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Rain Concert Corporate Profile
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Rain Concert Corporate Profile



Rain Concert Corporate Profile

Rain Concert Corporate Profile



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  • All kind of resources, people points, Tech expertise and experience
  • Varied expectations geographically
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Rain Concert Corporate Profile Rain Concert Corporate Profile Presentation Transcript

    • Started in 2006 with 2 Resources
    • Rain Concert is an innovation driven company (Received Top 10 innovation of the year 2010 by Science & Tech Dept, Govt of India)
    • We are the region’s first web-mobile-electronics convergence Company.
    • One of the few, globally consistent and top rated company in online market places.
    • Over 12000 sq.ft State of art Development Centers spread across 3 locations including Technopark, Asia’s largest IT Park (www.technopark.org)
    • Based in India and Offices/ Partners world over
    • Offices in New Delhi, UAE, Saudi Arabia
    • Strategic partners in USA, Bahrain and UK
    • Leverage on inherent strengths of Technopark like uninterrupted high speed Connectivity, superior physical infrastructure, salubrious climate and strong social fabric.
    • Team of 180 +
    • Customer satisfaction and employee loyalty enjoyed at peak level with nearly 0% attrition rate
    • Employee composition ( 55% Engineers, 25% Designers, Business Analysts, QA, and support , 20 % technical & functional, domain consultants and experts)
    • Experience ranging from 1 to 20 years
    • 70 % clients from USA
    • 5 % clients from UK
    • 5 % clients from ME
    • 5 % from India
    • 15% from other parts of the world
    • 40 % repeat business and References
    • 100% brand recall
    • 100% Satisfied Clients
  • Services Matrix
  • Services Matrix
  • Technology Expertise
  • Mobile Based Law Enforcement
        • Consortium with Nokia
        • Operator independent mobile application with web interface for Traffic Law enforcement
        • Interface with Motor Vehicles Department database *
        • Manage offenses and penalty
        • Traffic violator history
        • Integration with Thermal printer and Methanol Sensors
        • Tracking Stolen Vehicles
        • Integration with speed detector
        • Police Tracking
        • Video and Image Up-loader
        • Live Video Streaming
        • All traffic automated systems can be integrated to the mobile device
  • For ABU DHABI POLICE, NRHM Ambulance Services in India
        • Mobile-web-Electronics Convergence
        • Piloting in Abudhabi for Police Dept.
        • Locates where the accident occurred – GPS/ GSM based
        • Sends the location and Vehicle details of the accident to the Police control room
        • Police can connect back from control room if required
        • Connects to the nearest Police vehicle on road
        • Response to emergency made faster
        • Mobile application on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung etc
        • We offer Web TV and Mobile TV application with an infrastructure management using Flash Media/ Wowza Servers, CDN Services and Amazon Cloud Services
        • Live & Video On Demand
        • Don’t Miss any programmes
        • Interactive Programme Guide
        • Dynamic Content Management
        • Live Videos will be dynamically managed to VOD archives, which can even be edited by the Admin
        • Regional Advts
        • Timezone Management
        • Superio Quality – HD/ SD
    • Portable, State of the art, self powered, automated, eco friendly toilet unit using multiple technologies and applications
    • Major features include
    • Automatic Payment Collection
    • Automatic door opening
    • Alerts to users/ Web based control Panel
    • Display Boards
    • Remote/ Self washing mechanism
    • Automatic Platform Cleaning Mechanism
    • Waste Recycling Plant
    • Optimizing water usage to 2 litres
    • Solar Panels
    • SMS alerts to Control Room
    • Web based control facilities and reports
    • Emergency Alert System. JUST PRESS 2.
    • INE will help the user to send a message to pre set numbers on a mishap or attack. On sending the message it will be delivered to the recipients, which include the police control room alert as well.
    • From the message, the recipient can identify the information such as Longitude, latitude and the tower position of the user.
    • On porting the data to Google maps or other maps, we would be able to find out the location of the sender.
    • If the mobile device of the sender is a GPS enabled one, it is also possible to track the movement of the sender.
