIA and Abroad. Innovative program management starts with our exclusive program management tool, which enhances your cost savings and enables our team to make better decisions and reduce errors on the job site through a portable, which integrates real-time design and construction data.
  7. 7. Comprehensive Experience Our Services ? Manufacturing Facilities for Strong ? project management Overall Transmission & Distribution networks ? and budget definition Scope ? Time-proven management approach ? Permitting, engineering and detailed ? State-of-the-art management design information system ? Equipment and material supply up to ? Scheduling Software Project 800-kV ? Accounting Systems ? Complete construction activities ? Procurement and Construction ?testing, commissioning and Field System training ? Risk management System ? As-built documentation ? Field inspection, Safety & health programTransmissionICOMM Power Transmission division is leader in design, test,fabrication, erection & construction of transmission lines andsubstation structures on a turnkey basis.ICOMM is worlds largest Towers Manufacturing facility havingcapacity of 250,000 MTs per annum backed by Steel rolling mill& fasteners manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing facilitiesincorporate the latest technology for straightening, drilling,punching by FICEP ITALY CNC machines and automatic temperature controlled, hot dippedgalvanizing procedure. A well planned 120 acres layout for receiving raw materials streamlines the production lines, finished yard and the packing operation being tower wise bundling & containerized stuffing within the factory premises. It has an exclusive EPC solutions business unit that extends services ranging from soil and top surveys, to planning & design, execution of transmission lines & Project Management and Support. The company is capable of putting up transmission line towers up to 800 KV, Sub-Station structures up to 400KV.DistributionICOMM is key a player in Powering rural electrification in a bigway in India. ICOMM geared up to empower the nations powersector and in the Distribution sector, we electrify the entirevillage, by providing excellent solutions.ICOMM is well equipped in this sector. We have in-housemanufacturing facilities for various products like Transformers,Poles, Conductors, Steel Line Items, Energy Meters, LTDBs,which undergo several test measures and are ISO certified. ICOMMhas a well structured EPC team with vast exposure in rural electrification & undertakes allactivities of a given project right from beginning to entire electrification of a village/city.
  8. 8. ICOMM in Solar
  9. 9. ICOMM is committed to harness the solar energy, havingrecognized the need for generating natural power.ICOMM Solar Divisions state of the art, vertically integratedmanufacturing facilities with comprehensive R&D, engineering,quality control and management provides various cost effectiveproducts of unsurpassed quality.With ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System certification, byTUV Certification Body QM-Systems of RWTUV Systems GmBH,Germany, and also to a standards of ISO 14001, ICOMM ensures qualityand adherence to a healthy and pollution free environment practices. ICOMM equipped with world class manufacturing facility with installed capacity of 20MW in 8 Acres campus, located at Hyderabad, India ICOMM has been playing a key role in the renewable energy scenario as per the guidelines set by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MNRE) in India. In pursuit of the same, ICOMM offers one-stop customized renewable energy solutions to meet all energy needs. Our products are approved by MNRE, New Delhi, India Authorized Test Laboratories and leading partner in the MNRE Solar PV, Thermal programs implemented through various state Nodal Agencies.ICOMM’s Products:ICOMM offers various Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) products.? lighting systems (LED/CFL Lantern)Portable?Educational Kits (with pocket radio, etc) are ideal for increasing awareness amongst children?Indoor Lighting Home Lighting Systems? Lighting SystemLED Street? Power plants (ranging in KWatts)Standalone?Grid Interactive Power plants (ranging from KW to MW)?Backup power for Telecom Applications(ranging from very low power to high power applications)?Solar, Micro Wind, Diesel/Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generating Systems?Desalination/Water Purification Systems?power for Eco Tourism and Boating ApplicationsReliableSPV benefits are:?emergency lights during power cutsBack up? remote locations with no grid supplyPower for?lights for childrens studyReading?Environment-friendly and cost-effective power?Helps reduce huge investment from the government for transmission, distribution and cable losses?Clean Power without any Co2 emissions?Green Power for Green Buildings in developed and developing countries offer points for meeting the electricity needs from green energy like of solar, windAn ISO 9002-compliant facility, it is equipped with solar cell sorting machines, vacuumlaminators, curing ovens, computerized gun simulator for automatic testing of modules,pneumatic tools, environmental chambers and other infrastructure.
  10. 10. ICOMM in INFRAWater & Sewerage Oil & Gas Special Structures
  11. 11. WATER & SEWERAGE ICOMM has geared up to explore the opportunities in Infrastructure Sector keeping in view of the increasing investments in several Infrastructure Projects by various Government Agencies in Water Supply and Sewerage, effluent and under ground waste water treatment plants across the country, Utilizing its in-house strengths, ICOMM has started executing EPC, Turnkey and BOT projects in countrys urban and rural areas.Water Works Constructions ·lTrunk & Distribution of water supplylOver Head & Ground service reservoirslWater Treatment Plants and Pump HouseslSewer Works ConstructionslPipe and Lateral SewerlSewer Distribution NetworkslSewerage Treatment plantOIL & GASICOMM entered in to Oil & Gas sector, fuelled by its ProjectManagement Skills. The business unit focuses on cross-countryunderground pipelines for the transportation of White oil, NaturalGas, Crude oil and executing the refineries, petrochemicals,chemical plants on turnkey basis within and outside India. For cross-country underground pipelines, ICOMM has already been associated with some of theforeign companies as JV / Consortium.ICOMMs Focus on OIL & GAS Sector lOn-shore and Off-shore trunk and spur lines of petroleum projects City gas distribution projects and construction of CNG/PNG l stations. l Oil & Gas Cross country pipelines for transportation of EPC of Crude and other petroleum products lConstruction of GGS / GCS stations lCarrying out civil, Structural, piping and offsite works in Refineries l Carrying out Petrochemicals & related projectsSPECIAL STRUCTURESWIND MILL TOWERS:• Wind Mill Towers 40M – 100MBROADCASTING TOWERS:• Broadcasting Tower 100M-300M FOR TV & FM• Guyed Mast 40M-500M FOR MW, TV & FM• SW TRS. Supporting Towers - 75M - 200M• MW Transmetteres - 40M - 500M & 1KW TO 1000KW• HPT TV. Towers - 100M - 300M• LPT TV. Towers - 40M – 50M• FM. Towers - 50M - 200M• RCC +steel Towers upto 300M for TV and FM• Study & Strengthening of the Existing StructuresMILITARY COMMUNICATION TOWERS:• Special Structure for LF communication• D.V.O.R Antenna Counterpoise? Radar Towers from 15M – 100M? VLF Antenna 500M High? Study & Strengthening Of The Existing Structures
  12. 12. Tower Manufacturing Unit Transmission, Distribution and Infrastructure Unit Transformers Manufacturing Unit Conductors & Insulators Unit Corporate Office Telecom Manufacturing, O&M Telecom & Defence Unit and EPC Infrastructure Solar Manufacturing Unit Shelters Manufacturing Unit Corporate Office Branch Offices International PresenceICOMM TELE LIMITED Hyderabad Delhi SrilankaTrendset Towers, Road No.2, Manufacturing Units Mumbai BangladeshBanjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034, Hyderabad Chennai NepalAndhra Pradesh, INDIA. Pondicherry Bangalore Middle EastPhone : +91 - 40 - 23552222 AfricaFax : +91 - 40 - 23552266Email : info@icommtele.comURL : Customer Support – 22 offices across India