Forecast B2B Case Study


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This is a case study of how Forecast Advertising planned and executed the communication plan
to position Prysmian as a global group known for it’s R&D expertise, diverse product range, customer service and quality and to promote the Ravin - Prysmian joint venture as a merger of strengths - technological and managerial know-how of Prysmian with the dynamism and competitiveness of Ravin.

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Forecast B2B Case Study

  1. 1. Forecast Advertising B2B Case Study
  2. 2. Corporate image enhancement exercise through an integrated communication approach
  3. 3. A brief backgrounder: Ravin Cables Ltd. The local specialist • Ravin Cables is a 50 years old industrial cables manufacturing company • It manufactures LV, HV/EHV, Fire Survival, Aerial Bunched and Specialty Cables • Received an award from Engineering Export Promotion Council (EPCC) for highest exports in 2004, which has only grown since then
  4. 4. A brief backgrounder: Prysmian Group The global expert • A glorious history of over 130 years • 7 R&D centers, 2700 filed and registered patents, 56 plants globally, 12,000 employees • Designing, manufacturing, supply & installation of a wide range of energy and telecom cables • Customised solutions for a wide range of Industries, Infrastructural projects and for OEM’s specific requirements • Twelve different product lines, each of them offers customised solutions for the most diverse functional and environmental requirements
  5. 5. A brief backgrounder: Our role What was expected from us…? • To position Prysmian as a global group known for it’s R&D expertise, diverse product range, customer service and quality • To promote the joint venture as a merger of strengths - technological and managerial know-how of Prysmian with the dynamism and competitiveness of Ravin • Core insight: “Global knowledge meets local expertise”
  6. 6. Agency responseIntegrated Approach
  7. 7. 01) Research makes communication strategies more insightful and effective Research the 3 Insights that matter most Customer Competitive Client Insight Insight Insight • The decision • Understanding • Research on making process buyers and their competitors’ buying behavior • Product • Resources expectations • Business portfolio • Manufacturing • Perception • Market capabilities analysis of segmentation competitors vis- • Product range a-vis Ravin cables • Price modules • Impact of technology and product • Promotional customization as activities demand drivers • Competitive advantages
  8. 8. 02) Post analyzing research findings… The key message was derived The key message was “INDIA’S QUEST FOR GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY IN ENERGY CABLES AND SYSTEMS ENDS HERE.”
  9. 9. 03) The methodology… The Message The Audience • Establishing the • Government Joint Venture in the minds of the TA Utilities • Contractors • Strengths of the Joint Venture • Private Utilities • Distributors • Explain the “End The Medium • Industries User Benefit” I. R&D driven Print, Television, P.R., Digital, Direct Power Cables Marketing, Ground Activation, CRM II. Complete Range III. Customized & Solutions
  10. 10. Brand ManualRavin cables’ brand manual wasdesigned to:Establish corporate identity anddefine brand guidelinesRaise expectations and perceptionsof existing and prospective clientsTo assist marketing and salesefforts in creating an entire brandarchitecture, adhering to the saidguidelines and thus resulting apositive impact
  11. 11. Direct mailer Marketing CollateralsA personalized letter to announcethe Joint Venture was mailed to Designed a host of marketingexisting and potential customers, collaterals to support the sales team by outlining the new range ofcommunicating the merits of joint specialty cablesventure and the user benefits
  12. 12. Corporate Brochure& Stationary
  13. 13. Web-DesignThat’s clean, neat, easy tonavigate and in sync with theoverall corporate identity
  14. 14. Public RelationsA press release was drafted toprovide exposure in Print, Digitaland Electronic medias announcingthe Joint Venture• A One-to-One press meet @ HotelOberoi, Delhi• Press Conference @ HotelAmbassador, MumbaiDisseminated news articles toleading national English andRegional Dailies, Trade Magazines,Digital and Electronic Medias etcTop journalists from leadingmedias were present underliningthe success of our PR efforts
  15. 15. Media Coverage
  16. 16. • news-news-kmhquwdjihf.html•• business-reach.html••••••• expandbusi.html• to-expand-business-reach•
  17. 17. •••••••••••••
  18. 18. Networking DinnerHigh networking dinners wereorganized at Delhi and Mumbai tobring all existing customers underone roof
  19. 19. • A series of print ads were released in prominent newspapers; over 4 months• Half page and Quarter page ads in leading business dailies like The Economic Times and TheBusiness Standard• Ads in business dailies were assisted by regular insertions in all trade magazines and journalsPrint Campaign
  20. 20. Economic Times Ad
  21. 21. Economic Times Ad
  22. 22. Yellow pages & Business Standard Ad
  23. 23. To sum up By executing an integrated communication plan within a defined timeframe, we achieved:• Positioning Ravin Cables as a leading player in the cable industry• Ravin Cables is now perceived as a company which is dependable and can deliver high end products and offer customized solutions to any industrial application• Communication has helped in opening doors to several private and government utilities, contractors and s on
  24. 24. COMPANY DETAILS Contact Details  Address: 10-A Thacker Industrial Estate, N.M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel (East) Mumbai 400011  Phone No. : 022 40639191/ 92 022 23013252/ 51  Fax No.: 022 23013460  Email id:  Website: