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Massacre In Mumbai On 26 Th November
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Massacre In Mumbai On 26 Th November



Mayhem in mumbai!!!!!!!!!

Mayhem in mumbai!!!!!!!!!



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    Massacre In Mumbai On 26 Th November Massacre In Mumbai On 26 Th November Presentation Transcript

    • The city never sleeps, but it takes breaks. After a hard day’s work one doesn’t go home to bed, you go to café, a knock back a pint or two of chilled beer, chat with the backpackers, walk the streets and bite into steamy kebabs somewhere on the half a lit lane behind the Taj. Those with deep pockets walk into the luxury hotel for a drink & a fine meal. Those with nothing in their pockets can at least stand on Marine drive, smell the breeze blowing off the sea and hear the waves crash on the huge boulders along the Queen’s Necklace And then, it’s November 26 and all of a sudden the script changes…..
      • Terrorists boarded a Pakistani vessel Al-Hussaini Likely to be owned by
      • Dawood left Karachi to reach Indian territorial waters near Gujarat coast.
      • Upon reaching Gujarat they hoisted a white flag on their boat and were
      • intercepted by two officers of the coast guard near Porbandar.
      • While they were being questioned one of the terrorists grappled with one of the
      • officers slit his throat and threw the body in the boat.
      • Terrorists then hijacked Kuber probably near Jakhau in Kutch & instructed
      • Captain Amarsingh Solanki to cruise towards Mumbai. Terrorists killed the
      • captain & all crew members. (Distance between Jakhau & Mumbai-300 nautical
      • miles).
      • When they were four nautical miles away from Mumbai there were three
      • speedboats waiting for them where the other coastguard officer was killed.
      • All the ammo was then shifted into these three speedboats they reached
      • Colaba jetty on Wednesday night.
      • The terrorists had initially planned to send in only one team to carry out the
      • attacks and the other team was to be kept on stand-by.
      • However, the plan changed at the last minute, and the terrorists decided to
      • execute the terror attacks together.
      • 8:30 pm all 10 of the terrorists reached the machchimar colony sea
      • shore(cuff parade).
      • Eight of them got down & walked through the colony to reach Bhadwar Park
      • taxi stand.
      • Met by two locals, Four sat in one taxi & moved towards Taj. On the way, 2
      • got down at Leopold & the other two proceeded to Taj.
      • Qasab & his associate Ismail Khan took another cab & reached CST. The
      • other two (who attacked Nariman house) walked there.
      • While the two who did not alight from Dinghy sailed to a spot close to Oberoi
      • & left the dinghy. They then walked the rest of the distance.
      • The terrorists planted bombs under the seats before alighting from the Taxis,
      • Leopold cafe terrorists reached there much before their colleagues
      • could reach their destinations.
      • Duo decided to have a meal & drink at the famous restaurant
      • considered a landmark in the city, before they began to fire.
      • After finishing their meal, the waiter gave them the bill and they paid
      • for it.
      • Then they came to know that their friends reached their destinations,
      • they started firing indiscriminately, killing 10 people including 2
      • waiters.
      • They fired for around 15-30 seconds, ran on the back road & entered
      • the Taj from the rear road which led them to the kitchen.
      • At Leopold café the injured included an Australian couple Kate
      • Anstee(24) & her boyfriend David coker(23), ten people including two
      • waiters, Hidayatullah & Peetu patsha died in the firing.
      • The terrorists had entered the hotel around 9:30 pm on Wednesday and
      • started firing indiscriminately.
      • After entering the hotel, the terrorists first threw hand grenade near the
      • swimming pool in the new wing & then headed towards the old building
      • through the connecting corridor.
      • At 9:40 pm additional commissioner of police DCP Vishwas nangre patil
      • that the hotel attacked by the terrorists.
      • He rushed there & entered through the rear entrance with policemen & the
      • hotel’s security personnel.
