How to make landing pages
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How to make landing pages






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How to make landing pages Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How to Make Landing Pages A Brief Tutorial
  • 2. What is a Landing Page? • Simply put, it’s a tool for you to turn visitors into customers. • They are used primarily for lead generation. • They are also used as a launch page, or to sell something directly – a download or purchase. • They are perfect for contests or promotions.
  • 3. What is a Landing Page? The single most important thing to remember about Landing Pages is that they are used to target specific ad groups, for whatever purpose you desire.
  • 4. What type of landing page do you need? • Study our Google Ads and see which ones are not performing. Those can be converted into a new landing page immediately. • Landing pages give you flexibility that the website doesn’t. • People visit landing pages via SEO, paid ads or email campaigns.
  • 5. Our Google Adwords Account • • • • • Go to the Google Adwords login page. Login ID – Password – WordContEdit2404 Click on the campaign ‘Becomeshakespeare’ There are a total of 12 ad groups present here.
  • 6. Pick the low performing ads • Study the stats of the ad groups and see which ones can be improved. • If the CTR (Click Through Ratio) is below 1%, then maybe the ad should be refined. • Eventually though, all the ads should have landing pages.
  • 7. Our Unbounce Account • Now that you know what landing pages are to be made, go to Unbounce. • Visit the page – • Login ID – • Password – WordContEdit2404
  • 8. How to make the landing page • Now click on ‘Create new page’ • All the landing pages that have already been designed can be seen under the ‘Pages’ option on the left. • But right now we are focusing on making a new landing page for ourselves.
  • 9. Picking a Template • Next, we need to pick the right template. • They have 3 types – Lead generation, Click through & Coming soon. • It is best to always pick ‘All’ as we can see all the templates and pick the most suitable one. • For medium, we also pick ‘All’. • If needed, we can even ‘Start with a blank page’.
  • 10. Landing Page Editor • Now pick the template you want and click on ‘Save & Start Editing’. • Assign a name for the landing page in the text box at the bottom. • Now we get to the landing page editor. • This is where we can design the page to suit our needs.
  • 11. End Goal of the form • Figure out if your form is primarily meant for ‘info sharing’ or for ‘info gathering’. • Arguably, all forms should have a form for filling details. • Ultimately, you need to know beforehand what the End Goal of the form is. • This End Goal should always be measurable.
  • 12. SMART Goal Setting • • • • • Specific. Measurable. Action oriented. Relevant. Timebound.
  • 13. Links and Buttons • Your page should have linked URL’s. • These can direct visitors to your website or even to another form. • Links should be clickable and clearly visible with a call to action. • Social media buttons can also be shown. • However, keep in mind to not have too many links – especially in the top right corner.
  • 14. High-Res images • High quality images are needed for Landing Pages. • Visit this link – • Login ID – WorditCDE • Password – WordContEdit2404 Find the most suitable images on this site or any other stock image database.
  • 15. Rules to Remember - Colours • Stick to the colour palette of Becomeshakespeare. • The hex code of our color is ‘#ec6701’. • Find the complementing colors that should be used. • Find the best combinations for your Landing Page.
  • 16. Rules to Remember - Copy • • • • • • The copy should be concise and catchy. The headline should be attention grabbing. Use a unique & new tagline. Do not use the copy from the website. It should be persuasive. Try to use trending designs like ‘Price Anchoring’ & ‘Info Doodles’. • The Landing Page text should match the ad text.
  • 17. Other Rules to Remember • Use clear images without text. • When a visitor clicks on the CTA button, allow them to share the page with their friends and also show a Thank You message. • Use trust factors like customer messages, press mentions, guarantee seals & 3rd party trust and security verifications. • Display numbers and stats.
  • 18. Other Rules to Remember • Place the CTA button so that the visitor does not have to scroll down to see it. • All important parts of the page should be visible without scrolling down. • Answer a common fear that people may have about the product or the industry. • Combinations of lines and icons serve as worthy page breaks.
  • 19. Golden Rule • Less is More! • People get distracted easily. So convey the least amount of information to make a sale. • Make the information skimmable. • The best landing pages are targeted. They speak to a specific person and offer him a reason to buy your product. • Use words such as ‘free’, ‘new’, ‘buy’ or ‘download now’.
  • 20. Things to Avoid • Every single social media button. • Navigation that is the same as your website. • Overly stylized fonts and icons.
  • 21. Things you Should Know • Identify 5 characteristics of your customer that can be worked on in the Landing Page. • Know your customers. • Have a handy list of keywords. • Find landing pages of your competitors and see what they do.
  • 22. Add Web Analytics • Finally, remember to add the Landing Page to your Google Analytics. • This will help you measure the views and the conversions. • The conversion rate is the most important ratio to remember.
  • 23. The End!