Andaman and nicobar island beach holidays india


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Andaman and nicobar island beach holidays india

  1. 1. Andaman and Nicobar Island BeachHolidays India• Andaman & Nicobar Islands are well known to be averitable Garden of Eden and naturalist heaven. It is one ofthe perfect flawless islands countries fitting to be calledtropical paradise. The clean scenic environment ofevergreen islands surrounded by blue heaven is really aparadise hunted by nature admirers and adorers of theworld. Andaman and Nicobar truly speaking is the home oflarge log of plants, animals and marine life. Topographicallythe islands are hilly in places fringed with coconut palm,clad with tropical forest and interspersed with flat stretchesof crescent structured beaches where adventure tourism isquite active and progressive in those areas. People travelAndaman Tour mostly to experience the unique awesometourism water sports andmarine exhibition of the country.
  2. 2. Most of the charming and beach holiday spots of this country are locatedinAndaman and Nicobar Islands.The place like Neil Island is a beautiful island withlushgreen forest and sandy beaches is a bowl of Andaman and Nicobar. This placegives an ideal holiday for eco-friendly tourists coming from various parts of theworld. One can realize the true delight and happiness of serenity and enjoyment ofvillage life over here. Some of the famous beaches like Laxmanpur, Bharatpur andSitapur entertain thousands and thousands of tourists almost every year. Mayabunder, Diglipur and Little Andaman Island are some of the tourist crowned mostfrequented tourist places included in Andaman Tour packages which must be seenduring travel in this island country of Andaman and Nicobar Island. Other placeslike Havelock, the Redskin Island, Ross Island, Baratang Island, Viper Island, JollyBuoy Island, Chatham Island, Barren Island, Neil Island, and Cinque Island are someof the striking tourist fascinated hot spots of these Islands .They offer immense oftourist services ranging from food to water sports everything is served to entertainand treat tourist in its best ways. Apart from it there are also lots of fun filled sites,Scenic beautiful sightseeing places, amazing historical sites and wonderfultouristareas are still more to mention.Among them Port Blair is the only sizable town onthe islands which servesas the administrative capital of this island country.
  3. 3. There are many tourist spot worth visiting along with the lively Aberdeen Bazaar which isthe busy locations of this town. Other places like Mount Herriot are worth visiting too. It isthe highest peak around Port Blair that offers breathtaking view of sunsetand sunriseamazing scenery and is a well noted ideal spot for picnics and trekking. Chidiya tapu is alsoanother popular picnic spot which is often called as bird’s island is a beautiful scenic islandwith lush mangroves, picturesque beach and creeks for relaxation.There is also a famous Carbyn’s cove beach situated near Port Blair and is the only nearestbeach spot ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Andaman and Nicobar has many attractionsand wonderful tempting sites that will simply carry your imagination to the dramaticheavenly ecstasy. Visit it and behold them all.I am content writer. I write articles on tours and travel, tour packages, holidays and hotelsfor various countries like Singapore, Dubai and India Travel. Visit India Tour packagesto findtours for India, Shimla Manali Tour, Kerala Tour PackagesEtc.Andaman tour, Andaman, Andaman tour packages, AndamanNicobar Islands