      • The bomb disposal squad found 2 bombs & defused them in time. One discovered outside the main Taj hotel entrance, another near Gokul Restaurant in colaba, in a lane behind the Taj.
      • He saw 3 terrorists near the staircase on the 3rd floor of the old hotel. They
      • fired at terrorists from the 2nd floor and 1 of terrorists was injured by a
      • bullet.
      • DCP Vishwas went to the 6th floor of the old hotel to take position at a higher
      • level to locate the terrorists; unfortunately terrorists were already on the 5 th
      • floor.
      • Then he took charge of CCTV room on the 2nd floor for a security audit.
      • Meanwhile terrorists went to 6th floor, to restrict them police started random
      • firing from 2nd floor.
      • No firing between 10-10:30 pm, but at 10:35 pm terrorists started firing and
      • threw grenades from the 5th floor; they bombed the entire 2nd floor.
      • Taj security personnel started rescuing people stuck at Crystal hall, the
      • Chambers, Function halls rooftop hall and from the new building.
      • Police rescued around 500 people between 11pm & 3 am using fire exits and
      • emergency routes with help from the fire brigade & the hotel’s management.
      • DCP Vishwas informed his HQ that the terrorists were hiding in room 632 at
      • the north court side of the Taj Building. He was asked to restrict the terrorists
      • to the 6th floor.
      • Police personnel blocked all escape routes before firing randomly at the corridor .
      • At 2 am Thursday morning, 40 heavily armed Marcos had arrived at the scene.
      • Marcos commandos entered the Taj at around 2:30 am in the night.
      • A grenade is lobbed at the dome atop the old wing around 2:30 am; a fire broke
      • out prompting
      • The first hostage is rescued from the new wing around 2:45 am. Around 60
      • people including Korean nationals, are rescued till 4:30 am, By 5 am 30 more
      • tourists are brought out to safety.
      • They came under fire immediately after entering the area. 2 commandos were
      • injured in this exchange.
      • Commandos continued to engage the terrorists who seemed to have moved out
      • of the room. On carrying out sanitizing process, the elite team came across
      • room with over 200 people in it including “a managing director of the Taj”.
      • Even as the chase went on the brave men in uniform rescued about 30 hotel
      • staff & 200 guests.
      • While escaping terrorists left behind their rucksack. Marcos Commandos found explosives, ammunition, money and food in the bag.
      • It had 7 magazines of AK series guns & 400 spare live rounds, some amount of
      • plastic explosives & a huge amount of dry fruits. There were 7 credit cards of
      • major Banks like the ICICI, HSBC, HDFC, AXIS & CITI Bank, Rs 6840 in Indian
      • currency & a wad of dollars.
      • At 6:30 am NSG commandos arrived & took charge.
      • The rescue operations restarts around 7 am moving floor by floor in the new
      • wing; 100 more tourists came out.
      • An encounter starts in the old building. Terrorists lob another grenade on the
      • lobby around 11am & a second grenade at the dome of the building around
      • 12:50 in the afternoon.
      • Another grenade is lobbed on the sixth floor, is doused quickly. 8 foreigners are
      • rescued from the new building around 2:30 pm but 4 rapids bursts of gunfire a
      • little later spreads more panic.
      • A grenade went off inside the hotel at 3:30 pm & 2 more exploded before 6 hotel
      • guests, all foreigners were rescued through the hotel’s rear entrance.
      • Grenades are lobbed inside the old wing at half an hour intervals
      • Between 4:45pm & 5:15 pm there were about a dozen blasts accompanied by
      • gunshots as the NSG & terrorists continued the battle inside.
      • A general manager’s family- wife & 3 kids are charred to death on the 6th floor
      • around 5:30pm Thursday.
      • Though gunfire was on intermittently post Friday midnight, it was at 3:35 am
      • when the action really began hotting up.
      • Two loud blasts in quick succession followed by a flurry of gunshots rang out
      • from within.
      • Ten minutes later there were 7 successive blasts as grenades exploded in
      • various corners of the old Taj building (the new building had been sanitised
      • earlier).
      • An hour later the grenades were being lobbed on the ground floor in the
      • Harbour Bar & then at Wasabi restaurant.
      • Outside commandos kept shifting places, darting in & out of corners.
      • At one point, a stray bullet whizzed past over the stationed media.
      • At 4:56 am, a round of rapid fire came from the reception. By now the firing
      • had been on for several hours, emanating from the south end & the north, the
      • ground floor & the upper levels at different times.
      • By 5:10am it began raining.
      • A brief lull followed before the firing resumed again at 6:04am.
      • 40 minutes later a fresh batch of commandos arrived, setting off more blasts
      • and firing.
      • Finally fire began inside Wasabi restaurant on the 1st floor window. It soon
      • spread downwards to the bar.
      • 15 minutes later the firemen were signaled to go and douse it, by which time
      • 1 terrorist had fallen out of the first floor window.
      • He was dressed in jeans & a green t-shirt. Another terrorist lay inside charred
      • to death.
      • The operation was now complete. But in the process , the NSG too had lost
      • one of its brightest “Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan”
      • Terrorists entered the Nariman Bhavan around 9.30pm (Wednesday). Each
      • had bulging haversacks & huge boxes in their hands.
      • Terrorists started firing indiscriminately of neighbouring building and
      • passersby. Many are killed, Police surrounded the area & NSG called in.
      • NSG Commandos do a recce of the building. Some of them station
      • themselves on neighbouring rooftops.
      • Manage to rescue nine people. Terrorists take up defensive positions, lob
      • grenades intermittently.
      • In the morning around 9am 1 terrorist named Omar Shahabdhulla called
      • India TV news channel & told them about their demands. Misguiding them
      • by telling he belongs to South Hyderabad & want all his friends who
      • belongs to Deccan mujahideen should be freed.
      • In the evening around 4:30pm another terrorist named Imraan Babar (aka
      • Akasha) called up India TV & told them he wants to take revenge from the
      • people of India. Our families who were living in Kashmir were killed by the
      • forces. He had left his medical studies in mid way & came here to show
      • Muslims that you should live & die with a pride.
      • Terrorists responded with incessant firing & kept hurling grenades.
      • At 10 am Indian army Helicopter-No MI-18/MI-17 airdrops Nariman House’s
      • roof.
      • Around 30 NSG commandos rappelled down the helicopter & took their
      • positions. The copter made 4 trips to bring in reinforcements.
      • At 11:46 am Terrorists hurl 2 hand grenades from the third floor at the
      • opposite building.
      • At 11:54 am Four explosion resound.
      • At 11:50 pm BEST bus brings more than 20 NSG men, fire brigade arrives.
      • At 12:15 pm Heavy firing starts & terrorists retaliate. There’s an explosion.
      • At 1:09 pm Army helicopter passes over the building; terrorists fire at it.
      • Between 1pm-2 pm firing & bombing ceased inside the structure. After 2 pm it
      • started continuously.
      • At 2:00 pm More than 15 commandos arrive.
      • At 3:00 pm Firing resumes.
      • Around 3:15 pm the commandos waved a piece of red cloth from the 4th floor,
      • signaling their counterparts. Within seconds the cloth was removed & the gun
      • battle began.
      • At 3:30 pm two minor explosions.
      • At 5:00 pm After a major explosion, smoke starts coming out of the windows.
      • At 5:27 pm Heavy indiscriminate fire & explosion.
      • They seemed unable to enter 4th floor until 6pm when the terrorists blew the
      • large window pane of the 3rd floor.
      • At 5:41 pm Terrorists throw grenades on the road, nobody injured.
      • At 6:00 pm Fire continues, Gunfire is exchanged every 10-15 seconds.
      • Terrorists continuously changing their positions from floor to floor.
      • At 6:22 pm TV channels announce operations are over. Mob cheers and claps
      • takes to the streets.