    • Compatible mobile: Symbian
    • SPIN OFFS:
    • Total home security Solution (Hardware enabled)
    • Contact nearest Patrolling vehicle for emergency
    • Contact Ambulance service
    • Contact nearest taxi cars
    • Manage your Electrical equipments using a MOBILE Phone/ WEB
    • Connect the Green Chip to the existing controls and wirelessly monitor the usage pattern, dynamic meter reading.
    • A wireless network will be created, No rewiring needed.
    • User will get the details to his mobile phone. Flexible reporting via Web & mobile devices
    • User can log into to network,to monitor and manage the connections.
    • Few components involved such as Micro Zigbee transceiver, AC solid state relay, Power metre, PCB trace antenna
    • All the devices will be connected to the network. A computer with un interrupted power supply can be used to transfer the data to the mobile phone or to the Internet.
    • The entire network can be managed remotely
    • Platform which connects Skills/ Interests to Industry
    • An innovative Recruitment Solution
    • Unique solution for Colleges to publish, network and reach out.
    • Dynamic Profile&Profile Blaster for Students
    • Background Analyser for Companies
    • Maintain a closely knit virtual community of students, academia, management, parents and recruiters. a platform; where in students can have a dynamic profile.
    • Dynamic display of achievements, accolades, academic performances and extracurricular interests.
    • Document their students life
    • A valuable archive of their college days – Go back to my college after 10 years
    • Ratings and Psychometric analysis
    • Mobile – Video Convergence
    • Ultimate Solution for improved industry efficiency – RIGHT PEOPLE ON RIGHT JOB
    • Signboards Levy Collection Project
    • Measures signboard using Laser Technology, payment collections and payment gateway interface using Mobile and web technologies
    • An online system to assess the levy payable by commercial establishments in Riyadh and charge levy based on the assessment criteria
    • Use Electronics, mobile and ICT in this unique convergent project.
    • Pilot to be done in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 2,000,000 Commercial Establishments as BOT Model
    • World’s largest m-Governance Solution
    • Funded by USAID/ RTI, supported by Imperial College. London, implemented by National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) for Ministry of Health, Tanzania
    • MIS for Neglected Tropical Disease Programme for Government of Tanzania
    • Nation wide census and Data Collection and uploading using mobile devices.
    • Drug Distribution – Supply Chain, Tracking, M-Paisa integration, Volunteers Messaging System
    • Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Web/ Mobile/ Desktop Applications
    • Statistical data Analysis and Reporting
    • Rollout to 20 countries
    • Arts of Technology, Saudi Arabia
    • E-GITS, USA
    • BS Technologies, UAE
    • TCGME, Bahrain
    • Entelyst, Qatar
    • Reliance Communications
    • NOKIA
    • Nasscom
    • Samsung (Middle East &Africa)
  • PEOPLE: “ We always promote our people to innovate to bring about a change”
    • Capability: Matrix of highlyexperienced resources with multiple technology expertise.
    • Collaboration: Bridge the gaps, shared goals and enable improved productivity
    • Resource Scalability/ Changes to Head Count: Offers the choice of resource scalability with immediate turnarounds.
    • Trainings: Regular Training programmes, skill development and knowledge sharing platforms for the team
    • Commitment: Delivering of tasks at the right time almost every time (as reflected in several online market places)
    • Attitude & Communication: Listen to the client the way they want to be heard. Own up the responsibility. Thrust for best communication.
    • Skills: Stringent selection process assessing analytical skills and qualifications
    • Problem Resolving/ Crisis Management: Solutions Provided during crisis
    • Team: Selection from Resource pool, right people on right job
  • TEAM:
    • Selection: Selection of Resources from Resource Pool. Clients can be part of the selection process
    • Account Managers: Offshore AM handles the account
    • Onsite Managers: Can be provided
    • Project Managers: Offshore PM for each project for streamlined project communications
    • Onsite Resources: Resources can be provided onsite for system study, development, implementation etc
    • Dedicated Development Centers: Can form dedicated development centers.
    • Collaboration & Platforms:
    • Defined Goals: Well defined, Achievable Goals and Roles.
    • Measuring Efficiency: Internal project management and productivity tools to measure team efficiency constantly.
