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Stumble upon Usin Intro

  1. 1. Rai M AzlanSTUMBLEUPON
  2. 2. Introduction StumbleUpon is a web search engine that searches and recommends content to the users. It allows users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos acceding to the tastes and interests. StumbleUpon exist in the toolbar version too in order to rate the content. Toolbar works with Firefox, Google chrome, and internet-explorer.
  3. 3. How to use it to promote yourwebsite StumbleUpon is acknowledged as a massive traffic generator to a website This traffic is generated when “stumbling” your website.  It is done readers clicking the “I Like it!” button on the toolbar while on your site.  Or by using social share button This will lead your content for a quick review and once stumbleupon “discovered” your website it will be available for other stumbleupon users.
  4. 4. How To Make Your Site“Sticky” You obviously need to do what you can to make your site stand out. Such things include:  Having a nice web design. Viewers are most attracted by professional web designs. Its just like channel surfing, remember.  Having craploads of content. You want to have a lot of content to offer so that they cannot see all your site has to offer on one, short visit. You need to WOW them and cause them to want to bookmark you and come back (or hit that “I like it” button).  Limit the Ads. Advertising is necessary, but don’t make it outweigh the content. That’s asking for a sure bounce.
  5. 5. How Can I Rake in theVisitors? StumbleUpon does not just come right out and say what to do to get favored. Hare the things I see that can be done to get the most bang out of StumbleUpon. Get a bunch of users to click the “I Like It” button on your page. But, really work for that rather than cross your fingers and hope. Offering up some serious linkbait is your best change of getting that to happen. Do something to WOW the viewer and you have a much higher chance of getting them to click the magic button. And the more people that do that, the higher “ranked” your site will be with StumbleUpon and the more traffic you get.  Get others to “like” your site. You can seed StumbleUpon by submitting your own site.  Build up your network. The more “friends” you build up for your StumbleUpon profile, the more stumblers will notice your stuff..  Don’t just submit your own sites, stumble other’s work too according t your taste  Choose good tags when you tag a site.  Try to keep the tags broad.  More specific tagging probably won’t work very well.  Put a Stumble button onto your site to remind people to vote for your site.  You can form a group of like-minded webmasters who can stumble each other.
  6. 6. Stumbleupon toolbar•If you click onStumble button anew page will openbased on theinterests you arefollowing on SU• Clicking “i like it”will improve theranking of yourcontent .•You can also sharethe opened contenton facebook andother mediums.