      • Around 6:40 pm locals gathered on the road near the building and started
      • shouting slogans thinking that operations were over.
      • At 6:46 pm Loudspeakers attached to Army & fire brigades vans urge
      • people to stay calm & stay away from the firing range as the operation has
      • not ended.
      • At 6:52 pm Fresh firing heard from the 2nd floor & 3rd floor of the building,
      • police flash floodlights.
      • At 7:05 pm Injured commandos taken away in an ambulance
      • At 7:45 pm Firing resumes from both ends and terrorists hurl a grenade.
      • At 9:05 pm Operation over. Police says 2 terrorists killed & five hostages
      • dead. Bodies are taken out .
      • Among those feared killed include Rabbi Gavriel Holizberg and his wife Rivika. The terrorists had released their young son & his nanny.
      • November 26
      • At 9:40pm two terrorists stormed into the hotel & opened fire.
      • Around 9:45 pm guests & personnel at the Oberoi hear gunfire. At the same time, a
      • fire starts in the lobby of the trident.
      • The fidayeens took a few people (around 15-17) hostage and moved to the Building’s
      • 18th floor.
      • Policemen & the fire brigade respond within minutes.
      • There’s crossfire between the terrorists & the police.
      • Window panes are shattered. The terrorists throw a grenade at the police.
      • Inside, terrorists seal the restaurant Tiffin.
      • They move from room to room taking hostages and open fire at different rooms inside
      • the hotel.
      • November 27
      • At 8 am NSG storm buildings from the roof top. By around 4 pm the
      • commandos reach the 21st floor.
      • From 2:30 pm onwards hostages begin to trickle out.
      • Between 2 & 3:30 pm, five grenades were heard from deep in the hotel.
      • Between 5:45 & 6 pm, rounds of fire were heard, for 15 minutes.
      • Through the evening NSG & army reinforcements came in. By late evening
      • there were nine platoons of commandos, each platoon with 36 personnel.
      • There grenades are heard at different points late in the evening.
      • Sporadic firing through the evening.
      • 10pm; another grenade went off.
      • By 1am: 30-40 hostages were freed.
      • Through the night, rescue operation continues….
    • November 28 8:30 am: two army choppers circle the hotels. 9:15 am: More firing is heard. 10 am-1:30pm: 93 hostages were freed. 3:30pm: MISSION OVER…
      • 9:50 pm-2 terrorists wielding AK-47s enter the outstation section of
      • CST through the GPO entrance.
      • They enter the waiting hall, killed 50 people & many passengers got
      • injured.
      • They run amok between platforms 12-15 & hurl grenades.
      • The terrorists run into an alley and kill 2 railway cops
      • 10:30 pm- They enter the sub urban platforms.
      • Railwat cops block the outstation exit & city cops block the DN Road
      • exit.
      • The trapped terrorists hide behind trains on platform 2 & 3 & a 20
      • minute shootout ensues.
      • They run to the Masjid (north) end, where they take the footbridge.
      • The terrorists enter the lane alongside the Times Of India office and
      • unsuccessfully attempt to enter the office through a locked side door.
      • They continue down the alley slink past the rear of Azad Maidan police station
      • and reach the rear of Cama Hospital where they jump a gate.
      • They shoot a lady on the 1st floor.
      • They walk to the front of the hospital and shoot 2 watchmen dead.
      • They take the stairs to the 5th floor, take a hospital employee hostage &go to
      • the terrace.
      • They return to the 6th floor, since cops are on the 5th floor they send the
      • hostage down. He requests the police not to shoot.
      • The terrorists hurl a grenade; the hostage& others are injured, including an
      • IPS officer.
      • The terrorists run down a different set of stairs in the ensuing confusion &
      • exit the grounds from one of the rear gates.
      • They reenter the lane head to a chawl where they kill 2 people.
      • They head down to the lane & take a left towards Mahapalika Marg. They
      • hide near an ATM, expecting police to be following.
