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  1. 1. ASSURELesson Plan for FridayAnalyze Learners | State Objectives | Select Methods, Media, and MaterialsUtilize Media and Materials | Require Learner Participation | Evaluate and ReviseAnalyze LearnersGeneral CharacteristicsThis lesson plan is designed for fourth grade students to become familiar with WestVirginia History. The students vary in age from 9 to 10 years. There are 8 girls and11 boys in the class. 17 of the students are West Virginia natives. There is 1 deafstudent. Almost all of the students are from poor socioeconomic environments.Specific Entry CompetenciesAll students are aware of the state they live in and the capitol. None of them knowwhat county they live in or what a state symbol is. The majority of the students haveno knowledge of West Virginia history at all.Learning StylesThe students need to constantly be hands on in order to keep their full attention.There are a few students who are disruptive and have a difficult staying on taskwithout constant reminder. The students lose interest quickly when reading fromtheir textbooks. The students should be tested orally because they do not test wellon written assessments.State ObjectivesLearning OutcomesThe main objective for this lesson plan is for all students to become familiar withWest Virginia history. They should be able to explain how West Virginia became astate, identify the surrounding states, and recognize state symbols. Students shouldbe able to do this by day 5 with 100% accuracy.Conditions of PerformanceStudents will give a five-minute presentation on an assigned state symbol. They canchose to present the information any way they chose.Degree of Acceptable PerformanceStudents should be able to do this by the end of the day with 100% accuracy.
  2. 2. Select Methods, Media, and MaterialsMethodsThe method chosen for this lesson is self-instruction. The teacher will assign eachstudent a particular state symbol. For example, one student may get black bears andanother might get cardinals. The students will complete an activity of his or herchoice and correlate it with the given state symbol.MediaThe media selected for this lesson plan is all available in the classroom. Studentswill be completing their assignments on the computers along the wall in the room.They will be utilizing programs such as Wikispaces, Second Life, QR, and Gigapan.If students choose to use Wikispaces they will be creating their own web design andmake a page for their state symbol.If students choose to use Second Lifethey will make their own avatar and explorethe program looking for their particular state symbol.
  3. 3. If students choose to use QR they will create a code that takes you to a websiterelating to the assigned state symbol.If students choose to use Gigapan they will take a snap shot of a photograph relatingto their assigned state symbol.MaterialsThe only materials that will be utilized during this lesson are on the computer.Utilize Media and MaterialsPreview the MaterialsThe instructor will preview the computers to make sure they are all workingproperly.Prepare the Materials and EnvironmentThe teacher will turn all of the computers on before the students arrive. Thestudents will be sitting at computers along the wall.
  4. 4. Provide the Learning ExperienceThe teacher will keep students interested by letting them chose which assignmentto complete.Require Learner ParticipationStudents will share their assignment with the rest of the class. They will explainwhat symbol they had and they will also explain their reasoning for choosing theassignment that they completed.Evaluate and ReviseThe students will be evaluated on participation. If students complete theassignment they will be given credit for the day.