Cafe viet response protocol n commenting guidelines march 2013

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  • 1. Café Việt Response Protocol &Commenting Guidelines
  • 2. 1. Overview2. Potential Risks & Detractors3. Monitor Guidelines4. Café Viet social media presence5. Engagement Guidelines6. Engagement Categories1. Consumers2. Recommended responsesAgenda
  • 3. • As Nestle prepares to roll out and activate Café Viet on FacebookFanpage, it is important to create plans for any public response.Consumers could ask questions and/or make comments – bothpositive and negative – that will be important for the company torespond to in order to maintain its brand online.• With the expectation for brand responses usually being less than 12-24 hours, participation on Facebook and in the social media space ingeneral, requires quick action to meet consumers expectations. Inorder to achieve this response speed through this new channel,commenting guidelines with sample responses and escalationprotocols are necessary.Overview
  • 4. Potential risk &detractors
  • 5. • Facebook provides a hub for Café Viet to connect and engage withits customers in a deeper and richer manner.• Detractors may provide negative feedback or simply disrupt theotherwise positive conversations.• By posting negative comments on Café Viet’s Facebook page, thesepeople will detract from the company’s otherwise strong brand.• Responding and moderating appropriately will show Café Viet as anactive participant in the community and the negative comments willbe seen as net-positive interactions as we help solve problems of ourcustomers.Potential Risks &Detractors
  • 6. Potential Detractors – Here is a list of some of the types:– Valid Complainers - have valid complaints and are voicing them in thehopes to receive a response or simply to vent. Present great opportunitiesto respond and address the problem directly, turning the negative issueinto a positive resolution.– Dissatisfied Customers - Similar to the parent group of validcomplainers, these posts could be directed at Café Viet or third parties –either way, it will be important for us to respond to as many of theseposts as possible – these people, if assisted, can easily become CaféViet’s most vocal fans.Potential Risks &Detractors
  • 7. – Unfounded Complainers - It is possible that users who are notinterested in discussing Café Viet could attempt to insert themselvesinto the conversation. These detractors will oftentimes not require aresponse – responding can add fuel to the fire.• Spammers - someone who attempts to insert themselves by pushing theirproduct or Web site, or their facebook fanpage.• Off-Topic Posters - contribute irrelevant and off-topic content to thediscussion. These comments can be safely ignored by both the brand andthe community.• Disruptors - user who attempts to hijack the conversation in much thesame way as a spammer, except that their goal is just to disrupt rather thanto promote themselves. Just as with a spammer, ignoring is the bestresponse.• Agitators - user who tries to derail the conversation with specificaccusations or challenges. It could be somebody who simply has a bone topick with big business, the insurance industry overall or someone who justdoesn’t like Café Viet products and services (e.g: Trung Nguyen’s Coffee –G7 was competitor of Café Viet)Potential Risks &Detractors
  • 8. Monitor Guidelines
  • 9. Monitoring of mentions of Café Viet on Café Viet Social Media Platforms(Forums, facebook, youtube, flickr, twitter, yume…), in this case was FacebookFanpage.Route to appropriate expert for swiftresponse: Café Viet Team of Nestle(Brand or Product Manager)EngageRedirect questioner to Sale Team(or Placement team) of Café VietSTOP Monitoring (don’t say anything)Monitoring ResponseGuidelinesYESYESAlert to product teamYESYESIs this post about product andtechnical related questionsEvaluateIs this post about promotional andmarketing activities? Asking aboutNestle’s products or Café Viet (1 boxor 1 piece) and product pricing?Is this post a non-rational – ageneral expression of frustrationwith Nestle, Café Viet stock, orabout competitors (Trung NguyenG7…)NONONOIs this post about Customer Care& Services, Customer Policy,Promotion questions?
  • 10. Café Viet onlineidentity(platforms)
  • 11. Café Viet 2011 SocialMedia PlatformsForums (TBC)Drive Traffic to OfficialWebsite, convert to fans onFacebook FanpageOfficial Website
  • 12. EngagementGuidelines
  • 13. Timeliness of response– Green Flag – comments that may require follow up, but are noturgent – recommend response within 24-48 hours– Yellow Flag – question or definite issue identified, requiresresponse within 24 hours– Red Flag – clearly negative or critical comment that requiresIMMEDIATE response and potential involvement from legal– Noteworthy - conversations between users and/or questions fromusers to Café Viet that could provide insight on products, services orfuture marketing executions– No Action - Conversations between or by users that do not requireor warrant brand participation/responseEngagement Guidelines
  • 14. Engagement GuidelinesCore1. Be human.2. No automated or canned responses.3. Express empathy for the things that can or can’t be fixed.4. Provide a way for you to be personally contacted on email or via phone for issues thatrequire personal info.5. Respond or refer to something directly in a users’ post.6. Thank the people who DO say good things & forward their posts to the appropriateindividuals within Café Viet & Nestle.7. Have a clear non-promotional point of view.8. When disagreeing, keep your tone cool and professional.9. When responding to a commenter, use “@[commenter name] – then enter your response.Principles for Responding toComments1. Reply via the same media where the question was posted.2. Try to respond within12-24 hours.3. Make sure the most relevant person is responding.4. Add value wherever and whenever possible to further strengthen the relationship withour fans and customers.
  • 15. Label Description Example Public ResponseNo Flag Conversations between users thatdo not require involvement ofbrand, product“I love this sweet taste ofNes Café product!”No response or simple response such as“Check out our product website tounderstand others.Note-worthyConversations between fan and/orquestions from users that do notrequire an answer.“I think Nestle should useyellow for the product’scover, are there anybodythink like me?”“Its hard to change the design withinthis time, if you love yellow, can yougive us an best cover designed whichyou love?”GreenFlagConversations that require orrequest brand or product team(Café Viet) input and can beanswered publicly, directing toappropriate online content oroffering contact info.“Where I can get thisproduct (link attached) inDistrict 10, Ly ThuongKiet Street, and howmuch for 10 boxes“You can call us at (08) xxxx xxxx orlets us know your phone number viaemail forfurther information, we will call backasap…”YellowFlagDefinite issue identified, mayrequire individual response offline,in which case direct the fan to thehelp number or email.“The box of Café that Ibought 5 days ago fromnearby Supermarket wasout of date, can I changethis box?”“You should call our service departmentfor maintenance or warranty questions.(08)xxxxxxx.”RedFlagClearly negative or critical post thatdefinitely requires a response bothpublicly and individually.“This product sucks! I gotripped off!”“We’re really sorry to hear about yourexperience, we want to make sure ourcustomers always get the best value andservice. I’d like to talk to you about this.Please email/call me at yourconvenience (provide email/phone).”Spam Irrelevant or misleading links postedby fans.“Yankees suck”“Visit my website…”Delete.Response Key/Suggestions – Facebook (sample)
  • 16. Label Description Example Public ResponseUrgentRed Flag1. A negative comment aboutVietNam Government, NationLeaders, or relate to politic.2. Virus or stranger charactersthat invisible attached link.3. Spammer, Scammer andrepeat with negative, old issuethat we did response“Our country suck! Getout of Prime Minister,ABC!”(1) Delete Instantly.(2) & (3) Block user or Ban.Response Key/Suggestions – Facebook (sample)DELETE INSTANTLY OR BAN OR BLOCK
  • 17. • In order to set expectations for people participating in conversations on theCafé Viet brand page, the company should develop a publicly-facingComment Moderation Policy.• This policy should be added to the brand page and be easily found by fansso they can understand Café Viet’s rules when participating in theconversation.• The Policy should include language discouraging content that is:– threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, indecent or objectionable;– fraudulent, deceptive or misleading;– violates the intellectual property rights of another;– violates any law or regulation;– inflammatory religious or political;– references a third party page or website, or;– is otherwise offensiveFacebook CommentingPolicy
  • 18. EngagementCategories(consumer generatedcomments)
  • 19. User-Generated CategoriesResponseActionCategory What It Means ExamplesMUSTRespondProduct, Prize, Placement(general)Customers that have had aclearly negative experience withproduct, brand, prize or maybethey got trouble with Nestle/CaféViet’s staffs, dealers…Customer Services orPromotions relatedquestionsIllegitimate product or customerservice or promotions claimsthat Café Viet needs to clarifyBrand Incorrect information about CaféViet that needs to be corrected
  • 20. User-Generated CategoriesResponseActionCategory What It Means ExamplesMayRequireResponsePositive Comments Feedback from satisfiedconsumers – both customers andnon-customers – that Café Vietcould respond to or amplify.(Take picture, or re-write theircomment)Product Comments orQueries directlyValid questions and feedbackaround Café Viet’s ProductcategoriesPolicy Specific comments Questions/complaints aboutspecific policies, promotions,Brand Comments that Café Vietdisagrees with.Or mention a competitor.Or other product of Nestle orshare old online-articles
  • 21. User-Generated CategoriesResponseActionCategory What It Means ExamplesNoneedresponseSpam User pushing their own productsor web siteOff-Topic Irrelevant and off-topiccomments on the siteDisruptor User is attempting to hijack theconversationAgitator User tries to derail theconversation with specificaccusations or challenges.
  • 22. EngagementCategories(Recommended CaféViet responses)* Need real time and furtherinformation about this campaign