      • ATS Chief Hemant karkare reached CST. Constable told him that the
      • terrorists were on the foot over bridge connecting a bylane near the
      • Times Building.
      • Karkare told Railway police DCP Vasant Koregaonkar to rush to the
      • station to avoid any incident in the event of terrorists striking back.
      • Meanwhile DCP Mohite rushed towards the Cama Hospital and Add. CP
      • Ashok Kamte, Salaskar & karkare moved towards Special Branch Office.
      • A police Qualis carrying ATS Chief Hemant karkare, encounter specialist
      • Vijay Salaskar & additional commissioner Ashok Kamthe comes down
      • the lane.
      • None of the 3 officials could bend down as they were wearing bullet
      • proof jackets.
      • It stops to see if terrorists have entered the adjacent GT hospital. The
      • terrorists came forward from the right side of the vehicle &
      • indiscriminately sprayed bullets from the sophisticated weapons.
      • Neither of the 3 officials or police constables sitting in the vehicle could
      • move an inch. 1 bullet fired from the service revolver of one of the officials
      • pierced through 1 of the terrorist’s hand.
      • They dragged the bodies out of the vehicle, threw them on the road & took
      • control of the police vehicle.
      • The bodies of karkare, kamte & Salaskar were lying near Rang Bhavan for
      • over 45 min in a pool of blood before a patrolling van reached the spot.
      • They took the car to Mahapalika road & then Metro Junction. They fire
      • from the vehicle, killing 1 bystander and injuring others.
      • They head to Vidhan Bhavan, where they steal a hotelier’s Skoda at
      • gunpoint.
      • They head for Girgaum Chowpatty. At 1am Thursday morning , the police
      • kill one terrorist & arrest the other.
      • 10:30 pm- A taxi driver in ekta nagar from PD Mello road right in front of the
      • BPT Township.
      • 10:32 pm- Even before the lady passenger asks the driver to stop, the taxi
      • halts as a lorry ahead blocks the road in a bid to take a U-Turn.
      • 10:35 pm- the lady passenger gets down & takes out money from her purse
      • to pay to the taxi driver.
      • 10:36 pm- There is a huge bang & human body parts are scattered all over
      • the place & another one followed in vile parle after 10 minutes.
      • 10:40 pm- Residents of BPT housing society rush to the site & inform the
      • police but neither Sewri nor Dongri police respond to the call.
      • 11:15 pm- Finally policemen from Byculla police station arrive on the spot. A
      • team of police takes the 11 injured to JJ Hospital.
      • 1:30 pm(Thursday)- A special investigation team arrives & recovers body
      • parts of the two deceased and confirms the presence of RDX & the hand of
      • terrorists in the attack.
      • From the police it came to know that the passenger who boarded the taxi
      • (vile parle blast) was lawyer from Hyderabad.
      • The war on terror in Mumbai was on Saturday wrapped up by the security forces
      • that eliminated three terrorists in Taj hotel after 60 hours of intense battle with the
      • band of ultras who struck the country's financial capital killing 195 people.
      • The security forces rescued 250 people in Oberoi, 300 in Taj and 12 families of 60
      • people in Nariman House.
      • The terrorists held out through the night in Taj and battle escalated in the wee
      • hours on Saturday. The final assault began at the crack of dawn and the drama
      • came to an end shortly after 0800 hours.
      • All operations are over…
      • The NSG has formally reported that the operations are complete and now Taj,
      • Oberoi and Nariman House are being sanitised. There are no more terrorists now
      • in Mumbai.
      • All have been liquidated or captured alive," M L Kumawat, Special Secretary in
      • the Union Home Ministry told reporters in Delhi.
      • 10 bombs were found during the operation in a big rucksack. All were defused
      • successfully by the bomb squad team.
      • In all, nine terrorists were killed while one was captured alive in
      • "Operation Tornado" executed by the NSG along with the army and naval
      • commandos and Maharashtra police.
