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Have you ever wondered how to land the perfect job in 30 days, or quickly improve your prospects at the job you have?

Our book, APP, ZAP, PUMP, PLAY answers these questions by detailing a radical way of thinking that will change lives and put the spark back into any job hunt or career for the thousands of Americans who are thirsting for change.
Technology has undergone major shifts over the generations, and we believe we are at the brink of another pivotal change - the convergence of social media, mobility, and knowledgeable users. APP, ZAP, PUMP, PLAY is the perfect primer at the dawn of this revolution.
The book is user-friendly enough to appeal to the newbie as well as the experienced techie.
A core aspect of today's world is the convergence of mobile technology (through smartphones and apps) and a social media. This has dramatically changed the way individuals; small businesses, and large corporations co-exist and interact.
The four authors of this book - a woman and three men - are highly accomplished and creative businesspeople with the tech know-how to tackle this new paradigm. They are players in the media and entertainment industries as well as tech geeks with much life experience.

As industry veterans, we have been privy to information and surveys about how technology has transformed people's lives, as well as proximity to leaders who have revolutionized the technology landscape with their thinking.

The book's complex yet simplified framework includes four elements- App (looking at the latest applications for smartphones like iPhone and Android); Zap (people or related elements), Pump (matching apps and zaps resulting in a strategy/plan), and Play ( results of the Pump or plan).

I know that you are interested in dynamic books that offer practical advice and "How to" help. APP, ZAP, PUMP, PLAY offers plenty of that and could become the bible for the new millennium.

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App Zap Pump Play : Why You should publish this book

  1. 1. APp Cd Be Fe He O K ZAp Pb Zn Ne CNa Mg PUmp Au H Al Mg PLay AlElements to Help Achieve Your Goals A How To Series Of Books
  2. 2. Look around you….. 1 in 10 peopleyou meet today are looking for a job
  3. 3. THE AUTHORS Ritesh Pathak Vice President •  Over 14 Years of Management Leadership Experience MPhasis (An HP •  Deep Expertise and Relationships in Media and Publishing Company) •  15000 + Contacts on LinkedIn •  MBA Rahul Sandil SVP •  Over 15 Years of Management Leadership experience GamersFirst •  Deep Expertise in Consumer and Intetractive Entertainment •  KLOUT Score of 50+; 5000+ Contacts on Social Graphs •  MBA Abhijit Ray AVP MPhasis •  Over 12 years of Management Leadership experience •  Deep Expertise and Relationships in Financial Services Industry •  Alumnus of IIT – The World’s leading Engineering School •  MBA Kam Vadali Client Partner •  Over 8 Years of Consulting Experience HP •  Former Client partner at IBM •  Pro tennis Player •  MBA
  4. 4. PUBLIC SPEAKING EXPERIENCE Panelist Game Developers Conference 2008, San Francisco Speaker LOGIN Conference 2011, Seattle Speaker Social Media Week 2011, Los Angeles Panelist University of California – Irvine 2011 Panelist South by South West 2012, Austin (Planned)
  5. 5. Book 1How to find a job in 30 days ?
  6. 6. The story of Michael Jones …..
  7. 7. CORE CONCEPT PLAY q  Ether of Forces Reacting for and Against you q  Competitors and Enemies . q  Staying Current and Evaluating your Social PLAY Graph The ether of forces acting and reacting Pump against you, your zap PUMP and your pump Your Execution q  Resume Distribution Plan q  Establishing Referrals through ZAP q  Self Branding thru Events and Activities ZAP Your Social ZAP Network / Graph of Relationships q  Family APP q  Friends Universe of Applications Available Online and q  Coworkers Offline to Leverage for your Job Search q  Competitors APP q  Job Boards – LinkedIn, TheLadders, Monster q  Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter q  Mobile: Mashable, LinkedIn
  8. 8. SAMPLE APPS Indeed The ether of forces acting and reacting against you, your zap and your pump Twitter(#jobs) MeetTheBoss Epernicus GraduateJunction Jobvite LinkedIn Sonar RSSFeeds Execunet Vizibility
  10. 10. PUMP STRATEGIES•  Go to market strategies Hot Leads with clear visible and Send Resume invisible pipeline of opportunities Job•  Leverage Apps and Zap to Interview build strategies New Job
  11. 11. PLAY Influencers•  Actions Counter-strategies and Competitors Competition Actions My Actions •  Reaction •  Provide governance to key pursuits and drive wins Market Conditions
  12. 12. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER Have you Have you clearly reached out to listed your everyone in your action plan ? ecosystem ? Do you know Have you about what you exhausted all the are competing Apps Available ? Land against ? a Job
  13. 13. MARKETING SNAPSHOT DEMOGRAPHIC BACKGROUND PRICING§  Broad Demographic §  Over 9.8% Unemployment §  GEN X Male and Female Price = 3 Big Macs = $11.99 §  Long Recession Cycle §  GEN Y Male and Female §  Average Time to get a job §  Early Boomers §  8 to 10 Weeks§  North America and EU §  Highly Connected World §  Nations hit by Job Crisis PUBLISHING § 700 mn FB Users§  Appeals to Red and Blue §  Expected Year for Recovery §  Hard Copy§  Target Both § 2015 §  Soft Copy §  Wall Street Occupiers §  iBooks §  Tea Partiers §  Kindle §  Nook
  14. 14. Pre Launch Launch Marketing Plan 1000 Tweets Published Launch Twiiter, FB, Linkedin Group Social Media Ensure Consistent Branding 5000 FB Fans Target Campus Networks Launch Blogsite Blogs Launch PodCast Launch Full Blown Interactive Blog Site SEO Start Planning SEO Launch Referral program through FanRank Hire SEO Firm to execute first wave Launch Charity Driven Programs Launch Waves of PPC Campaigns right before Pre Order PPC Campaign – Focus spend on LinkedIn, Monster, TheLadders Launch 2nd Wave of PPC Campaign Host Press Conference Start preparing PR Plan with Agency Launch Reviewer Program PR Launch Press Releases introducing Authors and Concept Position Book in Libraries Position Authirs ar Experts in Opinion Shows Launch Campus Tour Book Signing Retail Promos Retail Store Book Reading Authors have limited Speaking Engagements lined up in Q1 2012 Intensify Guest Speaking on Opinion Shows on PodCasts, Speaking Work with Agency in positioning Authors at Public TV and Radio speaking Events Reach out to 20k contacts on Social Networks introducing Personal Outreach Book, Blog and Fan Sites Leverage Deep Rolodex in positioning book and referrals Line up “Celebrity” Endorsements and Foreword Author
  15. 15. THE GIFT THAT KEEPS GIVING March 2012 June 2013 App Zap Pump Play – App Zap Pump Play – How to find a job in How to lose 20 lbs in 30 Days 30 Days ? Dec 2012 App Zap Pump Play – How to find a Long Term Relationship in 30 Days