SA OpenStackers April 2014 Meetup - OpenStack Contributors


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Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?

This 16 slide deck was originally presented at the SA OpenStackers April 2014 meetup, sponsored by Rackspace Hosting, INC. The deck provides a very high level introduction to OpenStack, the development process, the community, and the communication before providing information on why, how, and when to contribute. This presentation is aimed at more than just developers, encouraging everyone with interest to find a way to contribute that aligns with their talents and interests and get involved. Watch the high quality video recording of the original meetup presentation here:

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  • In the early 1960s, computer scientists working on mainframes envisioned a future where computing would be available using a utility model. The mainframe model evolved in the 90s to the modern data center. Individual servers began filling the old mainframe rooms as the growth of internet bought a surge of demand for computing. In the late 90s and early 2000s, virtualization became more common and easier to accomplish. Businesses realized they could extend a single dedicated server to provided multiple purposes for different projects and control costs and the time to acquire new hardware. In the mid- to late-2000s, the first cloud offerings began to enter the market. Now, more than 50 years since those early scientist's vision for computing, OpenStack provides open source software that enables more computing options than ever before.REF:
  • TheOpenStack Cloud Operating System is a collection of distinct services that are accessed through APIs. When installed on top of hardware, it creates a flexible and powerful cloud offering in which virtual servers can be created, modified, and deleted through a few clicks on the dashboard or through a direct call to the API.REF:
  • SA OpenStackers April 2014 Meetup - OpenStack Contributors

    1. 1. Rainya Mosher, Software Dev Manager Infrastructure Deployment Systems Twitter: @rainyamosher | Email: SA OpenStackers April ‘14 Meetup: So you want to be an OpenStack contributor? 20 March 2014
    2. 2. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM • Name: Rainya Mosher • Twitter: @rainyamosher • IRC Freenode: rainya • Email: Rainya is the software development manager for deployment automation in the Product Infrastructure segment at Rackspace Hosting, Inc. 2 Your Presenter Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?
    3. 3. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM • View from 50,000 feet – OpenStack Cloud Operating System – OpenStack Development Process – OpenStack Community – OpenStack Communication • OpenStack Contribution – Why – Where – How 3 In This Presentation Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?
    4. 4. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM “If computers of the kind I have advocated become the computers of the future, then computing may someday be organized as a public utility just as the telephone system is a public utility … The computer utility could become the basis of a new and important industry.” - John McCarthy, American Computer Scientist, MIT Centennial, 1961 4 Brief History of Computing Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? Mainframe 1960s Virtualization 1990s Cloud 2000s Hybrid 2010s
    5. 5. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 5 OpenStack Cloud Operating System Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? “OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface.” -
    6. 6. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM OpenStack Projects Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? 6 • Compute (Nova) • Object Storage (Swift) • Image Service (Glance) • Identity (Keystone) • Dashboard (Horizon) • Networking (Neutron) • Block Storage (Cinder) • Telemetry (Ceilometer) • Orchestration (Heat) • Database Service (Trove) • Bare metal (Ironic) • Queue service (Marconi) • Data processing (Sahara) • Key management (Barbican) • Common Libraries (Oslo) • Infrastructure • Documentation • Quality Assurance (QA) • Deployment (TripleO) • Devstack (DevStack) • Release cycle management • Product-ey Stuff @ Rackspace
    7. 7. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 7 OpenStack Development Process Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? Maintenance for Previous Releases new features accepted feature freeze Planning community designs, discusses, & targets release cycle Implementation community makes changes to OpenStack code & creates new functionality Pre-Release community focuses on bug fixes, docs, & testing Final Release 6-Month OpenStack Release Cycle Juno Design Summit May 13 – 16, ’14 Atlanta, GA Icehouse Release 4/17/2014 release date
    8. 8. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM OpenStack Community Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? 8 • Not just open source software, a growing community • Frenemies and coopetion are fake buzzwords I like to use • A consortium of over 80 companies AND a community of over a 1,000 individuals • Individuals may work for some of the companies or be completely independent Community Stats 73,759 commits 2,028 developers 36,560 tickets 51,937 mail msgs
    9. 9. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM • Mailing Lists >> – 12 major list types (General, Announcements, Future Dev, Operators, QA, Foundation, Security, Community, Translation, Sub-teams, User Committee, and Language-Specific) – Sign up to as many as you want – Lurk or participate– up to you – Tip: Set up filters to manage the influx • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) >> – Centered on the Freenode network – 42 different channels – join, lurk, participate • Ask OpenStack >> • Design Summit >> • Meetups • OpenStack Glossary >> 9 OpenStack Communition Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?
    10. 10. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM • Be part of something BIG • Build your expertise • Work with amazingly smart people • Influence change for good • Build a new career path • Unique social & technological challenge • Change the world 10 Why to Contribute Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?
    11. 11. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM Where to Contribute Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? 11 What do you Like to Do? • Use the Cloud • Code OpenStack SDKs • Code on OpenStack itself • Operations & Engineering • Community • Documentation What do you already know? • Marketing • Testing • Triaging bugs • Stabilizing • Security • Translating
    12. 12. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM How to Contribute Want to be an OpenStack Contributor 12 1. Join - Prove You are You • Create Launchpad account • Upload SSH keys • Join the Foundation (free) • Verify it works on 2. Work Files - Get your Git On • Clone an OpenStack Repo • Setup git-review • Edit, test locally • Submit a patch • Get it reviewed 3. Review – Extra Eyes • Add inline comments • Click Review - OR – • Get local copy of the patch • Patch your patch • Run tests, edit • Push it back to Just 3 simple steps!
    13. 13. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM When Simple isn’t Easy – Git Want to be an OpenStack Contributor? 13 • Git has a Learning Curve • It may or may not make perfectly intelligent people feel dumb • You may or may not learn how to do something, not use it for a week, and feel like you’re starting over again • Tutorials online may or may not assume you already know basics of version control and git branch strategy • It may or may not be hard when you’re missing something “obvious” to folks with git experience
    14. 14. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM When Simple isn’t Easy - Reviews Want to be an OpenStack Contributor 14 • To merge, a patch must be reviewed – Various voting and non-voting jobs – +1 from two Project cores (+2) • Those smart people you get to work with? They have opinions. Usually strong ones. • Your Great Idea may not fit with the release cycle goals or the direction of the project. • Your approach to content creation (coding, writing, translation, etc) may be different than someone else’s and you may be blocked as a result • Core Reviewers are an endangered species who often don’t have time to be “nice” in comments (but they are!) Don’t give up! The review process is a great way to learn python and OpenStack from experienced developers who want you to succeed.
    15. 15. RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM • Join in through launchpad and the Foundation • Sign up for some mailing lists and join an IRC channel (or ten) • Observe the community for a while and see where you are “pulled” • Find a mentor to work with in your area of interest • Ask LOTS of questions “We may actually have enough developers right now. What we need are all those other types of people.” Paraphrase of Russell B., former Nova PTL, from Mid- Cycle Meetup in Utah 15 What’s Next Want to be an OpenStack Contributor?