      • Ajmal made another important disclosure: that all terrorists were trained in
      • marine warfare along with the special course Daura-e-Shifa conducted by
      • the Lashkar-e-Toiba in what at once transforms the nature of the planning
      • from a routine terror strike and into a specialized raid by commandos.
      • Kasab has told police that they were sent with a specific mission of
      • targeting Israelis to avenge atrocities on Palestinians. This was why they
      • targeted Nariman House, a complex meant for Israelis.
      • The magnitude of the attack by suspected Lashkar- e- Taiba elements.
      • The attack on Nariman house is likely to shake India’s place as a favourite
      • destination for Israelis Citizens.
      • The plan known as the 1993 New York landmarks plot, was foiled but 15
      • years later, it appears to have been used in Mumbai.
      • Smashed glass panes, damaged furniture, overturned chairs, burnt curtains
      • and blood-spattered rooms with black scars of the raging fire bore mute
      • testimony to the three-day terror rampage.
      • Md Ajmal Md Amir Qasab, alias Abu Mujahid(21), a resident of Okara. (Caught
      • alive & now in Police Custody).
      • Ismail Khan alias Isamal Khan(25), a resident of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan.
      • Hafeez arshad alias Abdul Rehman Bada(25), a resident of Multan, Pakistan.
      • Javed alias Abu Ali(23), a resident of Okara Pakistan.
      • Shoaib alias Soaib, a resident of Narowal Sialkot, Pakistan.
      • Nazeer alias Abu Umer(22), a resident of Faizalabad, Pakistan.
      • Nasir alias Abu Umar(28), a resident of Faizalabad, Pakistan.
      • Babbar Imran alias Abu Aqasha(26), a resident of Multan, Pakistan.
      • Abdul Rehman alias Abdul Rehman chota(21), a resident of Arafwala, Multan
      • road, Pakistan.
      • Fahadullah alias Abu fahad(24), a resident of Bipalpur taluka, Okara,
      • Pakistan.
    • Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan NSG Commando Rajbir Singh Lamba NSG Captain Amitendra Kumar Singh Marine commandos (Marcos) Volunteers of Gurudwara Shri Dashmesh Darbar Sion (On Thursday & Friday volunteers supplied 500 packets of food & water to forces at oberoi & Taj, for breakfast, for lunch & dinner they provided 1000 packets of puri bhajji.) NSG, ATS, MARCOS COMMANDOS HATS OFF TO
    • Joint police commissioner (ATS) Hemant karkare Additional police commissioner (Mumbai- Eastern region) Ashok Kamthe Senior inspector (anti extortion & anti dacoit squads) Vijay Salaskar Police sub inspector Prakash More from L T Marg police station Police sub inspector Bapurao Durgunde From the ATS Assistant sub inspector Tukaram Ombale from the D B marg police station Assistant inspector N C Bhosale Constable A R Chitte Constable Vijay Khandekar Constable Yogesh Patil Constable Jaywant Patil Constable Ambadas Pawar Constable Balwant Bhosale Railway police: Inspector Shashank Shinde Constable M C Chaudhary Assistant Chief ticketing inspector, CR- S K Sharma saved the life of a girl at CST. MUMBAI POLICE
    • Announcer, CR- V K Zende saved the life of many people by making continuous alert on the public announcement system. Pankaj Goel (Owner of Refresh Hotel at CST) informed the police control room about the grenade. Mohammed Sheikh alias Chotu, a tea seller at CST station saved the life of few people. Oberoi Chef Emanuele Lattanzi saved guests & family. Trainee chef Sadanand Ratan Patil died bravely while escorting few foreign tourists. Dr Tilu Mangeshkar & her husband Dr Prashant saving the life of a staff of Taj. Mumbai could be the turning point towards reconstruction & consolidation if we place national security above partisan considerations. If we don’t, the country could sink into an abyss of violence & disorder.