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E Tapestry Webinar 2010

E Tapestry Webinar 2010






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  • (review steps)
  • Working with nonprofits is our business. We have designed and built our products and services specifically to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations and their unique needs.
  • As the first provider of “software on the Internet” in our market, we have always thrived on new innovations and creative solutions. It is the same today, and we’ll look at some of those innovations later in the presentation.
  • Cool technology is great. But in the end, we believe it is all about quality service. Our folks have a passion and a heart to serve and to help make our nonprofit customers successful. We truly believe this is what differentiates eTapestry from other providers.
  • And finally, we love to have fun. We want our employees to work hard, but also to have fun at what they do. It translates over to relationships with everyone we work with. Having fun, is one of our guiding principles at eTapestry.
  • Our founders, and a number of our staff members, were formerly at Master Software – makers of Fund-Master. Master Software was the leading provider of fundraising software before it was purchased – and shut down – by Blackbaud in 1997. So they had a long history of working with nonprofits and helping them deal with the challenges of software. As a result of the BB purchase, they began to put together a new idea for delivering fundraising software as a “service”, and in 1999 introduced the first web-based application to the market. Today it has become readily adopted as a better way to deliver and manage software and is in use by over 5000 organizations around the world.
  • … we’ll give you 10 guarantees with eTapestry.
  • Working with nonprofits is our business. We have designed and built our products and services specifically to serve the needs of nonprofit organizations and their unique needs. At the core, eTap is a contact management system with a fundraising “wrapper” for the unique needs of NP CRM (Relshp mangement, Bd, Steweardship, Major Donor, Communication, etc) Termonology ( Reporting Unique functionality (pledges, segmented gifts, ) that doesn’t exist in the For Profit world What are some other unique things NP (your group does vs FP) Your Internet strategy should incorporate everything from your online face (website), to your online communication (email), to your online giving (ecommerce), to the heart of your system – the database. When working with our eTapestry customers on an Internet strategy, we can happily tell them there is good news, and then there is better news. The good news is that we can take any one aspect and help them implement it. The better news is that we can make all the pieces work together in a coordinated, seamless fashion.
  • Before
  • After
  • While sometimes complicated by vendors and processors, we keep the process pretty simple. From your website you simply create a link to a donation page…
  • Once the donor completes the donation page, their gift transaction is sent to our processing partner IATS-Ticketmaster, who verifies the gift and notifies the donor.
  • IATS then transfers the money automatically to your bank account and then updates your eTapestry database.
  • You get the following results.
  • eTapestry allows you to incorporate an advanced email tool, directly into you eTapestry database. It provides a full html editor for easily building attractive emails and newsletters.
  • Detailed delivery reports show you the result of your mailings.
  • Including stats on delivery rates, open rates, and detailed click thru tracking.
  • While a website, ecommerce, and advanced email may make up the bulk of your Internet strategy, you may have special needs in other areas as well.
  • eTapestry offers a variety of tools to expand your strategy – including tools for donor login, WishList, event registration, and personal fundraising.
  • So no matter where you are, you now have full access to your database.
  • … an easy button! Not really, but providing easy operation has been a key focus of eTapestry since we began.
  • We start by running everything in a browser – the preferred method of operation – whether Windows, Mac, or other. The welcome page provides a central point for many key data points (review areas of page)
  • Finding information is easy as well. Just like finding info in a search engine such as yahoo or google, you can easily find the accounts you need. This page can also be customized to meet the needs of the user.
  • Once an account is identified, you can go to a single screen to see all information about an account. We call it the home page, but I think of it as the Executive Directors page – who have told us for years that they would like to go to ONE place to see everything relevant about an account, without having to click on numerous pages or tabs. So from one page I can see all the contact information,
  • Or giving information, or contact information. It is ideal for the casual, or the power user.
  • In user surveys done by us and others, one of the most common requests of fundraisers is the ability to get useful reports easily. We provide a variety of pre-built reports – not an overwhelming number of them, but those that we know are most used by nonprofits. So lets see how they work. Say you would like to get a report of some of your top donors.
  • All reports feature an easy setup, with flexible input options. In this case, I choose to see my top 10 donors based on received gifts. I can also choose various outputs – I can see the report on screen, export it, or even have it emailed to me. Reports can even be scheduled for regular delivery, so if I would like to get a top donor report each month, it can be automatically sent to me.
