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Deal of the day  snapshot 2011

Deal of the day snapshot 2011






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  • Dựa trên visitors đó anh, traffic là chủ yếu, chứ số liệu chuyên sâu em không có nắm. Mình tạm thời nắm cái traffic để có cái nhìn tổng quan thôi, he he. Cảm ơn anh đã ghé :D
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  • So good!!!. I like you analytics but the figure is the real one or just estimate?
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    Deal of the day  snapshot 2011 Deal of the day snapshot 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • DEAL OF THE DAYGroup buying with appealing offers since the more userssign up for the deal, the lesser the price is. Online order, home delivery, payment by cash in hand.
    • INTRODUCTION• Movement of Discount Coupon in Vietnam is more vibrant than ever.• These websites have features of selling discount coupons & promotions to customers• Focus in main-city areas: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi• Still in the process of competing each other,there ‘s no truly outstanding site
    • PAYMENTCurrently, payment methods for Groupon inVietnam:+ Cash / Bank Transaction+ Gift Certificates (Groupon Vietnam release)+ Point / Virtual Money+ ATM card, credit cards
    • Deal of the day top-sites in Vietnam May 2011
    • 1. www.Muachung.vn• Managing Company: Công ty cổ phần truyền thông Việt Nam - VC Corp (kenh14.vn)• Payment: Visa/Mastercard, ATM card registered to use Internet banking, online payments are guaranteed.• Strengths: E-Coupons will be sent via SMS and email to customers within 1 hour after purchase successful. Deal more attractive. Send confirm email after ordering.• Weaknesses: Hard to buy without a bank-account• Alexa Ranking Globe/VietNam: 23,537/126• Page views: ~2.4M• Visitors: 690K• Avg time on site: 4:10• http://muachung.vn
    • 2. www.vndoan.vn• Managing Company: Công ty TNHH Công nghệ mạng Thiên Hy Long• Payment: nganluong.vn, cash, ATM transfer• Strengths: Currently, vndoan.vn is a website that sell coupons in most Viet nam’s main-cities (including Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong and Can Tho). Many attractive deal with high discounts from 50% -100%, free delivery coupon. Invite your friends to purchase a bonus.• Weaknesses: No payment by Visa, Master Card.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 69,629/368• Page views: ~820K• Visitors: 47K• Avg time on site: 6:50• http://www.vndoan.com
    • 3. www.nhommua.com• Managing company: DiaDiem.com• Payment: PayPal, Payoo, cash, Visa, MasterCard• Strengths: free delivery coupon (in Ho Chi Minh City) and payment at home. More attractive deal. Staff confirm by calling after ordering. Weaknesses: N/A• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 18,152/75• Page views: ~6.7M• Visitors: 570K• Avg time on site: 7:30• www.nhommua.com
    • 4. www.cungmua.com• Managing Company: Tichluydiem.com (Cyvee)• Payment: Via tichluydiem.com, bank transaction, cash• Strengths: Coupon will be delivered within 48 hours after registered• Weaknesses: kind of new deals appears slightly less• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 66,752/331• Page views: ~840K• Visitors: 77K• Avg time on site: 6:20• www.cungmua.com
    • 5. http://deal.zing.vn• Managing Company: Vinagame - VNG Corporation• Payment: “Zing Xu”, ATM/Internet Banking, Bank Transaction.• Strengths: good relation with Vinagame (zing.vn…), quite attractive deal.• Weaknesses: "Zing Xu“ - its make difficult for people to buy, (not friendly), that’s why Zing’s products cant sell as well as sites above.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: N/A (www.zing.vn is 469/4)• Page views: ~1.1M• Visitors: 270K• Avg time on site: 4:10• http://deal.zing.vn/
    • Others• 6. http://hotdeal.vn (Page views/visitors: 840k/84k)• 7. http://www.runhau.vn (110k/14k)• 8. http://cucre.vn/vn (390k/110k)• 9. http://phagia.com.vn (180k/25k)• 10. http://uudai.vn (N/A)The way of transaction isn’t clear, features of website isn’t good, service is notguaranteed as other sites above
    • Online visitor shares of traffic 11% 14% 37% Muachung vndoan4% nhommua cungmua deal.zing 31% Others 3%
    • Internet Users (30M) 6% Internet Users94% 6% DoD Users
    • Facebook DEAL of the day?• News: http://dantri.com.vn/c25/s119- 476981/facebook-bi-me-hoac-voi-trao- luu-mua-chung.htm• http://www.facebook.com/blog.php?po st=446183422130
    • E-CommerceTop 5 sites were rated as most exciting online shopping inVietnam
    • 1. www.vatgia.com• Managing Company: Công ty cổ phần Vật giá Việt Nam• Strengths: Powerful search- engine tool, consumers find desired products easily , suitable price, accuracy in the shortest time. Poll-tool for checking quality of seller’s services Allows users to comment and communicate with others.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 1764/11• Page views: ~60M• Visitors: 6.2M• Avg time on site: 7:30• http://www.vatgia.com
    • 2. http://enbac.com• Managing Company: Công ty cổ phần truyền thông Việt Nam• Strengths: The most fashion E-Commerce site, regular updated, , pretty good for customers looking for gifts. Payment (SMS/Internet Banking, Visa, Master Card)• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 5363/24• Page views: ~34M• Visitors: 2.1M• Avg time on site: 9:30• http://enbac.com/
    • 3. www.5giay.vn• Managing Company: Công ty Nhật Nguyệt• Strengths: As a forum for online shopping, 5giay.vn has over 493,900 members, with 41M post on forum.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 4751/21• Page views: ~34M• Visitors: 1.1M• Avg time on site: 14:00• www.5giay.vn
    • 4. www.123mua.vn• Managing Company: Vinagame• Strengths: Wide variety of goods, Fashion, Flowers - Gifts, Books - Newspapers - CD, prepaid cards and phone cards... Can be paid online 100% online.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 16,056/93• Page views: ~26M• Visitors: 830K• Avg time on site: 12:30• www.123mua.vn
    • 5. http://muare.vn• Managing Company: Công ty Cổ phần Truyền thông Việt Nam• Strengths: As a forum for online shopping, muare.vn has over 1968 member, with 16,147 online visitors.• Alexa Ranking Globe/Vietnam: 6465/28• Page views: ~19M• Visitors: 920K• Avg time on site: 12:20• http://muare.vn
    • Others• 6. http://chodientu.vn (Page views/visitors: 7.5M/1.1M• 7. http://rongbay.com/ (21M/1.3M)• 8. http://www.ebay.vn (6.8M/1.1M)• 9. http://www.muaban.net (28M/740K)
    • Online visitor shares of traffic 28% 37% Vatgia Enbac6% 5giay.vn 5% 123mua 7% muare.vn 14% Others
    • Internet Users (30M) 34% Internet Users66% 34% E-Com Users
    • Online PaymentOnline payment or e-wallets in Vietnam has just started outand is getting more and more exciting.In recent years, several online payment portals have been born.Online communities and digital space have taken this onlinepayment more serious.
    • • www.nganluong.vn• www.vnmart.vn• www.payoo.com.vn• www.onepay.vn• The account balance thats available for online (or offline) shopping, bill payment and other transactions• Online payment enables internet transaction of receiving and paying in a safe, convenient and guaranteed way• Partnered with local banks and other business partners who allow payment by Visa, MasterCard, Amex and JCB
    • KAMEJOKO Le Vu Digital Influence Team Ogilvy Viet Nam May 2011