Dealing office politics


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  • What causes politics in an organisation?The basic reason for politics in an organisation is the scarcity of resources which leads to competition amongst employees for optimum utilisation of resources. Employees are subjected to periodical performance evaluations which brings out their need to compete and outperform each other. Emotional insecurity is a major factor influencing politics in an organisation. Many a times individual roles and job descriptions are not well defined which also brings about politics in the organization.
  • Dealing office politics

    1. 1. Jinju Thomas – 046Lakshmi Kishore – 058Lalima Arora – 059Mohit Jain – 067Palak hasija - 075DEALING WITH OFFICEPOLITICS
    2. 2. POLITICS ARE REAL &UNAVOIDABLE !“ Politics is necessary evil &often it’s just plain evil.Unfortunately, it’s also howthings get done.”
    3. 3. POLITICSNot all politics are bad.Expect politics in all situations.Realize this reality.It is a part of human interaction.
    4. 4. OFFICE POLITICSBad Office politics = Self-promotion over the greater goodUgly Office politics = Destructive behavior that benefits no oneGood Office politics = Building Positive Relationships
    5. 5.  Workplace politics, sometimes referred to as office politics ororganizational politics is "the use of ones individual orassigned power within an employing organization for thepurpose of obtaining advantages beyond ones legitimateauthority.” Office politics has also been described as "simply how powergets worked out on a practical, day-to-day basis.”OFFICE POLITICS
    6. 6. Scarcity of resourcesCompetitive work environmentSubjective performance standardsEmotional insecurityUnclear job definitionsCAUSES OF OFFICEPOLITICS
    8. 8. Thank God I found thesefour. At least someone willcome up with an idea that willmake me look good.This would make the jobeasier for me..
    9. 9. Finally my work is done!So much hard work andso many sleepless nights..!! Anyhow I havemanaged to finish it ontime. Hope this pays off!
    10. 10. The new kid seemsto be overenthusiastic. I’m sureshe would have doneit by now. Let me goand check what she’sup to.
    11. 11. That’s really nice of you. Iwas actually hoping thatsomeone goes through itbefore I give it to the Bossfor final approval..How’s the workgoing? Do you needsome help before itgoes to the Boss? Iknow what sheexpects. Maybe I canhelp you..
    12. 12. I’m sure Palak willsomehow get all the detailsfrom Lalima and includeit in her report. Her reportis going to be selected forsure. Maybe I can talk toPalak and request her toadd me also in her team
    13. 13. I’m sure you’d have done agood job. I’ll have a look at itand get back to you soon..Ma’am this is the final ideaI have come up with . Ihave put in a lot of effort.Hope you approve of it..
    14. 14. Lalima has put in all theefforts and the Bossshould be made aware ofthis. I’ll go meet hertomorrow and make sureLalima gets the credit dueto her.
    15. 15. Roles played :Lakshmi as the Corporate SharkLalima as the Lamb for SlaughterPalak as the ClimberJinju as the SurvivorMohit as the Straight Arrow.
    16. 16. Corporate SharkClimberSurvivorStraight arrowLamb for SlaughterPOLITICAL TYPES
    17. 17. Tends to use others to enhance own careerPower hungry, ruthless and deviousUnhesitant to take advantage of situations for ownbenefitCORPORATESHARK
    18. 18. Shrewd politicianBelieves in politics to meet every endNot as ruthless as the corporate shark but plays thepolitical game wellCLIMBER
    19. 19. Moderate politicianPractices some office politics and is aware of thepolitical climate existent in the officeBelieves in survival to the endSURVIVOR
    20. 20. Not perceived as an office politicianMay neglect cultivating key people for career enhancementHonesty is the best policySTRAIGHT ARROW
    21. 21. Does not believe in office politicsEasily eaten by the sharksTaken advantage of by the other political typesLAMB FORSLAUGHTER
    22. 22. HOW TO DEAL WITHOFFICE POLITICSEmployee AEmployee BPower Balance:Rare chance ofpolitics, improves the decisionmaking qualityPower Imbalance:Decision made in favor ofone employee – reason foroffice politics
    23. 23. HOW TO DEAL WITH OFFICE POLITICSIncreasingNonsubstitutabilityIncreasingCentrally
    24. 24. HOW TO DEAL WITHOFFICE POLITICSAssociating with powerful ManagersBuilding and Managing CoalitionInfluencing the Decision MakingControlling the agendaBringing an outside Expert
    25. 25. Shine at meetingsCompliment influential peopleTalk Big, Think outside the boxAppear cool under pressureDisplay good corporate mannersLearn new skills and sell themBe a team playerWINNINGSTRATEGIES: RISINGABOVE IT ALL
    26. 26. 1. Politics are a part of human interaction- you can set the toneby:Not participating in gossipTelling the truthChecking out praises and criticism2. Help design/define clear job roles and compatible teamsHABITS OFPOLITICALLY SAVVYPEOPLE
    27. 27. 3. Expose the dirty tricks used by the sharks4. Don’t allow anyone to “get” something on you that can be usedlater5. Make emotional deposits with the people you work withHABITS OFPOLITICALLY SAVVYPEOPLE
    28. 28. 6. Be known as a “producer’ and not as a “politician”7. Lift others up with you and forgive failuresHABITS OFPOLITICALLY SAVVYPEOPLE
    29. 29. SURVIVAL TIPS
    30. 30. Thank You