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Idea campaign analysis

  1. 1. Campaign PlanningIDEA CELLULAR
  2. 2. Introduction to IdeaIDEA Cellular is a publicly listed company, on the BombayStock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange in March2007.It is a leading GSM mobile service operator with pan Indialicenses to operate in 15telecom service areas in India.With a customer base of over 36 million in 15 service area inIndia.Idea was the first to launch GPRS and EDGE in the country.IDEA Cellular is a part of the US $24 billion Aditya BirlaGroup,
  3. 3. Planning structurePRODUCERA person who supervises or finances awork (as a staged or recordedperformance) forexhibition or dissemination to the publicART DIRECTORThey come up with the visual concepts foreverything from billboard advertisements tomagazine layouts to videos and websites.
  4. 4. Planning structurecontinued….MEDIA PLANNERIt enable their clients to maximize the impact of theiradvertising campaigns through the use of a range ofmedia. They apply knowledge of media andcommunication platforms to identify the mostappropriate method for building awareness ofcustomersMEDIA BUYER They work in advertising and media agenciesnegotiating, purchasing and monitoring media space onbehalf of their clients. They aim to reach the highestnumber of people in the target audience at the lowest
  5. 5. Planning structurecontinued….RESEARCH DIRECTORThey directs and oversees anorganizations marketingpolicies, objectives, and initiatives. It is theirresponsibility to review changes to themarket place and industry and adjustsmarketing plan accordingly. They oftenhave a team that they lead and direct.
  6. 6. Planning structurecontinued….COPYWRITERThey provides the verbal or written ‗copy‘ ofthe advertising campaign. This may includecreating slogans, catchphrases, messagesand strap lines for printed adverts and leaflets.They are also involved in writing text forweb advertising, as well as scripts for radiojingles and TV commercials.
  7. 7. Planning structurecontinued….ACCOUNT MANAGERSThey works within an advertising or full-service marketing agency and responsibleformanaging client accounts .They can workon a number of client accounts at any giventime .They manage the work of advertisingaccount executives and are responsible forclient budgets and administration.
  8. 8. Why to plan campaign?To determine the market and its potentials..To obtain the consumer profile and psychology..To know the frequency or size of buying.To decide about the channels and their satisfactoryoperation.To bring about product modification..To determine the fundamental human desire to whichthe advertisement will appeal..To develop a central idea or core idea around which theselling points revolve..To co-ordinate with the other promotional activities.
  9. 9. Three phases of ad campaignStrategy development phase-―If you want to catch a fish, you have to think likea fish‖ like wise ―If you want to catch a consumer,you have to think like a consumer‖.The briefing phase-Bad brief to the creative team results into badwork-Good brief ensure good workThe creative phase
  10. 10. CAMPAIGNS OF IDEA"Stay Connected" is a brand promise that looksat the key purpose of mobile telephony . Itconverges with the tangible requirement ofnetwork depth & at the same time, reflects theeternal human need for bonding, kinsmanship, and relationship forming. This new brandcampaign enables Idea to own the biggestcategory benefit of "keeping peopleconnected", through a simple, unique andlikeable expression of connectivity. And it makesconsumers aware that "no one connects better
  11. 11. KEY PERSONSProject: What an IdeaClient: Idea CellularCreative agency: Lowe LintasCreative team: R Balki , AshwinVarkey, JaywantDabholkar, Ashok Nadavdekar,Kapil Bhagat
  12. 12. KEY PERSONSMarketing Officer: Pradeep ShrivastavaArt director: Kapil BhagatCopywriter: Carlos PereiraPlanning: Suraja Kishore
  13. 13. KEY PERSONSDirector: Amit SharmaProduction company: Chrome PicturesPost-production companies: VHQ Singapore,PixionExposure:Television
  14. 14. Series 1:Use Mobile Save TreeSTORYAbhishek Bachchan, who earlier was also seenin the Idea Cellulars ad, will once again beseen here, enacting as the only tree left in aforest that has been cut down to feed papermills. He arrives upon the idea of how mobilephone could be used instead of paper, thus, opposing the need to indiscriminately cut treesand consequently save the environment.
  15. 15. Series 1:Use Mobile Save TreeTARGETThe new campaign revolves around the theme, use mobile, save paperIn the ad, they try to provide a telephony solution for problems which appear to becomplex in nature, but at the end isnt complex .It also suggests interesting use ofmobile, including getting celebrities autographs, music scrolls and gradationcertificates.Its a young and innovative idea about mobile phones being the 21st centurysolution toeliminate huge wastage of paper , that in turn helps keep our planet green.This time it takes on the ―burning topic‖ of deforestation this time in hope tomotivatepeople in India.This is the sixth in the What an Idea Sirji campaign. The theme focuses on anideawhich impacts people at large.
  16. 16. Series 2: Walk when you talk – Stay fitSTORYIn it, Bachchan plays a doctor who advocates howpeople can stay fit by simply walking while talking andseeds this idea in the public domain. It all begins whena journalist asks him if technology has made peoplelazy. The doctor has a brainwave that all people needto do is walk while they talk. The message spreadslike wild fire. The doctor begins to lose business .This commercial ends with the punch line which hasbeen used in earlier commercial – ―What an IdeaSirji‖ thereby trying to build on the legacy created andtake it forward in this commercial.
  17. 17. Series 2: Walk when you talk – Stay fitTARGETThis Idea commercial tries to contradict the myth thattechnology has made man lazy.It tries to convey that when people walk while talking, ithelps them maintain their health and hence prevents themfrom going to a doctor for health-related problemsThis is the positive angle of looking at the benefits thattechnology can provide.The Idea commercial ―Walk when you Talk‖ is innovativeand good in communicating a social message to theaudience of India.
  18. 18. Series 3:Education for allSTORYCampaign sees Abhishek as the head of aneducational institution. When challenged by thetraditional, physically bound classrooms inschools that prevent providing education to manymore children who are in need of education andthe spread of education. He uses mobiletelephony to overcome the barrier invillages. Bachchan suggests lessons on themobile phone to universalize education.
  19. 19. Series 3:Education for allTARGETIdeas new campaign addresses a relevant socialissue education for all.The ad shows how children, especially girls, faceeducation barriers.The spread of education among girl children is amust in todays times.The socially conscious messages that thecompany sends across through its new adcampaign
  20. 20. Series 4:DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY- by the people , of thepeople, for the peopleSTORYBachchan plays the spokesperson who givesan idea to solve a complex problem withsurprisingly simple solution, through thepower of mobile telephony. A politician asksher constituents via mobile phones if sheshould allow the construction of a shoppingmall on agricultural land, and rejects theproposal when her constituents say ―no‖.
  21. 21. Series 4:DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY- by the people , of thepeople, for the peopleTARGETThis campaigns based on the theme of ‗Democracy‘ .Now, Idea Cellular has come up with a mobilegovernance ad campaign.It is close on the heels of the nation‘s generalelections, and showcased the use of mobile phone fordemocratic decision-making.Many observers are predicting that mobile phones willplay an important role in the 2009Indian generalelections
  22. 22. Series 5:World without caste – Na Koi jaat paat , Na koibhed bhaavThe ad in the series had the setting of a villageridden with caste wars, till Bachchan steps in. Hesuggests that instead of names, which reflect thecaste, all individuals should be known by theirmobile numbers. This would get rid of the castesystem. Though it was too simplistic a solution fora problem that has plagued the country forcenturies, it did connect with the audience. ―Whatan idea, Sir ji,‖ was the punch line. The logicalnext step was to build on the theme — how agood idea can reshape the world.
  23. 23. Series 5:World without caste – Na Koi jaat paat , Nakoi bhed bhaavWhat an IDEA sir ji, through SMSThe company brought out the campaign of adeaf and mute tourist in Agra whereBachchan plays the role of a guide and usesSMS to communicate with her. It was the1stad campaign on TV of Idea. SMS is bestway of communicating with other & staying intouch with others
  24. 24. Series 6 : Idea Cellular launches Talk for India‘campaignSTORYHere Abhishek appeals its subscribers to pickup the phone and talk as much as they canon26th November last year, between 8:36pmand 9:36pm for donation for our nation‘sforgotten heroes. You remember, last year on26th Nov (26/11) India was under an attack(attack on Mumbai)Many policemen lost theirlives fighting.
  25. 25. Series 6 : Idea Cellular launches Talk for India‘campaignTARGETTalk for India hour is launched a noble cause to help policemenTalk for India hour : 26th November 2009 from 8.36PM IST to 9.36PMIST.whatever Idea generates from the calls made during this hour, all moneywill be donated toPolice force.So how can you help in this noble cause.1. If you have an idea connection, then schedule your calls during thishour.2. Spread the word about this campaign.3. If your friend has Idea connection then ask him/her to call you upduring this time.
  26. 26. Idea readies India to play Idea Oongli CricketSTORYThe new teaser campaigns already running on Televisionhave been urging people tokeep their fingers in goodshape as Idea Oongli Cricket is coming. The new formatofthe Game will allow millions of mobile users in India toparticipate in this uniquecampaign.Idea Brand Ambassador Abhishek Bachchan along withother celebrities and cricketerswill appear on TV, in thiscampaign.Viewers will be asked a question based on theeventsand happenings of the ongoing match of the day.The campaign has been designed toenable everybody toparticipate as it does not require detailed knowledge of thegame
  27. 27. Idea readies India to play Idea OongliCricketTARGETOur country is a cricket crazy nation.All Indians are connected with Cricket, in someway orthe other.This T-20 Cricket Idea Cellular will bring Cricket at fingertips for everybody else whouses amobile phone.Idea Oongli Cricket can be played by all mobile phone users by SMSing their answerto9594939291.Idea Oongli Cricket will enable every Indian to participate in this match of cricketingintelligence.The concept is fun and entertaining, and will engage a cross section of consumersthrough the power of telephony.
  28. 28. FINDINGS•Few years back mobile connections were not commonamong the people. Butwith the mobile revolution nowwe can find almost every student with mobilephone.•Most of the people prefer prepaid connections thanpostpaid connections.•Friends and T.V. are the best media advertisements thatput more impact on thepeople buying decisions.
  29. 29. FINDINGS•Maximum respondents were using their current mobile service providers for morethan 3 years.•Majority of customers don‘t want to change their current mobile service providereven ifthey are permitted to retain the current mobile phone number that they had.Mostly the students are satisfied with the services provided by the differentcellular companiesMostly the Youth don‘t use their mobile services beyond making calls and textmessages.
  30. 30. CONCLUSION Mobile service providers should providethe facility of portability of number. Mobile service providers should providethe web access at cheaper cost. Telecom market is quite competitive somobile service providers should give theservices at cheaper cost
  31. 31. CONCLUSION Mobile service providers should focus onproviding better network coverage. Mobile service providers should also startproviding 3G technology in Rural aswell as Urban areas. Mobile service providers should provide variousschemes for their existingcustomers. Tariff plan for STD and ISD calls should bereduced