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My music magazine

  1. 1. My Music Magazine Evaluation
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?This is another convention The masthead is brightof VIBE magazine which is yellow which has beenan eyebrow on the front done by VIBE to grabcover which enables the attention of thereader to see what might audience, as it standsbe coming up in the out on the blackmagazine background. There has only been 3 font sizes used on theIt is a convention for the this front cover whichmodel on the front cover vary throughout theto be above the magazine which is partmasthead, and that they of the house styleare making eye contactwith the audience. Also This magazine fromthe posture of the model is VIBE uses the rule ofdone so that the reader thirds which eachwould follow his arms up section has a importantto the to main two of the magazine and isarticles. divided into sections to catch the readers eye. The colours used onThe barcode is set out in this magazine is thea sideward way which is same coloursa convention of VIBE throughout the wholemagazine, this is a magazine which hasunique feature as its not been to maintain astandardly straight. house style
  3. 3. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? A similar convention which I have used for my front Another similar convention is cover is an eyebrow which that the masthead is straight tells the audience that this in the middle of the front is the best selling magazine cover and its eye catching because the colours stand out with the black background. Also my magazine is similar For my magazine I have also as the main article stand s used a variation of 3 main out most with the cover line colours which consist of blue, being pointed at by the red and white which are the model to gain interest from house colours for my the reader. magazine and are used throughout the whole The posture of the model magazine. which I have used faces the audience and makes eye For my magazine I have also contact to gain the attention used a variation of 3 font of the reader and is also sizes which is used pointing at the main article throughout the magazine to which would make the maintain a house style. reader look at the article.My magazine also includes a A difference in my magazinecover mount which can is that my barcode is setattract the audience to buy straight rather than the otherthe magazine as it includes a way and gives a price whichfree magazine. is reasonable for my target audience as its affordable.
  4. 4. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? There is a header whichThe contents page has been includes the title of thesplit into sections so readers magazine and the date of thecan go and read about things magazine release.that they may be more of VIBE uses a convention ofinterest to them, this way it using the similar contentsmakes the magazine easier masthead throughout allto read, such as a features their magazines, which issection and fashion section. unique and grabs the readers attention.This is a section of themagazine which has probably The colour of the magazine isbeen linked with the image red, which is bright and grabsused in the contents page the readers attention as itswhich allows readers to eye catching and makes themvisually see what type of read about what is in thisfashion is being mentioned. issue of the magazine and therefore lead them on to The image used on the reading it. contents page represents the readers social class and There is an image of a main music genre as this is how artist on the contents page, people of the hop hop music and the posture of holding scene are represented with the jewels, will make the tattoos, caps and jewels. reader want to read on more about what the article may There is a footer for the be about. As there is a contents page which includes section of the contents page details of the image and the to do with fashion, and is date of the magazine release. most probably linked to that.
  5. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?My magazine includes a My masthead is colouredheader which includes the red so that it stands out onname of the magazine with a black background and isthe same logo used on the eye catching.front cover. The magazine has also been The background colour I put into sections so that the have used for my contents reader can look through page is black. This is not a different subjects to do convention of hip-hop with the hip-hop and rap magazines, but I have used genre, such as latest black to make the magazine artist, exclusives. a unique magazine in its genre so that its different to The colours used on the my the rest and so that an contents page are the same audience would decide to colours used throughout read this rather than any the whole magazine as this others, I understand that its is the same colour scheme not normal to have a black and I wanted to maintain magazine but the colour the same house style to scheme is also eye catching readers know which to the reader and the colours magazine it is by creating a stand out. trademark. The image I have used is The magazine also includes linked to an article in the a footer which informs the magazine for fashion, and reader what issue of the the model is postured in a magazine they are reading way to link to the rap and and also the website of the hip-hop genre, this is create magazine which can be a connection between the visited to find out more reader and magazine. information.
  6. 6. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?There is a headerwhich includeswhat the article isabout so that the The colour usedreader is able to on the doubleknow what the page spread arearticle is about. bright so that they catch the readers eye and is also VIBE magazines house style.The copy is sharedbetween both theright and left ear of There have beenthe double page a variety ofspread this is done images used ofso that the reader the same artistspreads their eyes which make eyeacross the whole contact with thepage. reader and are very eye catching. The main image of the article is placed in the middle of the page so that the The background colour of this page is a reader looks at it and makes eye very creamy sort of colour which is contact and then looks to the right and neutral and it’s a convention to have left of it to read what its about. light colours through pages rather than darker.
  7. 7. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?This mastheadwhich is done inred to create aneye catching The posture of theheading so the artists isreader is enticed something of theto read about the hip-hop genre andarticle as it relates to howstands out. people of the genre areA drop cap has portrayed. Alsobeen used to the artist is facingmake the first the audienceletter stand out which means hefrom everything will be making eyeelse so the contact with thereader sees the reader.first letter andthen begins to The backgroundread the rest of colour used on thethe article double page spread is black,This is the copy which is notwhich is arranged normally aon the left as its convention as theyan interview and don’t really usethe picture of the dark colours, thisartists on the left therefore makingso that the my magazine aaudience is able The artist image is on the second page unique magazine The magazine has page numbers which of the double page spread, so that theto see who the on the market. makes it easier for readers as they can audience is able to focus their eyesnew artist is. go to an exact page to find out about mainly on the artist after they have read what they want to read about the interview
  8. 8. How does your media product represent particular social groups?Representation- My media product represents a social group of young people agedbetween 14- 25 as this is mainly the age group of people listening to hip-hop and rapmusic. The social groups this magazine is aiming at people who are of middleclass orlower and mixed gender which maybe interested in hip-hop and rap music. The location of this photo represents young people as they are known for being on roads. The pose of the The clothing of the artist shows the model represents hand gesture being someone of a hip-hop something of the hip and rap music genre hop music genre because of the way he which also wearing trainers with represents the young a flashy watch which people of nowadays. can signify street credit in the hip-hop The clothing used in and rap world this image portrays a young reader, and The posture of the the clothing of the model shows that he is hip hop genre, such slouched up against a as a cap, bracelet wall which is known and dark clothing. from someone in hip- hop music and that they are on the road as that is how young people are portrayed.
  9. 9. How does your media product represent particular social groups?Textual Content- the textual content used in the magazine was normal English with littleslang but also with very little formal English. There were more shorts words than longwords as this was done to make the text short and snappy, which would be moreentertaining for the reader of this magazine as they were aged young people. The onlyplace where there may have been slightly slang is the interview, as the interview withthe artist was mainly a conversation rather than a formal interview.Design Construct- The design of the magazine has been created so that the reader caneasily flow through the magazine with ease. The design for the front cover has a fewcover lines and an image which is easy to view. The contents page is designed so youfind the article and look across to find the page number. For the double page spread thelayout is simple as the interview is the first thing you read and then an image on thesecond page. The fonts used are very simple and easy to read therefore making it easyfor the social groups that the magazine are aimed at.
  10. 10. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Magazine Distributors- A magazine distributor which I already looked at was IPC Media.They print almost two thirds of women based magazines and 42 percent men. There mainaudience is adults of which are men, upmarket women, and mass market women. Themens specialise in leisure and lifestyle. And the womens specialise in famous women’sweeklies and luxury fashion brands.Another one which I looked at was Bauer Media. They offer cross media production with300 magazines, online, TV, and radio stations. This includes Kiss Radio, Box Tv channel.Existing Magazine- An existing magazine which I looked at was VIBE. This magazine isproduced and distributed by InterMedia Partners. This magazine aims predominantly R&Band hip-hop music listeners. The biggest competitor of this magazine is XXL and TheSource.My magazine would be sold in shops which could be easily accessed by young people andplaces which be affordable by them, this such as book shops, corner shops and on theinternet. I would say that Bauer Media would be the best institution as they deal withsimilar music with what my music magazine deals with, and also offer cross mediaproduction, which offers future prospects in different media, such as tv and radio. Theyalso aim at a similar audience to which my magazine deals with which is good as theywould already have a base and audience who would see interest in the my uniquemagazine.
  11. 11. Who would be the audience for your media product?Audience- The audience for my magazine is mixed gender of young people aged around14-25. The class of the audience is middle class and lower, hence the price of themagazine which would be affordable for the classes aimed at. The location of wheremainly the magazine would be sold is in area of where hip-hop and rap would be seen asimportant. Some areas would be South London, Croydon and East London, Lewisham andHackney. The income of these people of who buy this magazines would be of a lowerbracket rather than higher as it is aimed towards younger people who may not alwayshave a job. My audience would most probably be interested in the latest fashion andwould therefore relate to my magazine as it would include images and articles aboutrecent fashion.The aspirations of the audience of my magazine would be to be successful and to do welland have things people in the rap and hip-hop music scene own, such as clothing andfashion accessories and to basically be like other people in the industry. These areaddressed as my magazine would include images of artists showing off what they ownlinked to their success, such as jewels, and also include articles about fashion and thelatest of what going on in the scene.
  12. 12. How did you attract/address your audience?The first way I addressed my audience is that the front cover image makes eyecontact with the reader which immediately makes the reader want to readabout the magazine as he also points towards the main article.Also the double page spread showed that the artist again made eye contact withthe audience which would attract them to read more about the magazine asthey may find more pictures or any other articles. His eyes a piercing sotherefore immediately grabs the readers attention. On the contents page the model made eye contact with the reader which would make the reader to look at what the article may be about.My magazine also contains a layout which would attract the readers eye as it Is simple and easy for thereader to understand and read. Also the colour scheme used in my magazine has been used throughoutthe whole magazine maintaining a colour scheme which can be remembered by readers as a trademarkcolour scheme. The colours used are very eye catching and all colours contrast with each other gainingattention of the reader.
  13. 13. How did you attract/address your audience?To construct the photo to make them more attractive to the audience I made the artists and model facetowards the reader and always make eye contact with the reader, to create a connection between thereader and the magazine.To make the titles more appealing, I found colours which would standout on a black background. The colours I found were red, blue and whitewhich you can see stands out and is very attractive and eye catching andtherefore sticking right out to the readers eye. I selected content for my magazine by including information that the audience reading this would be interested in. such as fashion, new artist, and basically what is new in the rap and hip-hop music scene. I also decided to include an interview with an up and coming artist as I believed that this would be of more interest to my target audience as they would like to know more about an artist.
  14. 14. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?There were many types of technologies available, such using the computer to do most of my magazine.The hardware available for me to do my magazine, were computers, cameras, scanner, mobile phone.The software I used was mainly Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign and also the internet for thingssuch as google and wordpress which has been used for my blog.To access the software it was easy and always accessible as the college had always provided computerrooms and at home I was able to access the softwares. But the hardware was a little harder to access ascameras had to be booked out and also I had to use a scanner in college.The cameras at first were difficult to use as I didn’t know how to work them, but then I learnt all thefunctions and how to use them so I then found it easier after. Also I found using software such asIndesign and Photoshop much harder as I have never used them so it took me a long time to learn thefunctions and tools in order to use them.I used software InDesign to create my magazine by editing text and the layout of my magazine usingfonts, colours and moving images. I also used software Photoshop to edit images which I had needed formy magazine, such as to crop, resize or cut around the images.
  15. 15. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?Comparing my preliminary task with the real magazine I have learnt many skills. These skills are that Ihave learnt are to use software such as InDesign and Photoshop as I am now able to edit images betterthan before. I have also learn a lot more media skills such as important knowledge and concepts ofmedia magazines. From looking at both contents page’s, we can clearly see that I have developed my skills on InDesign and learnt about conventions of layouts for contents pages. We can see how I have included imagery in the new one and didn’t consider it in the old one. Also we can see how the colour schemes are different and the new one looks more attractive and appealing to an audience rather than the first, although there are bright colours they are not appealing to a reader. Also the conventions of a proper contents page cannot be seen in the first as there are a number of missing conventions such as no header. We can also see the improvements on layout as the old one has just been arranged without being alligned or in any particular way whereas the new one has used margins and been arranged in a certain way to look more like a music magazine.
  16. 16. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? From looking at both front pages we can again see the improvements with InDesign. We can see how I have learnt the conventions of magazine covers from the new magazine cover as I have included key features such as a barcode, eyebrow, cover mounts and many more. These conventions have been less used in the old front cover. Also in the old one the colours used arent eye catching and probably wouldn’t attract an audience to read it as they are not appealing. In the new front cover we can see the colours that are used are very eye catching and stand out with all the other colours. We also get to see the images used are different as the old one doesn’t really get the reader interested as the model is more interested in the book and in the new magazine the model has made eye contact with the reader and is pointing at the main article, which is something which I have learnt about composition and layout of a magazine.