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Rainrays is a platform provide a interface to interact with whole world. You can create lot of profile with Rainrays like your village history, your town/city history, profile of your business, your shop, your company, your hospital, your marriage profile, profile of your college, your professional profile, website profile and also profile of restaurant/hotels . Any employer can post job with us inform of job profile and can find suitable candidate also. All services are free.

This is a information website. Profiles are not password protected . Each profile can be search with the help of rainrays search and search by search engine like Yahoo, Google, Msn, Bing etc direct. Rainrays team will promote your profile on web world and will give you suggestion time to time. This is like a free Advertisement with so Create your profile with us.

Place Profile: This is a section where member can post about their native place, about their favorite place, any incident about any place want to share with all . Also can post history of any place

Professional Profile: Member can post their professional profile. All information about their job work, their skills, experience, package, company and other professional things. Member can post their personal information want to share with all.

College/Institute Profile: College member can post profile of college where member can post about college history, running courses, facilities in college and all other information like student, teachers, progress etc. Its just like a advertisement.

Shop/Company Profile: Member can show about their company profile like company name, type of company, company job profile, services etc and if member have any shop he can post about their shop like personal info, shop name, type of shop, all about shop. Its just like a advertisement.

Restaurant Profile: Member can post about their Hotels/Restaurant profile where member can post about restaurant, food list, prices, services and other information member can post.

Marriage Profile: If Member want to post marriage profile he can post all personal information regarding marriage profile.

Job Post Section: Any member, any company can post job regarding their requirment.

Website Profile: Member can create profile of website with all information like type of website, requirement of website, services etc.

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Rainrays profiles world with description

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