  • Reports in eTap are designed to be dynamic. They are a launching point for navigating to more detail.
  • Want to learn more about your top donor? Click on his name.
  • Maybe I want to plan a visit. Built in links will take you to a map.
  • Guarantee 4 – better recordkeeping.
  • Part of better recordkeeping is being able to manage all the different complexities of relationships, interactions, communications, and future events. eTapestry is designed to be your central data source for all these things.
  • Let’s start by looking at relationships. As a fundraiser, you understand the value of relationships, and the value of knowing how donors are connected. Each account has a relationship link.
  • That link lets you identify – and see – who this account has a relationship with. It can be any variety of relationships you see here.
  • Another key feature is our relationship report
  • Which displays a “relationship tree” allowing you to see how your database accounts are connected to each other. If you are doing major gift fundraising, this is essential to your success.
  • OK – what about contacts. This quote explains the exact idea behind our journal page. The journal page details every interaction I have had with an account.
  • How about email communication. You can certainly send email from within eTapestry, or you can send via Outlook. A special outlook integration allows your Outlook email to be automatically added to your eTap database.
  • Simply verify the account your are sending to…
  • … and it is automatically added to the appropriated journal in your eTapestry database.
  • From this page I can add new items regarding contacts with this account. In this case I see I had a lunch meeting with John and I need to schedule a follow-up. So I choose calendar item from my list…
  • … and it allows me to set an appointment for a followup meeting.
  • I can even have it automatically update my Outlook calendar if I want. Therefore all my eTap calendar events can be viewed via my Treo or PDA as needed.
  • My calendar events also display on my welcome page when I log in, alerting me to the activities I have scheduled.
  • Guarantee 5 – We’ll improve your communications…and then world peace. One of the great challenges in any relationship, business, and organization is communication.
  • eTapestry provides a number of tools and services to facilitate communication. We’ve already looked at advanced email and individual email communication with outlook integration. But a good percentage of the population – and your donor base – may still prefer communication in printed form and delivered via mail.
  • However, one of the challenges of mail is deliverability. Did you know…
  • Therefore, eTapestry provides a variety of services to assist you in cleaning your data. The beauty of our service over traditional methods, is that we do the work for you. No exports, no sending data out, no programs for converting data or importing it back in. Simply make a call – or send us an email – and we can begin the process of updating your data.
  • Once your data is clean, you’ll want to prepare a mailing. eTapestry’s Communicate area provides tools for building your mailings.
  • You can build and save your letters and methods of communication for repeated use.
  • Creating new correspondence is simple. Select an existing template, or choose to create a new one.
  • A communication “wizard” takes you step by step thru the process – from choosing a layout, all the way…
  • … to viewing a sample.
  • Guarantee 6 – your data is secure! Since we first introduced eTapestry in 1999, the number one question people have asked involved security of their data. We take security very seriously. We implement the highest standards developed for secure transmission of data. We utilize 2 professional hosting centers which are built to maintain, monitor, and secure systems and data. Our redundant architecture means everything continues working even if a piece of hardware fails.
  • Our redundant architecture means everything continues working even if a piece of hardware fails. Your data is automatically backed up for you and all updates and maintenance is provided.
  • You can even define which sections of information is made available to each staff member and user.
  • User activity reports even allow you to monitor usage, including work that was done by user.
  • Guarantee 7 – outstanding support.
  • But support is also about providing the greatest range of tools and resources to provide help. (review various support methods)
  • The foundation for good support however, is good training. We developed our training programs to be very different from traditional software training. Instead of force feeding you as much information as possible in a short classroom setting, we do our training online. It allows you to learn at a pace that suits you. It allows you to select the specific areas you need to focus on, and it gives you unlimited access. (review class options)
  • As we stated at the beginning of our presentation, we thrive on innovation.
  • An innovation that we implemented last summer is our mobile access. (review mobile features)
  • See how you measure up to other organizations in your area, throughout the US, or even by organization type.
  • Guarantee 9 – we’ll help you get implemented in 90 days. You’ll be expected to participate in this, however, one of the keys to our success, has been our ability to help people get started in a fairly short time. We are able to do this because we have developed a process that has worked for hundreds of organizations.
  • Consider these items (review list in detail) Consider the time and expense for folks in your organization to do these things for you right now.
  • (review list)
  • (review price model)
  • (review price model)
  • (review price model)
  • (review steps)

E Tapestry Webinar 2010 E Tapestry Webinar 2010 Presentation Transcript