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Sources of energy
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Sources of energy

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if you play it with power point you can see the animations and songs also........ …

if you play it with power point you can see the animations and songs also........
Moreover i did this for my Physics Project......
bibliography and some slides are removed 4 space..

thank you!

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  • 1. Sources of Energy Introduction & good sources of energy
  • 2. Content • Acknowledgment • Body Energy Law of conservation of energy Good sources of energy • Conclusion • Bibliography
  • 3. Acknowledgment • I would like to thank the following people for helping me make this project possible. To the best and the greatest Physics teacher, for teaching us the wonderful and crazy world of Physics. To my group for always being there with me in the morning and to my mom for providing me midnight snack when I do my report. Also to the computer teacher for letting my group mates and I use the lab for our presentation. Last but not the least to the internet for giving me tips on how to meet the presentation well. Thank You All!!
  • 4. Our Presentation Is All About Energy. We can simply define energy as the ability to do work. For e.g.- heat energy, solar energy, etc….. A short video about……….
  • 5. Law of conservation of energy • We have learnt that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed in a chemical reaction. • Then we should be able to perform endless activities without thinking about energy resources. • Oops , then how can we solve this riddle ?
  • 6. • Recall another property about energy to solve this riddle. • That is, energy comes in different forms and can be converted to another. For e.g. • if we drop a plate from height, the potential energy of the plate is converted to sound energy when it hits the ground and hence the energy is conserved
  • 7. • In any example we consider we will see that energy, in the usable form, is dissipated to the surroundings in less usable forms. • Hence any source of energy we use ,to do work, is consumed and cannot be used again.
  • 8. What is a good source of energy. • We use diesel to run our cars, electricity to light our lamps or energy in our muscles to cycle to school. • The muscular energy for carrying out physical work, electrical energy for running various appliance , running a vehicle all come from some source.
  • 9. • A good source of energy is one that is able to provide— 1. Large amount of work per unit mass or volume 2. Easily accessible at economical rate 3. And , can be easily stored and transported.
  • 10. Some good sources energy
  • 11. Fossil Fuel Petroleum Coal Natural gas etc…..
  • 12. Nuclear Energy Uranium is used in reactors in order to release energy With the invention of nuclear energy scientist invented that energy can be released from atoms vice versa……
  • 13. Solar Energy Let sun pay our bills
  • 14. Wind Energy
  • 15. Hydropower Energy