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Total ITSM Presentation

  1. 1. Total ITSM Irving, TX PresentersMr. Raj Shekhar - Business Development Manager Mr. Sreedhar Reddy - Sr. Sales Engineer “Cherwell Service Management® and the Cherwell logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cherwell Software, Inc., in the U.S. and may be registered or pending registration in other countries. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein are the property of their respective owners/companies.” “ITIL® is a registered trademark of the Office of Government Commerce in the United Kingdom and other countries. PinkVERIFY™ is a trademark of Pink Elephant, Inc.”
  2. 2. MNCL, Inc. & Total ITSM Established 2005150 Employees across 40 statesBMC Remedy ConsultingIT Service ManagementCustom application developmentCustom implementations
  3. 3. Totalitsm.comGartner Report: Vendors are being selected notbecause of core service managementfunctionalities, but for:Flexible Licensing models & HostingBreadth of ITSM tool offeringsFull suite of ITSM modules, integrated CMDBRobust reporting (currently #1 complaint)Ease of implementationOut-of-the-box ITIL best practicesLow total cost - including on-going maintenanceEase of integration with other technologies
  4. 4. Totalitsm.comForrester recognizes Cherwell as an“emerging leader” in ITSM based on:Scalability and functionalityRapid implementationSolid product functionality and featuresVery competitive price.
  5. 5. Totalitsm.comThe Cherwell differenceFull suite of ITSM modules, powerfulCMDB.Easily customize and configure to meetyour needs.Real-time metrics and dashboards.SaaS or on-premise, flexible licensing.Access anytime, anywhere.Easily integrates with third partyapplications.Be up-and-running within weeks – notmonths.
  6. 6. Totalitsm.comWho is using Cherwell?Cherwell Software has over 400 satisfied clients in industriessuch as financial services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing,education and telecommunications.
  7. 7. Totalitsm.com11 PinkVERIFY™ Out-of-The-Box ITSMProcesses Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Request Fulfillment Event Management Deployment Management Service Asset Management Service Level Management Service Catalog Management Service Portfolio Management Knowledge Management
  8. 8. Totalitsm.comCodeless ConfigurationThe reality of business is that things change – often. Utilizesoftware that can change with you.Intuitive wizards and simple drag-and-drop functionality allow youto easily modify the comprehensive suite of ITSM processes tomatch your unique requirements today, and tomorrow.With Cherwell’s Codeless Business Application Technology(CBAT), you never need to write a line of code or script.
  9. 9. Totalitsm.comMetrics and ReportingUse the powerful built-in Cherwell Report Writer™,dashboards, query-and-export mechanisms, Excel® merge, report against any Cherwell data or even link external datafrom other systems.Leverage your investments in existing business intelligencesolutions such as Crystal Reports Writer® or Microsoft® SQLReporting Services.
  10. 10. Totalitsm.comReal-Time DashboardsExecutives, managers, and end-users can all use easy-to-configure widgets to create tailored dashboards with real-timeinformation that addresses their specific metrics, such as servicestatus, crossed thresholds, and active requests.
  11. 11. Totalitsm.comSmart Devices & Native iPhone iPad App.Access your data anytime, anywhere from mobile devicesUse Cherwells iPhone Application to receive real-time data, stayinformed, and increase effectiveness.
  12. 12. Totalitsm.comSaaS or On-PremiseSubscribe to licenses and letCherwell provide convenient, securehosting.Cherwell allows for completeportability - you may change yourhosting environment at any time.Subscribe to concurrent licenses ona pay-as-you go model or purchaseperpetual licenses.
  13. 13. Totalitsm.comLicensing OptionsReduce required licenses by 50-75% using concurrent versusnames/dedicated licensing.With Cherwell concurrent licensing, team members utilize alicense only while working within the application.Cherwell’s concurrent licensing model includes 11 PinkVerify™ITSM processes plus any processes you create yourself.With Cherwell, you can subscribe to licenses on a pay-as-you gomodel or take advantage of your capital budget and purchaseperpetual licenses.
  14. 14. Totalitsm.comSeamless UpgradesUpgrades should not be more painful than youroriginal implementation.Simply run the installer, choose to upgrade, and inminutes you are back up and running with the newversion.Cherwell’s metadata Platform as a Service (PaaS)retains your configuration with every upgrade.
  15. 15. Totalitsm.comFully Integrated ProcessesAll of the processes are fully integrated, providing acomprehensive view of the relationships between incidents,problems, requests, etc.Intuitive wizards and drag-and-drop functionality allows you toquickly and easily modify the processes to match your specificbusiness requirements.
  16. 16. Totalitsm.comExternal Application IntegrationWith Cherwell, there is no need to purchase additional plug-ins orAPIs to integrate with third-party applications.For more advanced integrations, Cherwell has extremelycomplete .NET Web Services APIs.Integrates with external directory services such as LDAPMicrosoft® Active Directory, Novell® eDirectory and other opensource / commercial implementations.
  17. 17. Totalitsm.comOutlook IntegrationView, modify, and create records directly from Outlook®. Younever have to launch a separate application.Immediately see when an Outlook message is linked to a Cherwellrecord, and execute arbitrary actions against the record straightfrom the Outlook UI.
  18. 18. Totalitsm.comSocial Media IntegrationCherwell Service Management provides a completeframework of actionable integrations to a multitude ofsocial media sources.Simple One-Step™ actions allow you to notifycustomers via e-mail or Twitter®.
  19. 19. Totalitsm.comGraphical Process ManagerForget programming. Cherwell’s intuitive drag-and-dropfunctionality allows you to graphically create event-driven businessprocesses.Visual cues provide detailed information alerting you of conflicts,dependencies, and routing.
  20. 20. Totalitsm.comAutomate Actions with One-StepsCherwell One-Steps allow you to quickly and easily print reports,launch programs, send email, create business objects, tweet, andmore!One-steps can be launched manually, or can be launchedautomatically based on system events or a regular schedule.
  21. 21. Totalitsm.comVisualization ManagerView your data in a graphical, hierarchical format in order torecognize the relationships between all of your business objects.
  22. 22. Totalitsm.comSelf Service PortalReduced your service deskvolume by as much as 65%Streamline and automatecommon service requestsTechnicians can quicklyreview, approve, andcommunicate to end-users thestatus of the request
  23. 23. Totalitsm.comCustomer SurveysEasily collect feedback fromyour customers regarding yoursupport teams’ performance,allowing you to address issuesimmediately.Team leaders, managers, anddirectors can incorporate surveyresults into their dashboards.
  24. 24. Totalitsm.comFor additional questions or to schedule anon-site custom demo please callOffice: 972-518-2100 CherwellEmail: