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E E Document Transcript

  • A very good afternoon and an extremely happy Engineer’s day toHon’ble Director Sir, Principal Sir, Faculty, Staff & all other esteemeddignitaries sitting here.And of course, how can I forget to greet the young engineeringstudents, my colleagues & my juniors who represent the future of thisEngineer’s day.Happy Engineer’s day to all of you!!!I am personally thankful to the Student Activity Department fororganizing such an auspicious event in this campus full of engineers.Hope that such events bring us all together on the same platform andhence enhance interaction and communication among the membersof this BRCM family. I deem it a great pleasure to address the teachers, professors,engineers and a thread of professionals from this podium on thecelebration of the 45th Engineer’s day.Engineer’s day is celebrated in several countries of the world ondifferent days. In India, it is celebrated on September 15 in the honorof Sir M. Visvesvaraya who was recognized for his genius inharnessing the water resources. He was responsible for successfuldesign & construction of several river dams, bridges & implementingirrigation and drinking water schemes all over India.Engineer’s day poses an interesting question in my mind and I believethis question must have struck you many times. “How golden isMother India who is blessed with millions of engineers every year”.
  • Perhaps it is difficult to answer: depends on the perception you see itwith.However, I see it both in a positive and negative approach.Perhaps in this rat race, we have lost the actual definition ofengineers. We calculate the number of degrees sold in a particularyear, not the quality which comes out of that business.I leave it up to you to decide the way you want to calculate thisnumber.We engineers perhaps have lost the sense of observance somewherein the race of marks. Engineering should perhaps be more of aninterest than a profession. A small child is also an engineer whoengineers his dreams on the sand, making castles.I am not here on this stage to tell you what Engineer’s day is, but whatit should be.The celebration of this Engineer’s day will perhaps be incomplete if itdoes not ignite the spark in our minds to do something for the nationand for our people. We have lost engineering somewhere betweenthe last night fights and ruthless assignments.A teacher is a person who can mould the student the way he wantshim to be. Perhaps that’s why he stands at the highest levels of thesociety having power to decide the future of a country.But are we really teaching them they way they should be taught? Askyourself candidly.Students are the assets of the country.
  • A student should ask himself, “Am I learning the way I should learn?”Do not always blame others. “Be the change, you want to see in theworld.”We need a lot more to improve with the teaching and learningmethodologies because from the womb of those methods, anengineer is born. An engineer is not just the person who is carrying aB.Tech. Degree in his hand, but it is the every element of this societywho serves as its building block.I consider every profession Engineering.A teacher engineers a student. A principal engineers an institution. Adoctor engineers medicine. A politician engineers politics and so on.Of course, parents engineer their kids.On this engineer’s day, we need to sign a pledge to adopt the bestpractices & work with positive energy to reach the goals. We are nothere to cheat ourselves.I am sure that each one of you has different dreams but surely youshould never give up your dreams and aspirations for it is thoseaspirations that will drive you to higher levels of achievements andmake your life purposeful. Here I would like to quote the four linesfrom former honourable president Dr. Kalam’s address. “When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires, Will come to you?
  • Now I request all of you to please stand and pledge with me on theeve of this engineer’s day.“I pledge that I as an engineer will strive to be an engineer by passionmore than by profession. I will try my best for igniting, motivating,and accelerating the enthusiasm in the minds of my fellow beings. Myjob as an engineer won’t be just for the sake of money, but for thesake of humanity. I shall do my job with utmost honesty for my job isdivine. I feel proud to call myself an engineer. I thank my parents, myschool, my teachers, my alma mater, my country and every person inmy life for supporting me to grow up as an engineer. I promise myselfthat I as a teacher would feel immense pleasure teaching students,and as a student feel immense pleasure being taught. I wish myself avery happy engineer’s day.”Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan, Jai Vigyan