Laptop lcd screen maintenance tip by hootoo keep your laptop from water wet medorate temperature


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This article tries to analyze why we should keep our laptops from water wet moderate temperature and direct sunshine to protect the fragile and expensive Laptop LCD Screen.

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Laptop lcd screen maintenance tip by hootoo keep your laptop from water wet medorate temperature

  1. 1. Laptop LCD Screen Maintenance Tip by HooToo: Keep Your Laptop from Moderate Temperature<br />High and wet temperatures are always the enemies of most electronics gadgets. Therefore, avoid direct sunshine and keep it from water are the mostly seen warning tips for most products. This is also true for laptops. The performance of most laptop components will be greatly affected for being in wet moderate temperature for a long time. LCD Screen Panel is one of the most important parts for a laptop which takes up to 40% of the total price of a laptop. It is also afraid of water wet and moderate temperature. Thus, it is important to protect Laptop LCD Screen from being wet at the first place. Here in this post, we will go deep into maintaining tips on Laptop LCD Screen offering by HooToo team [ HYPERLINK "" ]. And that is keep it away from water wet and moderate temperature.<br />Short Introduction of LCD Screen.<br />LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Screen Panel is the “face” of a laptop. “Low power consumption, no radiation, no vertigo” on using is one advantage that laptop LCD Screen exceeding desktop CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Display Screen. What is more, to some extend, LCD Screen can somehow protect users’ eye sight. However, due to its physical properties, laptop LCD Screen is a very fragile part of a laptop. <br />The LCDs in laptops are TN, STN, DSTN, HPA and TFT. Among them, TN and STN are rarely used these days. TFT (Thin Film Transistor) is the most popular LCD type compared to DSTN, HPA and STN. Those protection tips here are for TFT LCDs and they are also suitable for other LCDs.<br />Avoid Direct Sunshine and Keep LCD Screen from Water Wet and Moderate Temperature.<br />It will reduce the luminous efficiency of the CRT display tube of phosphor for a long and strong direct sunlight. That will accelerate the aging process of LCD and shorten the lifespan of LCD Screen. To avoid that situation, it is better to place your Laptop under dark and dry places.<br />Nothing electronics will survive as the duck in the water. Water is the biggest enemy of electronics. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep water away from your love Laptops. Don’t drink water, juice, coffee or other drinks and eat food nearby your laptop. At the same time, it is very crucial to avoid your laptop to be in the situation that one minute ago it is 20 degree, the next minute it is 40 degree. The frequently high difference of the temperature will absolutely do great damage to your laptops.<br />If for any case, you need a Replacement LCD Screen for your laptop, please feel free to browser or just simply paste this URL into your internet browser: HYPERLINK ""<br />