    • Increased Productivity/ Operational Efficiency: We consider it as our need more than clients’ to increase our productivity and hence strive to achieve that by constant monitoring.
    • Technology & Tools: Project Management Tools like Redmine, Basecamphq, Mantis etc. Flexible to work on any Client systems if required. “inConcert” is an internal management platform.
    • For Version Controls – Apache Subversion (SVN), Concurrent Version Systems (CVS), Visual Source Safe (VSS), Github
    • Delivery Models: Delivery models based on client need and project requirements
    • Towards CMMI Level Certification
    • Understanding Client Expectations and managing It
    • Dedicated People - Dealing with Problems
    • Better Communication Systems
    • Escalate Issues to Higher Ups: Channels provided to customer to escalate his issues to higher ups and ultimately get solution for the problems
    • Flexible Delivery Models: Delivery Models churned to client need and requirement
    • Cultural Differences: Understanding different expectations of clients based on geographic locations.
    • Client Feedback and Corrections: Listen to our customer and value their feedback
    • Brand Recall: We believe in sustainable and long term business relationships.
    • Consistency: Completed 800-900 projects, Success guaranteed everytime. (Reflected on several online market places)
    • Communication Channels: Streamlined Communication Systems
    • Communication Media: F2F, Video Conferencing, Tele-Calls, Skype, Emails and chats
    • Connectivity: Uninterrupted and multiple High Speed Broad band connections
    • Process and Systems: Clear demarcation of communication levels at various stages of a project and communication well defined hence.
    • Project Management Methodologies: Transitions managed from Analysis to Delivery by Account Manager/ Project Manager
    • Time Zone Management
    • Knowledge Transfers: Transfer done at relevant stages from Client to BA to Project Team to Release Team to Client and each process well documented
    • Walkthroughs: Each deliverables are managed by proper Walkthroughs to clients by the stake holder using Team viewer.
    • Records and share Minutes of Meetings
  • COST:
    • Cost Reduction: Reduced Resource cost, Avoid operational overheads, no long term commitments
    • Increased Revenue: Convergence Business Group in RC offers value adds toimproved business and operational efficiencies. Planning and Consultancy expertise can be offered by CBG just by sharing in the business problem. Clients can focus thus on their Core business.
    • Value System: Society First, Relationship, Share, Oneness, Enjoy …
    • Value Addition to Business: CBG team provides strategic and creative inputs and new business propositions to add value to your business and in turn enhance your business results. CBG closely works with CTG (Convergence Technology Group) for finalizing feasible technological solutions
    • Innovation: We promote innovations at each levels
    • Society First: We think about the Users when we build, and the value it can add to them, and then our customer
    • Data Security: Very strong information security procedures are followed. We are committed to protecting Client Data and IPR. It includes secured data in removable media as well as on hard disks.
    • Confidentiality: Non Confidentiality of information ensured at all levels. Each members are bound to strong Non-Disclosure agreements.
    • Projects and Success Rates: 800-900 projects with 100% success rates.
    • Varied Clientele: Esteemed clientele varying from small scale and medium scale industries to Governments, varied Geographies and culture from US to EU to ME to India.
    • Brand Recall: 100%
    • Satisfied Clients ready with testimonials: 100%
    • Top and Consistent provider in largest online market place
  • Esteemed Clients - Governments
    • Abu Dhabi Police
    • Dubai Land Dept
    • Ministry of Health, Tanzania
    • USAID (United States Agency for International Development)
    • RTI International
    • Department of Atomic Energy Commission, Government of India
    • Tourism Department, Govt of Kerala
    • Industries Department, Govt of Kerala
    • Education Department ,Govt of Kerala
    • Punjab Police
  • Esteemed Clients - Corporates
    • NOKIA
    • Samsung Middle East & Africa
    • Etisalat/ Du VAS
    • Arts of Technology
    • Reliance
    • 700+ worldwide
  • GroupCompanies
    • Rain Concert LLC, UAE
    • www.rainconcert.in
    • Dea Celera Electronic Devices (P) Ltd
    • www.deacelera.com
    • Aarthika Technologies
    • www.aarthikaindia.com