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created by Raju singh

created by Raju singh



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    Networking Networking Presentation Transcript

      • To
            • NIIT
      • Arera Colony Bhopal
      • Center 1 st
      Welcome Networking
    • Networking (Server) . COM2 . COM1 Receive Send Receive Send NIIT Receive Send Networking Topic :- Networking
    • Networking Index :-
      • Introduction
      • Resource Sharing
      • Networking Methods
      • Local area network (LAN)
      • Hardware Required for Networking
      • Networking Topology
      • Scope in Networking
      • Need for Networking
      • History
      • Jobs in Networking
      • Application of Networking
      • Wide area network (WAN)
      • Metropolitan area network (MAN)
      • Wireless network (WLAN,WWAN )
      • Reliability
      • Financial Benefit
      • Better Communication Medium
      • Advantage and Disadvantage of Networking
    • Introduction :- Definition :- Networking is the practice of linking two or more computing devices together for the purpose of sharing data . Networking
    • History :-
      • In 1967 APRA proposed an idea to develop a small network of connected computer called APRANET .
      • In this network each computer was connected to a specialized computer called an Interface Message Processor (IMP) .
      • In 1969 APRANET was implemented .four computer at different geological location through the IMP S .
      • In 1980 U.S. NSF started exploring ways to enable access of their supercomputer to researchers at various college and Uni.
      • The NSF developed a network called the National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) .
      • In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee Created the World Wide Web ( WWW )
    • Need for Networking :- Networking
      • Resource Sharing ,aim is to make data ,program available to anyone on the network.
      • Reliability , file can be replicated on two or three machines if one them is unavailable the other can be used.
      • Financial Benefit , networking of PC is batter rather then centralized large computer .
      • Better Communication Medium , it is possible to transfer instantly any information to any other destination .
    • Hardware Required for Networking :- Networking
      • Network cards : such as this one can transmit and receive data at high rates over various types of network cables . This card is a 'Combo' card which supports three cabling standards.
      • Network adapter : interfaces a computer board with the network medium.
      • Router : links two or more networks.
      • Hub : multi-port repeater .
      • Switches :bridging technology to forward traffic between ports.
      • Modem : A modem is a computer peripheral that allows you to connect and communicate with other computer via telephone lines .
      • There are four principal media for telecommunications
      • Coaxial Cable
      • Twisted Pair Cable
      • Optical Fiber
      • Wireless
    • Networking Method :- Networking 1. Local Area network(LAN) 2.Wide Area Network(WAN) WAN Devices One way to categorize computer networks is by their geographic scope
      • A local area network is a network that spans a relatively small space and provides services to a small number of people.
      • The first LAN was invented by a Law Doctor in 1978 .
      • A wide area network is a network where a wide variety of resources are deployed across a large domestic area or internationally
      • Example :- Internet
    • 3.Metropolitan Area Networks(MAN) 4.Wireless Networks (WLAN, WWAN) Networking
      • A metropolitan network is a network that is too large for even the largest of LAN's but is not on the scale of a WAN .
      • Example :- City
      • A wireless network is basically the same as a LAN or a WAN but there are no wires between hosts and servers .
    • Networking Topology :- Networking
      • The network topology defines the way in which computers, printers, and other devices are connected, physically and logically .
      • Bus
      • Star
      • Tree (hierarchical)
      • Ring
      • Mesh
      • Fully connected
      • Partially connected
    • Application of Networking :- Networking
      • E - mail Service
      • Locating sites using search engines
      • Finding People on the Net
      • Chat
      • Video Conferencing
      • E-Commerce
      • Shopping on Web
    • Scope in Networking :- Networking
      • Networking has very broad scope as a career path .
      • Network Administrator .
      • Network (Systems) Engineer .
      • Network (Service) Technician .
      • Network Programmer/Analyst .
      • Network/Information Systems Manager .
      • CIOs were asked: Which of the following technical skill sets are most in demand within your IT department?
      • (All the execs worked for companies with more than 100 employees; they were allowed to select more than one skill. The survey was conducted in September 2008 .)
      • Network administration (LAN, WAN): 70%
      • Windows administration: 69%
      • Desktop support: 69%
      • Database management: 58%
      • Wireless network management: 47%
      • Telecommunications support: 44%
      • Web development/Website design: 42 %
      • Business intelligence/reporting services: 33%
      • .NET development: 22%
      • Linux/Unix administration: 20%
      • Java development: 17%
      • XML development: 17%
      These are good days to be a Network Administrator or a System Engineer specialist.
    • Jobs in Networking :- Networking
      • 2007-2008 company packages
      Starting Average Top $ 44,790 $ 65,725 $ 76,190 In Foreign Company Pay in LPA Google 13.0 Microsoft 9.0 CISCO 5.0 IBM 2.5 Infosys 3 HCL 3.3
    • Median Salary by Job in Network Administration/IT ( In India) By Experience By Employer Type By City ( In United States ) By Experience By Employer Type By Job
    • Networking of Networking :- Advantage and Disadvantage Advantage
      • Speed . Networks provide a very rapid method for sharing and transferring files.
      • Centralized Software Management software can be loaded on one computer .
      • Electronic Mail . . E-mail aids in personal and professional communication .
      • Workgroup Computing software allows many users to work on a document or project concurrently
    • Disadvantage
      • Requires Administrative Time . Proper maintenance of a network .
      • File Server May Fail when the files server "goes down ," the entire network may come to a halt .
      • Cables May Break broken cable can stop the entire network .
      • Networking can be a waiting game where you have to wait it out patiently for the right opportunity or the right contact to come available .
    • Thank You Networking Presented By Raju Singh :- Guided by: Mobile No. :-9993652310 bhopal