Childline 1098


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Childline 1098

  1. 1. Core Philosophy • • • • • • • • • • • • • At CHILDLINE the child comes first CHILDLINE 1098 is a service primarily for children in need of care and protection who do not have access to resources Every child has a right to protection and it is the collective responsibility of civil society to provide the child with an enabling environment A child is not an object of pity. Services provided for children are his/her right and not an act of charity CHILDLINE is a special family and believes in participatory processes CHILDLINE’s primary focus is awareness at the grassroots The awareness exercise for CHILDLINE should be low cost aping the target group
  2. 2. INNOVATIONS • Innovations in awareness methods • The CHILDLINE network runs through the length and breadth of the country. Each city has developed their own strategies for reaching out children, which are region and culture specific.
  3. 3. INNOVATIONS  Chennai:CHILDLINE messages on all the envelopes of the telephone bills  Varanasi: Brought in CHILDLINE’s first birthday with a boat down the river Ganga along the Ghats, decorated with CHILDLINE banners with CHILDLIN messages being announced on a loud speaker, on the boat.  Calcutta :CHILDLINE stalls at ‘Book Melas’CHILDLINE publicity at ‘Durga Pooja’ celebrations Information about CHILDINE as part of information about Calcutta on the local television channel.  Kutch :CHILDLINE ‘chuk chuk gadi’, a train formed by children running around the village spreading the CHILDLINE message.  Hyderabad :CHILDLINE 1098 printed on telephone bills.  Trivandrum :CHILDLINE discussions integrated into ‘bal sangams’  Mumbai: Pagers flashing CHILDLINE messages on Children’s Day.
  4. 4. MISSION • Mission • CHILDLINE will reach out to every child in need and ensure their rights and protection through the Four Cs. • CONNECT through technology to reach the 'last mile'. • CATALYSE systems through active advocacy. • COLLABORATE through integrated efforts between children, the state, civil society, corporates and community to build a child friendly social order. • COMMUNICATE to make child protection everybody's priority.
  5. 5. VISION A child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.
  6. 6. PRIMARY GOAL • Ensuring that every child in India has access to emergency assistance by setting up the CHILDLINE service in different parts of the country.
  7. 7. SECONDARY GOAL Facilitating rehabilitation of children all over India through a platform of networks amongst organizations through out the country. Promoting child rights amongst every citizen through awareness about CHILDLINE 1098. Bringing forth core issues for advocacy, as determined by observing trends and gaps in service that emerge from Research and Documentation of issues related to children in need of care and protection. Promoting issues related to children in need of care and protection by sensitization of Government organizations, Non Government organizations, corporate sector, media, street and community youth and concerned individuals.